Sousse Flights

Sousse is an attractively affordable beach getaway, and Sousse flights are no exception.

Cheapest Flights to Sousse

Sousse is one of the oldest Tunisian cities and the capital of the Sousse Governorate. Where is Sousse, Tunisia? Found on the northeastern edge of the country, the city sits along the Gulf of Hammamet in the Mediterranean Sea. With an authentic medina, ribat and Kasbah, Sousse exemplifies your typical early-Islam city, and still retains its visual character of an important military port of antiquity. And with beautiful beaches, Sousse travel is a popular destination for Eastern European and Russian travelers. Sousse travel is enjoyable at any time of year, and flights to Sousse are available from around the world on and off the tourist season. With tripoki, you can find the fastest, cheapest and best flights to Sousse that fit your schedule and budget.

Sousse Weather

Tunisia Sousse weather is hot and arid; expect warm or hot temperatures year-round. Sousse weather is coldest in January, with a daily mean of about 11°C. Temperatures stay at their hottest from Jun through October, making Sousse travel great for a fall getaway. Rain is rare in the summer and more common during the colder months; on average, Tunisia Sousse weather provides only about 354mm of precipitation a year.

Due to the hottest Tunisia Sousse weather and peak tourist season in the summer, shoulder seasons like spring or far are considered the ideal times to book flights to Sousse. Hotels and Sousse flights are easily overbooked in summer, so in other times of the year you can avoid the stress of tourists while enjoying the most comfortable temperatures. The off-season is also cheaper, offering more affordable accommodations and Sousse flights. Even the winter makes for a great time for Sousse travel thanks to moderate temperatures.

Sousse Airports

Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport

Found on the city outskirts, Enfidha–Hammamet Airport offers a variety of amenities and services to ensure comfortable travel to and from the city. These include bank offices and currency exchange, a porter service, well-marked information desks at each departure and arrival hall and a “Primeclass” lounge that offers entertainment and a buffet. The Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport TAV Passport Card offers numerous benefits like shopping discounts, discounts on transportation services and other special accommodations.

Passengers can reach Sousse from Enfidha–Hammamet Airport via rail, bus, taxi or car. Buses to the city depart every 90 minutes, with railways connecting Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport to the major surrounding cities. For more flexible transport from Enfidha Airport, simply rent a car or hail a cab. Getting from the city to Enfidha Airport is just as easy; passengers may rent a car in Sousse, Tunisia or mass transit. Parking at Enfidha Airport depends on the dates of travel, vehicle type and number of cars. You can calculate your parking fees on the Enfidha–Hammamet Airport website. Parking subscriptions are also available for frequent travelers. To avoid parking fees altogether, rent a car in Sousse, Tunisia or ride mass transit.