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Book cheap flights to Sukhothai and travel back in time to the ancient capital of Siam.

Cheapest Flights to Sukhothai

Where is Sukhothai? Once the ancient capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom, modern Sukhothai is a small city found 427km north of Bangkok. The city is most notable for its large, old historic district that dates to the 13th and 14th centuries, which is home to almost 200 monuments and temples. The old city’s historic temples, palaces and sculptures attract thousands of tourists every year, making this relaxing tropical getaway the perfect choice for sightseeing families and romantic couples alike. Travellers wishing to visit Sukhothai should book cheap flights to Sukhothai with Tripoki. Tripoki helps travellers find cheap tickets to Sukhothai and the fastest Sukhothai flights with ease. Whether hoping to visit the city or find cheap flights from Sukhothai, Tripoki will help you find your Sukhothai flight tickets with ease.

Sukhothai Weather

Sukhothai weather ranges from warm to very hot year-round. The city has a dry season (November through April) and wet season (May through October), with December being the driest month for Sukhothai weather. The hottest month is April, which has an average temperature of 30°C. That said, this is only marginally hotter than other months; throughout the wet season, temperatures stay consistently around 29°C. December and January are coolest, sticking to a comfortable 24°C on average. The wettest month is August, which receives an average of 287mm of rainfall. The best time to book flights to Sukhothai Thailand is during the city’s dry season. This lets you experience the best Sukhothai weather available, with cooler temperatures and frequent sunny skies. This time of year brings most tourists; therefore, sticking to the shoulders of the dry season may be your best bet. Of course, those who don’t mind rain may enjoy the lack of crowds during the rainy season at the height of summer—and you may find cheap tickets to Sukhothai and Sukhothai flight tickets during this time.

Sukhothai Airports

Sukhothai Airport

Sukhothai International Airport, also known as THS Airport, is the main airport servicing Sokhothai flights and flights from Sukhothai. Sukhothai Airport’s architecture is unique in that its open-air terminals are meant to evoke the traditional Siamese pagoda style, paying tribute to the city’s rich history. Sukhothai International Airport offers standard amenities, including: an information desk, first aid room, telephone and ATM, bicycle service and lost baggage. In addition to these amenities, THS Airport also provides a restaurant as well as a coffee and souvenir shop. Passengers can easily reach the city from their cheap flights to Sukhothai Thailand thanks to several transportation options. These include Sukhothai Airport’s car rental services, van, taxi or public transport. Those driving themselves to catch flights from Sukhothai may park for free at the Sukhothai International Airport car park. Passengers must contact security and fill out a form to park for free. Sukhothai is a small but relaxed airport, perfect for enjoying Sukhothai flights without stress.