Venice Flights

Find out the cheapest time to fly to Venice and how to book your own flights.

Cheapest Flights to Venice

If there’s anything Venice is known for, it’s its unique geography. The city is crossed by more than 150 waterways and canals, and spreads across 118 small islands. Accessible via quick flights to Venice, visiting the city is like travelling to another world: situated on the Venetian Lagoon, the city was home to the Italian Renaissance and has barely changed its look since. Of Venice’s six districts, San Marco is most well-known thanks to its many sights and landmarks. Venice is on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea, close to Slovakia and Croatia, and is easily reachable by European cities by Venice flights. One can find affordable flights to the city year-round, but shoulder seasons like spring and fall offer cheaper Venice flights and are an ideal time for visiting.

Venice Weather

Venice weather is often humid; summers are known for being hot, while winters are cool. Thy city doesn’t have a typical rainy season, with participation evenly spread throughout the year. Fog is common. Sometimes lagoon waters can rise high enough to flood streets and squares. Because of this, it’s recommended you get a map detailing the highest and lowest routes in the city to avoid floods, and pay attention to flood warnings. The city keeps track of the changing tide each day, so be aware when traveling through the city. July and August are the city’s hottest months, reaching an average high of 28°C. The height of winter can be quite cold, with temperatures reaching 0°C on average.

Because July and August are so hot and humid, it’s best to avoid the city in these months. Not only will temperatures be hot, but you may find an uncomfortable amount of mosquitoes from the lagoon. Spring and fall are best for enjoying a comfortable climate while avoiding most tourists. The cheapest time to fly to Italy is in this off season. Winter might be tempting for a visit, because the city will be devoid of tourists and very cheap—but beware frigid cold!

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Venice Airports

Venice Marco Polo Airport (IATA: VCE, ICAO: LIPZ)

Venice Marco Polo Airport, also known as Venice Internetional Airport, is the fifth busiest airport in Venice, Italy. It’s well-connected to European cities, and offers long-haul flights to North America and the Middle East. The Venice airport offers free Wi-Fi and a variety of services for those with special needs, ensuring a stress-free experience before or after your flight.

There’s plenty of shopping to do at Venice International Airport, from luxurious, high-fashion retailers to everyday favorites like Best Buy. There are about a dozen places to eat at this Venice airport, from casual, quick service dining to sit-down restaurants. It’s a great destination for Rome to Venice flights or flights from Paris to Venice.

Travel between Venice International Airport is a unique experience. While one can reach the city quickly via taxi, car or bus, taking the water bus to your destination is a fun way to arrive and get acquainted with the city. This airport in Venice, Italy is the most convenient for cheap flights to Italy.