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About Bruges

With such an old-time charm, it should be no surprise that Bruges boasts a large number of historic sites and attractions. As a well-preserved pre-motorized city, Bruges’ authentic and traditional flavor has enticed travelers touring Europe from all over. Perhaps the best known is the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval belltower found in the market square. This tower is synonymous with the city itself. Old St. John’s Hostpital is another famous historic attraction. An 11th-century hospital, this building now houses a museum dedicated to its history and the tools used by medieval physicians. Provinciaal Hof, an astounding Neogothic building found in the Bruges marketplace, serves as one of the more stunning works of architecture in the city. The Historium Bruges experience is an audio tour through the city’s medieval history. Because Bruges hotels aren’t very expensive, many enjoy visiting the city year-round. Finding cheap hotels in Bruges is quite easy no matter your taste nor number of people in your party—perfect for short breaks to Bruges with Brugge hotel deals.

Other top Bruges attractions include museums, tours, shopping districts and more. Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan, for example, is a popular brewery and museum that offers tours on old brewing techniques. It offers dining areas as well, making for an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Boudewijn Seapark is another tourist favorite, offering dolphin and seal shows as well as water park rides that children will love! Finally, there’s no more relaxing activity than a stroll through Beguinage. This calm and ancient home for nuns features beautiful gardens and exhibits of life in the 17th century.

Where to Stay in Bruges

Bruges accommodation isn’t very expensive, and hotels in Brugge are typically in-line with what you’d expect from the region. Expect lower-end hotels to cost from €50-60 on average, while 5 star Bruges hotels may begin around €250. While the best hotels in Bruges may be pricey for some, most won’t have trouble finding where to stay in Bruges within their budget. If you look outside of just hotels in Bruges city centre, you can find good Bruges hotel deals.

Let’s begin with hotels in Bruges city centre. Hotels in Brugge centre are closest to the city’s main attractions. Hôtel Notre Dame is one of the better Bruges hotel deals on hotels in Bruges centre. Located in a posh townhouse, it’s a great Bruges accommodation just minutes away from the Bruges Belfry. Martin's Brugge Hotel shouldn’t cost much more for a similar area. This Bruges accommodation offers modern rooms and an informal atmosphere, perfect for weekend breaks to Bruges. 

If you’re searching where to stay in Bruges with more affordable rates, stay away from hotels in Bruges centre. Hotels in Brugge centre can be pricier, but there are plenty of cheap places to stay in Bruges on the outskirts of the city. Lace Hôtel offers a surprisingly sophisticated experience for such an affordable Brugge accommodation, and is quite close to historic sites. Gran Kaffee de Passage is another example of best hotels in Bruges on a budget.

Some of the best hotels in Bruges are a bit costlier. One of the best 5 star Bruges hotels is Maison Le Dragon, adorned with beautiful and ornate antiques and great amenities, all within walking distance to the city’s best things to do in Bruges. Guesthouse Mirabel is another luxury hotel Bruges found on the northeast side of the city centre.

White luxury hotel Bruges are nice, some of the top hotels in Bruges can be too pricey. Those looking for the best place to stay in Bruges might try boutique hotels instead. Floris Hotel is an attractive yet affordable boutique hotel. One of the better Brugge hotel deals, it’s great for weekend breaks to Bruges. Hostels also provide the best Bruges hotel deals, so consider a Brugge accommodation like Lybeer Hostel Bruges, which is great for short breaks to Bruges.

Things to Do in Bruges

Because the city is small, one can find lots of Bruges things to do in a day. With so many historic sites concentrated in the city center, a top choice for best things to do in Bruges in one day is to simply explore the hot historic places and museums. Burg Square is a must-see with some of the best architecture in the city. Walking through the Historic Centre of Brugge is like stepping out from a time machine, offering a stunning look at the preserved medieval settlement. It’s one of the greatest examples for Bruges what to do in a day. The Belfry, which carves an imposing figure over the city’s opulent skyline, is another landmark that can’t be missed.

Other options for Bruges top things to do in a day is to explore its green spaces and parks. Queen Astrid Park is lovely and quiet, just a short walk away from the many other things to see and do in Bruges. The gardens are upkept with care, and there’s perhaps no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than a walk through the park. Minnewaterpark is an awe-inspiring park anchored by a beautiful lake. Explore closer and you’ll find the gatehouse of an old, demolished castle that once stood here. It’s one of the more unusual things to do in Bruges but provides a tranquil, soothing feeling.

Dining in Bruges

When in Bruges, eat with the locals! Throughout the city you’ll find a lot of potato chip carts. Experience the local delicacy of mussels with chips as you stroll about town. If Bruges is known for any other food, it’s chocolate! Stop by Dumon chocolaterie for amazing truffles, or The Chocolate Line. As far as sit-down dining is concerned, stop by Assiette Blanche for local specialties and seasonal Belgian dishes. De Bottelier is a favorite among locals and offers a cute wine shop in its garden. De Stove is the place to be for seafood lovers, offering delicious, fresh and local shrimp.

Shopping in Bruges

Shopping is one of the most fun things to do in Bruges, especially if you’re in need of things to do in Bruges, Belgium at Christmas. One must stop by the Markt on Wednesdays to explore the eclectic offerings of the stalls there: mostly foods and flowers, but there are handmade and artisanal goods as well. If looking for things to do in Bruges at Christmas, stop by Grote Markt for the Christmas market. This is one of the most stunning and atmospheric things to do in Bruges winter. Walplein Street is a great street to shop at commercial retailers. Here you’ll find hip boutiques and handmade goods surrounded by beautiful homes and terraces.

Bruges Nightlife

One of the top things to do in Bruges, Belgium besides explore the sights is to enjoy the city nightlife with fun things what to do in Bruges at night. Dancing with the locals and stocking up on booze is one of the nice things to do in Bruges winter. If you just want to enjoy a drink, stop by De Garre. This medieval-style bar is impressive with its own (very strong) beer. Those who want to dance at a club will want to check out Ma Rica Rokk. Expect commercial dance music but plenty of fun, making this spot a great choice for what to do in Bruges at night. Finally, enjoy live music at Joey’s Bar, an unfussy lounge with great performances.