Dubrovnik Hotels

There are several beautiful Dubrovnik attractions in this amazing historic city.

About Dubrovnik

Found along the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a beautiful Croatian city characterized by its beautiful crimson architecture set against a crystal-blue sea. Originally getting its start from maritime trade, Dubrovnik has become one of the top tourist cities in the Mediterranean, and for good measure: in addition to its stunning architecture, the city features a historic old town, a vibrant nightlife and unparalleled seafood cuisine.

There are plenty Dubrovnik points of interest to see when you visit Dubrovnik. From strolling the streets to exploring the surrounding natural splendour, there’s no shortage of Dubrovnik tourist attractions and even free things to do in Dubrovnik. Among the top things to do in Dubrovnik is visit the city’s many historic attractions. One of the most popular things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town is stroll the city walls. The city walls circle the town and its various fortresses, providing sweeping views of the city and surrounding places to visit in Dubrovnik. Franciscan Monastery is another one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik, featuring the third-oldest pharmacy in the world! Perhaps most impressive is the Dubrovnik Cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral built by Richard of the Lion Heart after he survived a shipwreck nearby. But it’s not all about historic Dubrovnik attractions; you can experience lots of fun and thrilling experiences when you visit Dubrovnik, too. The Dubrovnik cable car is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik. Climbing Srđ Hill, the cable car provides sweeping panoramic views of the entire city and is well worth the trip. Hotels Dubrovnik come in many varieties to accommodate your stay: Dubrovnik beach hotels, hotels near Dubrovnik airport, Old Town apartments and more. Those traveling on a budget shouldn’t have too much of an issue finding cheap Dubrovnik hotels near the city’s top attractions.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Most Dubrovnik hotels are reasonably pricey, though you can find Dubrovnik hotel deals as well. The most expensive hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia are those hotels in Dubrovnik city centre and Dubrovnik hotels near Old Town. Those looking for cheap hotels in Dubrovnik may find cheaper alternatives on the city outskirts. Hotels near Dubrovnik Airport can also provide reasonable rates with convenience. Cheap hotels Dubrovnik often range from €30-70. Midrange hotels near Dubrovnik can cost from €70-120, with the best hotels in Dubrovnik reaching beyond that.

Guest houses make for cheat cheap hotels Dubrovnik alternatives, providing excellent locations for a budget. One of the most popular examples of this kind of Dubrovnik accommodation is Pupo Rooms. This guest house provides beautiful sea views on a budget with comfortable rooms. Dubrovnik Royal Palace Guest House is another great choice of Dubrovnik hotel deals.

For midrange hotels, Dubrovnik Residence is a smart choice. One of the more popular and affordable Dubrovnik hotels with pool, it’s also one of the best Dubrovnik beach hotels for families. Hotel Uvala is another great example of Dubrovnik beach hotels, offering a spa in addition to wonderful views of the surrounding beach and sea. Some families will benefit best from hotels near Dubrovnik Airport. One excellent Dubrovnik Airport hotel is Hotel Konavle. Konavle Village Apartment is an apartment-style Dubrovnik Airport hotel that families will enjoy.

Hotels in Dubrovnik city centre provide the best real estate—but at a price. This is where you’ll find the best hotels in Dubrovnik and 5 star hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia. One of the top hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town is Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik. One of the best Dubrovnik hotels near Old Town, it offers a world-class spa for relaxing visits. It’s also among the 5 star hotels in Dubrovnik. St. Joseph’s is another of the luxury hotels Dubrovnik and among the top hotels in Dubrovnik city centre. The kid-friendly Dubrovnik accommodation is known for its beautiful location and stunning rooms.

Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Among the Dubrovnik top attractions are the city’s many historic sights and places of interest. The city offers plenty of medieval fortresses, making them popular Dubrovnik places to visit. Among them is Lovrijenac Fort found just outside the western edge of town, which contains a famous theatre. St. John Fortress is another popular choice of Dubrovnik tourist attraction that hearken to the city’s history. For something more ritzy, explore the Sponza Palace, which features a romantic atrium that was once the place for urban markets and trade. The Dubrovnik clock tower is another popular attraction, dating back to the 15th century. Just outside the clock tower is Orlando’s Column, symbolizing the legendary knight whose fleet saved the city form siege. Finally, across the square is the Church of St. Blaise, among the top things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town.

Among the many fun things to do and places to visit in Dubrovnik is Lokrum Island. Just a short trip by ferry, Lokrum Island features beautiful ruins and lush botanical gardens that nature lovers will find romantic. Among other natural Dubrovnik attractions is the Trsteno Arboretum. The Tresteno Arboretum features several ancient trees whose trunks are an impressive 5 meters in diameter. But one can’t visit Dubrovnik without a visit to its beaches. In addition to stunning beauty, the beaches offer several Dubrovnik activities like water sports, sailing and sea kayaking. Visiting Banje Beach and Sveti Jakov are two of the most popular free things to do in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Dining

Dubrovnik is famous for its pasta and seafood cuisine, so look forward to these dishes when you next visit Dubrovnik. In between things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town, pay a visit to Orhan. This is one of the city’s most revered seafood restaurants. Menus change each day according to the catch of the day, demonstrating the restaurant’s respect for fresh ingredients. Nautika Restaurant is another wonderful place for seafood dining and offers beautiful scenes of the sea from its patio. Enjoy an amazing meal with a bottle of regional Croatian wine. If you’re looking for a laid-back place to enjoy local fare, stop by Ala Mizerija for deliciously cheap Mediterranean cuisine.

Dubrovnik Shopping

One of the most fun things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia is shopping. Among the most popular Dubrovnik points of interest for shoppers is the Stradun, the main shopping street at the entrance to the city’s Old Town. This is where you’ll find more tourist-focused shops and souvenirs. Don’t miss out on fine Croatian wine sold here, which is among the city’s best exports. If checking out a market is more your style, visit the Gundulićeva Poljana market in Old Town. This morning market is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast and coffee, offering several great food offerings. DOC—an unnamed shopping centre, but which goes by this name from the locals—is the place to shop for high-street brands and international clothiers, if that’s your fancy.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik nightlife isn’t particularly wild, but it still offers a party scene that outclasses other destinations and stands in contrast to the medieval city’s sleepy atmosphere. Among the Dubrovnik top attractions for night time is D’Vino, one of the city’s busiest bars just steps away from the Stradun. Malvasija Wine Bar is among the more quiet and sophisticated spots in Old Town for Dubrovnik nightlife, offering several local wine varietals to accommodate any palette. Those who want to go clubbing should check out Banje Beach Club, among the top things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia for younger travellers. This rowdy club is among the most popular in the city, but those looking for a lounge feel should check out Skybar.