Beijing Hotels

Existing for three millennia, Beijing is a sprawling Chinese metropolis made accessible by cheap hotels in Beijing.

About Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China, and one of the biggest in the entire nation. With a population of over 20 million, this city’s history stretches back 3 millennia deep into the Chinese empire’s past. The city experiences four seasons, and is best enjoyed in the early fall. A sprawling and cosmopolitan metropolis, many flock to the city for cheap Beijing hotels and affordable activities. Whether looking for the best hotels in Beijing or cheap Beijing hotels, there’s a place for everyone in this ancient city.

Reaching back so far into China’s past, Beijing features many historic Beijing tourist attractions. One of the most famous is the Forbidden City, a large, rectangular palace that was once the political epicenter of the nation. The Great Wall of China is a famous structure well-known across the world for its impressive length. Spanning more than 21,000km across the northern Chinese border, this astounding sight attracts visitors from all over. Tiananmen Square, found in the very centre of the city, is a bustling city square that also hearkens back to the city history.

Other popular Beijing points of interest include the Summer Palace. This lakeside retreat was once enjoyed by Chinese royalty, though the public can enjoy its soothing atmosphere and environment, too. It’s a very photogenic landmark, begging a photo at every turn. The 798 Art Zone is an excellent place for Beijing tourism if you enjoy art and creativity. The 798 Art Zone is an important space for establishing the city’s role in the global art scene. The Olympic Park from the 2008 Summer Olympics is another of the most iconic Beijing tourist attractions, featuring stunning architecture.

Where to Stay in Beijing

Beijing, China is one of the more expensive Chinese cities, but compared to the west, it is quite affordable. Hotels in Beijing, China are quite a bargain compared to those in other destinations. The Wangfujing area is perhaps the best area to stay in Beijing. This puts you in close proximity to some of the best Beijing points of interest. You can find most hotels in Beijing, China ranging from €40-140; 5 star Beijing hotels can cost even more at €250.

For the cheap hotels in Beijing, consider the Golden Sun Hotel. The hotel has large, comfortable rooms and is quite quiet. Despite its cheap price, the hotel is close to Beijing attractions. Pentahotel Beijing is another affordable hotel in Beijing, China, and is located well within the city centre area. It provides best value for location, competing with many other more expensive hotels in Beijing. Novotel Beijing Xin Qiao makes for another solid choice of cheap Beijing hotels and offers an impressive four restaurants to make the most of your stay.

When it comes to luxury Beijing hotels, book a stay at the Rosewood Beijing. This upscale hotel offers an indoor pool, spa, and delicious restaurants. Better yet, it’s quite close to the hottest things to do in Beijing, too. Regent Hotel is another favorite for discriminatory tourists located in the best area to stay in Beijing. It’s among the best hotels in Beijing with fine dining, a spa & gym, and beautiful rooms.

While the best hotels in Beijing are certainly impressive, they may be outside of many travelers’ budgets. In this case, hostels in Beijing can make for a great solution. The Beijing Saga Youth Hostel is a great place for young travelers to meet one another and find affordable accommodation. Happy Dragon Hostel is another excellent choice for those looking to travel light and cheaply.

Things to Do in Beijing

There are dozens of amazing historic Beijing points of interest, making this an excellent place to stay for history buffs. The Forbidden City in the centre of Beijing is among the top things to see in Beijing. This astounding palace used to be the political centre of the city, presided over by royals and their households. The Temple of Heaven is another one of the great things to do in Beijing. Constructed in the 15th century, this beautiful temple is a sacred place in the metropolis. The Ming Tombs is another sobering place to explore historic Beijing tourism; it’s the final resting place for many Ming dynasty emperor tombs.

The Great Wall of China is one of the top things to do in Beijing. Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the sections that’s closer to Beijing, just about 1.5 hours from the city. Mutianyu Great Wall is also a restored section of the wall. While one can enjoy viewing the wall, it’s recommended that you take a tour to make the most of the experience. At restored sections of the wall, you can enjoy restaurants and Beijing hotels along the way. It’s recommended that you clear a whole day when hiking the Mutianyu Great Wall of China; not only is it a bit distant from the city, but there is plenty to see.

Dining in Beijing

When staying in Beijing, get excited to try a wealth of authentic Chinese cuisine you can’t find at home. From Peking roast duck to delicious dumplings, these familiar-sounding dishes will be steps above your favorite local takeout joint. Transit is one of the best Beijing restaurants, offering elevated Sichuanese cuisine. These dishes feature exquisite mixtures of spices that make a lasting impression on the tongue. Pure Lotus is a strong contender of best Beijing restaurant for vegetarians, offering delicious vegetarian meals served in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere. If you’re looking for cheap and casual dining, Yaoji Chaogan is a favorite among locals for snacks and comfort food at affordable prices.

Shopping in Beijing

One of the more fun things to do in Beijing is shopping. The first shopping area you’ll want to see is Wangfujing Shopping Street. This is the traditional and historic shopping district of the city, a place where people have gathered for millennia to trade goods. Expect traditional Chinese curios mixed with high-street-style shopping malls and plazas. You’ll find anything you can dream of at Wangfujing Shopping Street! Qianmen Street, not far from Tiananmen Square, is another great place to shop. The area around Drum Tower is great for open-air shopping, with lots of street vendors peddling their wares. Here is where you can haggle, which is a fun experience in itself.

Beijing Nightlife

After seeing the major sights, relax with a drink or have some fun with the wild Beijing nightlife. Sanlitun Village is the perfect neighborhood for a night on the town, with late-night shopping, great restaurants and, more importantly, bars. Want to party hard? Stop by one of the many dance halls or nightclubs in the area. The hutongs (old and ancient streets and alleys that have been renovated over the years) are also solid places for enjoying a night of revelry. Finally, those hoping to catch a show at night will want to stop by the Chaoyang Theatre. An old an iconic theatre, Chaoyang Theatre offers jaw-dropping acrobatics shows that must be seen to be believed.