Bansko Hotels

One of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria, there are many things to see in Bansko at any time of year.

About Bansko

Tucked away within Pirin National Park, Bansko is widely regarded as Bulgaria’s primary ski resort. And while there’s much fun to be had skiing the slopes, there’s more to this historic town than meets the eye. Bansko has a rich history that dates to times unknown. Thanks to its old stone buildings, cobbled streets and old-world charm, Bansko is a ski resort like no other. In fact, its gondola connecting the city to the slopes is one of the longest in the region. Bansko hotels are very cheap, largely because there are so few of them. While you’ll find a few traditional, cheap hotels in Bansko, most of the accommodations here are guest houses and bed and breakfasts. This fits the old-world theme of the ski resort well, and makes Bansko an excellent destination for those on a budget.

Despite the city’s relatively small size, there are many things to see in Bansko. What to do in Bansko besides ski? One must pay a visit to the Holy Trinity Church, which is arguably the city’s most famous work of craftsmanship and architecture. The church, which was built in 1835, is well-known for its beautiful décor and design. A visit to the House-Museum of Neophyte Riske makes for another of the most popular Bansko points of interest. Providing a look into early 20th-century life, the museum is also home to several key cultural events in the city. Of course, the top choice of things to do in Bansko Bulgaria during the winter is to ski the slopes. The city provides three different ski areas; beginners will enjoy Chalin Valog, while intermediate skiers will prefer Shiligarnika. Finally, Glade Banderishka is the more scenic option. Each ski area has its own features and characteristics. Try all three on your Bansko holiday!

Where to Stay in Bansko

Bansko is a very small city, which means there isn’t a large selection of Bansko hotels. That said, the handful of traditional hotels in Bansko are of top quality and quite affordable. You’ll also find an abundance of guest houses, which make up the majority of Bansko Bulgaria hotels available. Because so many Bansko hotels are small and independently operated, you’ll find that there’s much variety to Bansko hotels. You’ll find most small Bansko hotels ranging from €20-35 per night. The best hotels in Bansko can range from €90-150.

If you are on the hunt for bargain hotels in Bansko, you will likely be interested in one of the many guest houses available. Among the most popular guest houses is Guest House Hayloft, which offers a comfortable atmosphere and gorgeous rooms for a budget rate. Also popular is Guest House Vera, a no-frills but highly affordable Bansko accommodation.

Among the moderate Bansko Bulgaria hotels is Amira Boutique Hotel. One of the five-star hotels in Bansko, this one is surprisingly affordable despite its luxurious and high-end vibe. It’s located just a short walk from the ski gondola and offers apartments for visitors’ stay. Regnum Apart Hotel is another large and midrange choice of Bansko Bulgaria hotels, offering close proximity to the ski gondola, comfortable rooms and excellent service.

One of the best hotels in Bansko is Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko. It’s certainly among the largest of Bansko hotels and offers spacious rooms, proximity to public transportation and great amenities, including three different restaurants, five bars and a pool. Aparthotel Lucky Bansko is another one of the best hotels in Bansko, particularly for families. Offering apartment-style suites, a play area and free parting, it’s a smart choice for family holidays. The hotel also offers luxurious amenities such as a spa and gym.

Things to Do in Bansko

What to do in Bansko after you’ve had your fill of the ski slopes? Visit some of the more historic Bansko points of interest. These historic landmarks give the city its distinct character and are worth visiting over the course of your stay. One of the top things to do in Bansko Bulgaria is explore the city’s Old Town. The historic Old Town streets offer winding cobblestone paths, attractive old houses and a charmingly relaxed atmosphere. House of Velyan is one of the prized historic Bansko points of interest thanks to its beautiful and ornate decorative accents, including wood carvings and frescoes. The old Rila Nunnery is home to an extensive permanent collection of Bansko art, making it another wonderful place to visit in Bansko.

Bansko Dining

There are several wonderful places to wine and dine in Bansko but take note: food is much more affordable in town than on the slopes. Among the more gorgeous Bansko restaurants is Amvrosia. With an elegant interior, there are few better places to enjoy a hearty and perfectly prepared steak. If you prefer dining with a Mediterranean flavour, book a table at Coma Prima Restaurant instead. You can find a little bit of everything at an affordable rate at Euphoria Bar & Grill, whose menu features European, Chinese, Pizza and more. There’s also a live band, providing a bit of a fun atmosphere while you dine.

Bansko Shopping

Bansko is a wonderful place for shopping, although you’ll find that selection is limited in this small, yet charming, town compared to other destinations. Taking a stroll through Pirin Street to window-shop is one of the most fun things to do in Bansko Bulgaria after skiing. You’ll find that the prices in these shops are pretty good, allowing for guilt-free souvenir shopping. There are many things to see in Bansko Old Town, where you’re likely to find bargain antiques or a locally made souvenir. If you prefer a more modern shopping experience stocked with high-street brands, check out Mall Bansko. Opened in 2010 to much fanfare, it’s the city’s biggest shopping centre and is home to 18 shops and boutiques.

Nightlife in Bansko

You might not be able to ski in the dark, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over when the sun has gone down. Bansko nightlife is quite active despite the city’s size and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find several clubs and barks in the city, which means there’s always things to see in Bansko at night. One of the most fun venues is Karaoke Bar, where tourists and locals alike get together to belt out their favourite songs between drinks. Happy End Bar is among the city’s more popular music venues and is a wonderful place to catch a live show. There’s even an outdoor terrace for the warmer months, which patrons may enjoy.