Zadar Hotels

The quiet and relatively undiscovered city of Zadar is one of the Croatia’s most beautiful and affordable.

About Zadar

While it’s less popular of a destination than the southern city of Dubrovnik, Zadar remains a rich and relatively undiscovered place for Croatian holidays. Offering several historic Zadar attractions and unparalleled natural beauty, this quiet, sleepier destination makes an inviting alternative to some of Dalmatia’s more bustling cities. Hotels in Zadar are surprisingly affordable, making this city an excellent choice for families and holiday-goers on a budget. With so many hotels in Zadar to choose from at affordable rates—no matter the location—there are plenty of options for travellers.

Zadar is a city with a rich history, as evidenced by its several old churches, cathedrals and things to do in Zadar Old Town. These beautiful churches are a testament to the city history and heritage. Among them are St. Donatus’ Church, which began construction in the 9th century. St. Simeon’s Church is another significant place of worship. It’s known not for its architecture, but rather the sarcophagus of St. Simeon found inside.

In addition to historic Zadar places to visit, some of the top 10 things to do in Zadar Croatia include visiting the city parks and art installations. Both of these kinds of Zadar points of interest demonstrate the city’s reverence of nature. Some of Zadar’s top parks include Five Wells Square, Paklencia National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park. Some of the most popular Zadar tourist attractions are its art installations, including the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun light display. And while there’s plenty of places to visit in Zadar, travelers may easily charter a boat to nearby villages for even more adventure.

Where to Stay in Zadar

Despite its beauty and history, Zadar remains an affordable and quiet Croatian destination. Cheap hotels Zadar are aplenty, whether they be Zadar Croatia all inclusive hotels, Zadar Old Town hotels or a Zadar Airport hotel. Travellers on a budget have complete freedom in finding hotels near Zadar attractions that strike their fancy. Most Zadar hotels range form €33-50. More expensive Zadar accommodation—either Zadar luxury hotels or a Zadar beach hotel—can cost above €200 per night on average.

There are several cheap hotels Zadar close to the waterfront and parks. One of the highest-rated Zadar hotel deals is Rooms Gero, a small but attractive Zadar accommodation right in the centre of the city’s action. Zadar Center Apartments is another excellent choice of Zadar Croatia hotels and hotels in Zadar city centre. Finally, Pansion Maria is another well-loved pick for cheap hotels Zadar, also located close to the water. In addition to friendly, professional service, the quaint stay offers beautiful sea views.

Many travellers will want to star at Zadar hotels with pool, hotels Zadar Croatia all inclusive or a Zadar beach hotel. Among the most popular of these is Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik. This choice of hotels Zadar Croatia all inclusive is highly rated and offers several amenities, making it a smart choice of Zadar luxury hotels. Pinija is among the best Zadar hotels with pool and is popular with families. Travellers looking for the best convenience will prefer a Zadar airport hotel like Apartment Mare.

There aren’t many Zadar hotels 5 star, but the city has more than its fair share of Zadar luxury hotels. Among the best hotels in Zadar is the luxe Hotel & Spa Iadera, perfect for relaxing stays and holidays thanks to its spa amenities. Boutique Hostel Forum is one of the top Zadar Old Town hotels, providing a fashionable and chic living environment for your vacation.

Things to Do in Zadar

There are several historic Zadar places to visit, including the city’s many churches and museums. Those with an eye for classical architecture should visit St. Mary’s Church or St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, two of the most popular Zadar tourist attractions. The Roman Forum is another impressive archaeological site, offering a romantic atmosphere to strolls through the city. And speaking of romance, few Zadar tourist attractions are more remarkable than the old City Walls and Gates, transporting visitors to times of old. Travellers hungering for more top things to do in Zadar Croatia related to the city’s history will want to check out the Museum of Ancient Glass, the National Museum or the Archaeological Museum.

Zadar Dining

After checking out all the Zadar activities, it’s time to refuel with a good meal. One can find several cheap pizzerias throughout the city by the slice. Among the most popular pizzerias is Pizzeria Tri Bunara, a favourite among locals. But if a more formal sit-down meal is what you’re after, book a table at Restaurant Kastel for fresh and delicious seafood. Restaurant City Laguna is another fine dining experience that’s famous with the locals, offering amazing traditional Croatian food and barbeque. If vegetarian dining is more your style, indulge in a meal at Konoba Malo Misto, which offers beautiful outdoor dining in addition to its delicious meals.

Zadar Shopping

When you visit Zadar Croatia, be sure to absorb some of the local culture by browsing and visiting the city shops. Among the Zadar Croatia points of interest for shoppers is Kalelarga, the primary shopping street. The avenue is lined with several independent shops of all types, making it the perfect place to snag a souvenir. Those looking for food or greenery might check out the traditional green market in Old Town, where many locals offer fresh ingredients and local products. Fancy a spree at one of the city’s top shopping centres? Stop by Supernova for some of the hottest labels and fashion brands. There’s no shortage of things to see (or buy!) when you visit Zadar Croatia, so make sure your wallet is ready!

Nightlife in Zadar

There are many things to do in Zadar at night, whether you prefer quiet bars, raucous venues or thrilling nightclubs. When it comes to bars, Kult is a popular place for tourists and locals alike thanks to its beautiful stone balustrade and park terrace. It provides a stunning, low-key atmosphere for nights out. Café Gallery Gina is the place to be to gaze at art and enjoy a live show during a night on the town. One of the coolest hangout spots in the city is Lounge & Bar Ledana, a hot club that younger crowds flock to on weekends.