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Ayia Napa Hotels

Aiya Napa party holidays are legendary, cementing the city’s status as a Cyprus party capital.

About Ayia Napa

Regarded as the centre of Cyprus nightlife, Ayia Napa is the island’s clubbing capital and the perfect place to enjoy wild summer holidays. The city features a gorgeous coastline and several places to party long after the sun has gone down. Ayia Napa is the ideal choice for younger crowds (or the young at heart) looking for thrilling, hedonistic holidays. But despite the city’s partygoing ways, the Ayia Napa has worked to promote family-friendly attractions as well. Despite its infamous reputation as a party mecca, Ayia Napa is a surprisingly affordable destination for travellers on a budget. Several cheap Ayia Napa hotels are available along the coast or in city centre.

Ayia Napa isn’t just for partying. There are several beautiful historic attractions and picks for what to do in Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa Monastery is perhaps the most famous. The Ayia Napa Monastery was built over a cave where it’s said its primary relic (the Panayia Napa) was discovered ages ago. Other visitors will want to explore the Aiya Napa beach for sunbathing, water sports, shopping and more. Among the best beaches in Ayia Napa is Nissi Beach, which is divided into two sections: a crowded side and a more isolated one. Makronissos Beach is another of the best beaches in Ayia Napa and is close to the WaterWorld water park. Visiting Grecian Beach located at the harbour is another top choice of what to do in Ayia Napa. Finally, Care Greco, the city’s best natural park, is a wildly popular hangout spot for travellers thanks to its lush beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Ayia Napa

Cheap holidays to Ayia Napa are common thanks to the affordable rates of Ayia Napa party hotels and Ayia Napa apartments. Visitors will find many attractive Ayia Napa hotels along the city’s beaches at affordable rate, making Ayia Napa party holidays ideal for those on a budget. Whether searching for cheap holidays to Ayia Napa, luxury villas in Ayia Napa or Ayia Napa package holidays, there’s something for everyone in this impressive party city. Most cheap hotels in Ayia Napa range from €50-120 per night. Midrange Ayia Napa apartments and hotels might range €130-170 per night. Luxury Nissi Beach hotel Ayia Napa or villas in Ayia Napa may run over €200 per night.

Nissi Park Hotel is one of the most affordable choices of Nissi Beach hotel. It’s conveniently located just a short walk from the beach and in the centre of the action, even offering a pool to guests. Myriama Apartments is a popular choice of cheap Ayia Napa apartments. Its spacious rooms make it great for groups traveling together. Christabelle Hotel Apartments is another great choice of cheap hotels in Ayia Napa with a relaxed atmosphere and poolside bar. It’s the perfect choice of Ayia Napa Party hotels.

If Ayia Napa package holidays are what you’re after, consider one of the many Ayia Napa all inclusive hotels. Faros Hotel is one of the most highly rated but expensive Ayia Napa all inclusive hotels. Bella Napa Bay Hotel is a more affordable option for Ayia Napa all inclusive hotels, making it a smart choice for Ayia Napa holidays.

Some of the best hotels in Ayia Napa are villas in Ayia Napa. These Cyprus Ayia Napa hotels offer a luxurious backdrop to Ayia Napa holidays. Kymma Villa is among the best hotels in Ayia Napa with spacious rooms and the ability to sleep six. Villa Potamos has its own pool, making it one of the top choices of Ayia Napa hotel for partygoers or families.

Things to Do in Ayia Napa

Some of the best picks for what to do in Ayia Napa are visiting its many historic attractions. Thalassa Museum is one of the top Ayia Napa city centre attractions. The maritime museum features sea fossils and ship replicas that will mystify and amaze guests, making it the perfect attraction for families. The Makronissos Tombs are for more adventurous tourists. This ancient sanctuary is home to 19 tombs and a quarry. Those hungry for more ancient architecture should check out the Ayia Napa Aqueduct near Agios Epiphanios Church. Finally, the National History Museum is an excellent place to learn more about Cypriot culture and the city’s history.

Serving as Cyprus’ party and clubbing capital, you can bet that Ayia Napa hosts several amazing events and festivities each year. If you’re unsure what to do in Ayia Napa, book a trip during the many events. Ayia Napa International Festival is an annual autumn festival celebrating Cypriot culture and folk arts, including dances, plays and operas. The Children’s Festival in June is a family-friendly event and features child-focused entertainment and performances in the city’s main square. There are many things to do in Ayia Napa for music fans with events like Beach Cult Live, which organizes several concerts on the Ayia Napa beach.

Ayia Napa Dining

All that partying is sure to tire you out, so have an energizing meal at one of the many amazing Ayia Napa restaurants. One of the glitziest Ayia Napa restaurants to reserve a table at is Glasshouse Lounge Restaurant. This restaurant has a stunning and moody dining room atmosphere that fits the city’s vibe well, serving delicious Mediterranean and European dishes. En-Yevo Tavernaki is a highly regarded restaurant specializing in Greek and regional cuisine, making it a wonderful choice for Ayia Napa holidays. When it comes to cheap eats, Hungry Horse is a local favourite and the place to be for treating hangovers with comfort food. Enjoy their delicious food like sirloin steak in generous proportions offered at affordable rates.

Ayia Napa Shopping

Ayia Napa may be a relatively small city, but you can find nearly anything you want in its shopping scene. If you have an eye for fashion, begin your shopping excursion on Makarios Avenue and Nissi Avenue. These streets are packed with high-street brands and international labels. When finished shopping for clothes in Ayia Napa city centre, head over to Ayia Thekla Market on a Wednesday morning. This quaint market has a little bit of everything, including vintage goods and unique souvenirs. When it comes to indoor shopping, Stathis Shopping Center is a favourite mall in Ayia Napa centre. No matter your shopping style or preferences, there’s much to see when strolling the city.

Nightlife in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa nightlife is legendary; there’s always an Ayia Napa party to see or Ayia Napa bars to visit. There are hundreds of Ayia Napa clubs and bars throughout the city, so partying is among the top things to do in Ayia Napa for those of age. Ayia Napa nightlife is not for the faint of heart; expect to hear music pumping into the streets and be ready to dance—not sit—at any bars you visit. An Ayia Napa party is likely to extend past 4am. Some of the top Ayia Napa night clubs include Club Aqua, Carwash, Club Sin and Blue Moon. In addition to Ayia Napa night clubs, head to Ayia Napa beach for even more parties and Ayia Napa bars.