Zagreb Hotels

Both stylishly modern but medieval in atmosphere, Zagreb makes for a wonderfully affordable travel destination for anyone.

About Zagreb

The capital and largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. As the nation capital, Zagreb exemplifies the best of Croatian culture with chic restaurants, fashionable boutiques and a beautiful medieval Old Town. The city’s also famous for its café culture, making it a must-visit spot for caffeine addicts. In addition to all the cultural offerings and things to see in Zagreb, cheap Zagreb hotels are aplenty. Thanks to the wide selection of Zagreb hotels for any budget, the city remains a popular and easily approachable destination for any family Find out everything you need to know for when you visit Zagreb.

Among the top things to do in Zagreb is visiting its several historic sites. Among some of the biggest historic Zagreb tourist attractions are Kaptol and Gradec, which together make up the medieval section of the city in its Upper Town. Kaptol is a settlement on the eastern side of Gradec. Its cathedral dates to the thirteenth century. Jelačić Square is also worth a visit, serving as one of the main Zagreb attractions. This pedestrian-only square is host to plenty of cafes, beautiful facades and even the occasional market or two. Literary visitors will want to visit the Statue of Marija Jurić Zagorka, honoured as the nation’s first female journalist and one of the most-read Croatian writers. Among the other top free things to do in Zagreb is visiting Maksimir Park, a beautiful green space perfect for a stroll on a sunny day. Jarun Lake remains one of the top Zegreb Croatia points of interest, offering the opportunity to row, swim, bike and more.

Where to Stay in Zagreb

Zagreb is an easily affordable destination city, especially compared to other regional capitals, with several cheap hotels in Zagreb. Travellers can find Zagreb accommodation to match any budget, whether they hope to stay at cheap hotels Zagreb city centre, hotels near Zagreb Airport or somewhere in-between. Cheap hotels in Zagreb Croatia are usually about €20-40 per night. Rates for midrange Zagreb hotel deals run from about €50-110. The best hotels in Zagreb, including 5 star hotels in Zagreb, can extend to about €150 per night. Thanks to its affordability, many tourists flock to visit Zagreb each year. 

Several cheap hotels Zagreb city centre are available to those traveling on a budget. Among the most popular cheap Zagreb hotels in city centre is Hostel Swanky Mint. Found in a refurbished textile factory, this Zagreb accommodation has a hip look and offers a chic bar and pool. Guesthouse Dubai is a stylish boutique hotel on the southern tip of centre city, offering easy parking in Zagreb city centre on a budget. Shappy is another stylish choice of Zagreb hotel deals, offering a relaxed bar and terrace in addition to comfortable rooms.

Some travellers will prefer midrange Zagreb hotels near airport or other parts of the city. Among the best hotels near Zagreb airport is Hotel Royal Airport. It features a convenient location, helpful and friendly staff, attractive rooms and a free breakfast. Best Western Hotel Stella is another popular midrange choice of Zagreb hotel deals near the airport.

Even the best hotels in Zagreb are fairly cheap compared to other destinations. Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is one of the handful of 5 star hotels in Zagreb and is the cheapest of them. This luxe property provides an upscale stay and four delicious restaurants. Another of the best hotels in Zagreb is the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel. This smart choice of hotels in Zagreb Croatia includes a gym, pool and wellness centre for maximum comfort on your stay.

Things to Do in Zagreb

Some of the best Zagreb Croatia points of interest are the city’s museums. One of the more whimsical places to visit in Zagreb is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which displays objects from failed relationships. Those looking for a more serious example of Zagreb attractions will want to stop at the Archaeological Museum, which houses over 450,000 local and Croatian artefacts. Finally, the Mimara Museum is a favourite choice of Zagreb tourist attractions, holding more than 3,700 works of art in an awe-inspiring 19th-century building. In addition to Upper Town, Zagreb’s Lower Town offers several Zagreb places to visit, including the Lenuci Horseshoe and National Theatre. Visitors may easily take a daytrip to the nearby historic towns of Samobar and Karlovac as well.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Zagreb Croatiawith several events and festivals held throughout the year. One of the most significant cultural events is the Dance Week Festival, where international theatres and choreographers meet to put on a variety of amazing dance performances in May or June. Film buffs will find that attending the Zagreb Film Festival is among the best things to do in Zagreb. This festival takes place in mid-October. INmusic Festival is another of the top Zagreb activities offered each summer, offering musical acts across several genres such as electronica, rock, metal and more. Finally, visitors in January won’t want to miss the Snow Queen Trophy, a thrilling annual slalom race.

Zagreb Dining

Zagreb dining is characterized by its Croatian heritage, along with some neighbouring influences thrown into the mix including Slavonia and Mediterranean. One of the city’s most unique culinary offerings is the licitar, an ornamental and intricately decorated biscuit that’s often exchanged as a gift. You can pick up a licitar at nearly any pastry shop or supermarket; not only is it a delicious sweet treat, but it makes a great souvenir, too! As for traditional Zagreb dining, book a table at Zinfandel’s Restaurant for an exceptional Croatian meal. For romantic seafood dining, Takeneko provides unparalleled atmosphere and a contemporary aesthetic with delicious meals to match.

Zagreb Shopping

In between the various fun things to do in Zagreb Croatia, you might want to spend some time shopping for souvenirs and unique items. Dolac Market is one of the biggest shopping areas for tourists and among the main Zagreb Croatia points of interest. Here you’ll not only find souvenirs but also food vendors and flowers. St. Mark’s Square is another popular shopping area for souvenir shops. Those with an eye for fashion will feel right at home at Jelačić Square, which offers familiar fashion brands and high-street shopping. As far as shopping centres go, Nama and Branimir Centar are two popular choices for what to visit in Zagreb.

Nightlife in Zagreb

Zagreb nightlife is surprisingly active given the city’s relatively small size compared to other capitals. Visitors hoping to bar hop should go out in Tkalčićeva Street, a street offering a variety of bars close to one another in Gradec. Esplanade Bar 1925 is one of the city’s most impressive historic bars, originally a stop on the iconic Orient Express. Appropriately, the bar features a sophisticated and glamorous interior. Travellers who enjoy wild nights at local nightclubs might want to check out Aquarius, one of the most popular Zagreb points of interest for nightlife among younger crowds. If a rough-and-tumble crowd is more your thing, check out Jabuka for its goth crowds and grungy musical acts.