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About Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece is a modern city rich in historical and cultural heritage, encapsulating everything that’s great about the region it calls home. With a torrid history spanning Ancient Greece to the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the city is known as Greek’s cultural capital, mixing ancient landmarks with the most avant-garde of art and music.

Located 520km north of Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece is the second-largest city in the nation and is the capital of Macedonia. Resting on the Thermaic Gulf, the coastal city features beautiful beaches for vacationers to enjoy. In the southeast, Thessaloniki, Greece is bounded by Mount Choriatis. Its neighboring mountains provide refuge to locals and travelers alike during the hot summer months.

Halkidiki, a popular summer destination, is just southwest. The lack of a Halkidiki airport makes the city a common stop along the way for visitors to the region, who complete their journeys via bus, car or train. Therefore, those looking for a Halkidiki airport will want to consider landing at Thessaloniki Airport, also known as SKG Airport.

Thessaloniki Weather

Because the city is in a transitional climactic zone, its climate is as varied as its cultural influences! The climate of Thessaloniki, Greece features qualities of a trio of climates: the humid subtropical climate, the Mediterranean climate, and the semi-arid climate.

Thessaloniki weather is relatively mild in both summer and winter. January is its coldest month, in which sporadic snowfalls sometimes occur. Typically dry year-round, rain is rare for Thessaloniki weather but can be more common during winter months. Summers in Thessaloniki, Greece are usually humid with the occasional heat wave, with July being the hottest time of year. In general, Thessaloniki weather is known for hot summers but mild winters, making it an ideal destination throughout the year.

The best time to visit Thessaloniki, Greece is in the spring or fall. Not only do you avoid weather extremes, but you may also avoid the rush of vacationers. Visiting in the off season may also make it easier to find flights to Halkidiki free of crowds and traffic between the city and the region.

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Thessaloniki Airport

Thessaloniki Airport, also known as SKG airport, is conveniently located only 13km from Thessaloniki city centre. It is the third-largest airport in the country. As a popular transportation hub for flights to Thessaloniki that serves 3.5 million passengers every year, many cheap flights to Thessaloniki or other destinations are available from SKG airport. The airport offers options for shopping and dining, and even has a nursery to care for your infant as you take care of pre- or post-flight tasks.

Getting to other notable cities in Greece is easy from Thessaloniki Airport. For example, Athens Inernational airport is just 50 minutes away via plane. With cheap flights to Thessaloniki and other destinations, getting around the country is fast, easy and affordable. Halkidiki is a popular beachfront destination just south of Thessaloniki Airport, and is easily accessible to SKG airport via bus or train. Thousands of travelers throughout Greece begin their journeys with flights to Thessaloniki.

Dining at SKG Airport

The airport offers a variety of restaurants and cafes, serving both authentic, national cuisine and international favorites. With so much to offer, SKG Airport has plenty of options to fuel travelers’ journeys the moment their flights to Halkidiki and Thessaloniki touch down.

Favorite dining spots include Goodbye Café, offering authentic cuisine against a gorgeous backdrop of the surrounding sea and Mount Olympus. For those who prefer light, unfussy faire, Everest is a great stop for its famous signature sandwiches.

Shopping at SKG Airport

Despite being smaller than some other airports in Greece and Europe, you can find whatever you need for your travels at SKG Airport. Stop by the Hellenic Duty Free Shop for hundreds of duty-free essentials at competitive prices, whether they be souvenirs, spirits, or forgotten travel essentials.

Sophisticated shoppers at SKG Airport will want to stop by Arts Discovery in Museums, peddling artistic masterpieces celebrating the region’s rich colorful heritage. Viliridis is another popular shop, offering beautiful, luxurious jewelry for those with discriminating tastes.

Travelling to and From Thessaloniki Airport

Travel to and from SKG Airport is easy and convenient. The city centre is just a 25-minute drive away via Thesssalonikis-Neon Moudanion freeway. Upon arrival, you may book a rental car from Avis or Hertz, or hail a taxi.

Buses are also available for more affordable travel. Bus #78 takes travelers from SKG Airport to the InterCity Bus Terminal just 30 minutes away. Buses also reach Halkidiki Bus Station, the local railway station and the port.