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Book cheap flights to The Hague to enjoy the most popular Netherlands seaside resort.

Cheapest Flights to The Hague

Lying on the North Sea, The Hague is the most popular seaside resort town in the Netherlands. The city is the seat of the Dutch Parliament and is located in the South Holland province, but is not the nation’s capital. It’s just 60km southwest of Amsterdam, about an hour’s drive away. The Hague’s character is defined by baroque 18th century mansions and architecture, a distinctly diverse culture, frequent green space and attractive coast.

The Hague Weather

The Hague weather is characterized by an oceanic climate, giving it cooler summers and mild winters. Summers are warm but not uncomfortable; The Hague weather in August keeps a daily mean of about 18°C. The coldest month of The Hague weather is January, which has a daily mean of 4°C. Precipitation remains fairly consistent year-round, but expect a bit more rain during the fall. Snowy The Hague weather is most common December through February. Given its coastal location, the city experiences more sunshine than inland cities in the region.

The best time to visit The Hague depends on what you want to do there. Summer is peak tourist season for the city, but it’s worth visiting throughout May and June. Early in the summer season, you’ll enjoy the best weather the city has to offer, and this is when The Hague begins its raucous and celebratory festival season, with over 30 planned. Another great time to visit is early December into the Christmas season; during this time, the city plans numerous festive holiday events and shopping opportunities and is a perfect time for booking The Hague Flights. No matter what time of the year you decide to visit, you can find flights to The Hague from London, flights from Manchester to The Hague or other flights from UK to The Hague. If travelling during peak tourist seasons, consider booking cheap flights to The Hague a bit in advance.

The Hague Airports

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague airport is the nearest airport to The Hague and services The Hague flights. The distance from Eindhoven Airport to The Hague is 106km, and the distance from Amsterdam Airport to The Hague is 46km. It makes for a good connection stop; getting from Amsterdam Airport to The Hague is simple via the train from Schiphol Airport to The Hague, which can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour. Rotterdam The Hague Airport offers 40 destinations and a variety of services, including fast check-in, meeting spaces for business and enterprise clients, free wifi, online check-in and accessibility services. This makes The Hague Airport flights easy and stress-free.

How to get from Rotterdam Airport to The Hague is easy with a variety of transport options. This makes it a great destination for cheap flights to The Hague, Netherlands, because you can easily reach other popular surrounding cities in the country. Accessible via bus, train, taxi and even bike, getting between your The Hague flights and the city is simple when planning your commute from the Rotterdam The Hague Airport website. Parking at The Hague Airport is always within walking distance to a terminal and can be reserved online.