Burgas Hotels

Book the best cheap Burgas hotels for an unforgettable stay at this favourite Bulgarian resort city.

About Burgas

Burgas is a city of water. It’s well-known for its gorgeous beaches as well as its therapeutic mineral springs. These delightful waters have attracted tourists through the ages, whether they seek to cure what ails them in the baths or simply sunbathe along the city’s gorgeous beaches. But surf and sun don’t cast too long a shadow over other fine Burgas attractions, including its many religious landmarks that date back to ancient times. Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s primary seaside resorts, and for good measure: it’s one of the most romantic cities in the region with much to offer to guests. Burgas is also a very affordable place to stay. Most hotels in Burgas Bulgaria are relatively cheap compared to other destinations, and you’ll find several hotels in Burgas city centre that offer affordable rates.

Many of the top Burgas points of interest include its historic sites and religious landmarks. Among the most significant things to do in Burgas is visiting the Phoros Fortress. The ruined fortress is said to date to medieval times, though no one knows for sure; in fact, archaeologists haven’t yet determined the specific purpose of it, which gives it an element of mystery. Other significant things to see in Burgas include the Methodius Cathedral. But what to do in Burgas for families with children? The city offers several amusement parks including the Sea Garden, giving parents several options to relax while their kids have fun. And speaking of relaxation, Veleka Beach is the city’s most idyllic spot for sunbathing in tranquillity on a gorgeous day.

Where to Stay in Burgas

Burgas hotels are quite affordable, catering to many travellers’ different needs. From small inns to hostels to large, luxury hotels, you’ll find a variety of Burgas Bulgaria hotels available at affordable rates. Most Burgas hotels are concentrated around Sea Garden and Old Town, providing easy access to the major Burgas attractions. And proximity to attractions doesn’t mean expensive rates; you’ll find most hotels in Burgas ranging from only €35-55 per night.

One of the finest cheap hotels in Burgas Bulgaria is Aqua Hotel. This gorgeous and modern hotel offers a few great amenities—a pool, fitness centre, bar, nice rooms—at a manageable rate, making it an excellent choice in Buras hotels for families. Chiplakov is a fine pick of cheap hotels in Burgas with modest rooms but a stately exterior. It’s also just a short walk from the local train station. Another great example of affordable Burgas Bulgaria hotels is Plaza Hotel Burgas, located not far from the sea.

Hotels near Burgas Airport are ideal for travellers who want easy access to transportation. Because the airport is near the beach, guests can even enjoy fast access to the sea when staying at hotels near Burgas Airport. One of the best options for where to stay in Burgas Bulgaria is the Sea Horse Hotel. One of the Burgas luxury hotels near the airport is Atlantis Resort & Spa, which offers several attractions (spa, bowling alley, pools and more) in addition to gorgeous rooms.

Boutique Hotel Promenade is a wonderful example of Burgas luxury hotels and is located close to the water. Its rooms are sophisticated but unfussy, and the hotel offers several great amenities, including guest laundry service. While it’s a little out of the way, one of the most glamourous Burgas luxury hotels is Grand Hotel Pomorie. With spacious suites and stunning, balconied sea views, it’s a truly precious and romantic place to stay and is one of the best hotels in Burgas Bulgaria.

Things to Do in Burgas

Some of the primary Burgas points of interest are its historic landmarks and museums. If you’re eager to learn about Burgas history, pay a quick visit to the Archaeological Museum. The museum’s collection is quite extensive, covering much of the region’s history including rule under ancient Thrace, Greece and Rome. The Ethnographic Museum is another choice spot for learning about the city’s culture and people. Visitors will delight in viewing the diverse range of traditional garb available in its collection. Finally, the Pantheon “Eternal Fire” is one of the city’s more beautiful and awe-inspiring landmarks, found in the stunning Sea Garden park.

Burgas Dining

Burgas restaurants present an array selection of cuisine and dining options. What’s more, Burgas restaurants are very affordable, too. One of the star restaurants in the city is Icanto, which specializes in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. It has a beautiful outdoor dining area, which makes it a great choice for enjoying dinner on a summer holiday or between visits to the beach. Happy Bar & Grill is another strong choice, this time for Asian fusion. Enjoy barbeque or sushi at this highly rated bar. When it comes to cheaper offerings, locals love Moka Bar. Whether you want a cup of coffee or a sweet treat, it’s the ideal choice for evening gatherings or hangouts.

Burgas Shopping

Burgas offers several wonderful places to shop. If you’re uncertain what to do in Burgas, stroll down one of the many pedestrianized streets for some window shopping or visit a mall. One of the most modern shopping centres in the city is Mall Galleria Burgas. Opened in 2012, the mall features high-street fashion from international brands as well as some locally sourced goods, too. When it comes to street shopping, take a walk down Aleksandrovsk. This is where you’ll find independently owned, specialized stores—and some bargains. Don’t miss out on local pottery sold here, which makes for a good souvenir.

Nightlife in Burgas

Burgas is a place for fun, so you can bet Burgas nightlife has much to offer. Catering to diverse needs, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Burgas nightlife: discos, swanky bars, rowdy music venues and everything in between. One of the hottest clubs in Burgas nightlife is 5th Avenue Burgas. Known for its wild parties, this club is a bit exclusive and caters to a younger crowd. Less exclusive is Karma, a stylish bar that’s just as friendly to teetotallers as it is those who love to drink. Kick back in this fabulous lounge with a cup of coffee or a delicious cocktail. Those into rock and roll should pay a visit to Bizarre Music Club, which offers boundary-pushing entertainment.