Limassol Hotels

Limassol is chic, fashionable and gorgeous. Book your next holiday at one of the best hotels in Limassol.

About Limassol

Unlike other Cyprus destination cities, Limassol has shrugged off its past and traded it in for a distinctly cosmopolitan atmosphere. This modern city is fashionable, chic and and well-known as a central business hub for the island. But that doesn’t mean Limassol is all business and no pleasure. Limassol holidays are perfect for relaxation thanks to the beautiful Limassol beach, a handful of historic Limassol attractions at Limassol Old Town, astounding events such as the Limassol Carnival and even a food tour or two. These features make Limassol a fun, urbane destination for tourists from around the world. Hotels in Limassol are quite affordable for a coastal Cyprus destination. Visitors may easily find hotels in Limassol that match their travel preferences and budgets.

Despite Limassol’s modern atmosphere, there are still plenty historic places to visit in Limassol. The most popular attraction in Limassol Old Town is the Limassol Castle. Once a prison fortress, Limassol Castle is now home to the Medieval Museum and worth a visit for anyone interested in the region’s history under control of the Ottoman Empire. In addition to the castle’s beauty itself, visitors can enjoy basking in the ground’s beautiful and well-manicured gardens. The Limassol beach is another of the most popular places to visit in Limassol, offering golden sand and crystal-clear waters. And speaking of water, families will want to visit the waterpark Cyprus Limassol, Fasouri Watermania. Fasouri Watermania is the largest waterpark in Cyprus and is sure to provide refreshment on a hot summer day.

Where to Stay in Limassol

Limassol hotels are available across all budgets, which makes Limassol holidays accessible for any traveller. Do you prefer cheap hotels in Limassol close to the major tourist attractions? Limassol hotels 4 star are available for you. Fancy the best hotels in Limassol or Limassol villas? The city has those in droves. Whether you’re looking for Limassol beach hotels or someplace in Limassol city centre, finding the right accommodation is easy. Cheap hotels in Limassol usually cost between €40-70 per night. You average midrange hotels in Limassol Cyprus can run from €85-170.

Many Limassol beach hotels are available at affordable, family-friendly rates. Central Hall Limassol is one of the great cheap hotels in Limassol Cyprus close to the beach. Geotanya Limassol Hotel Apartments is another excellent choice for families. It’s located not far from the beach and features enough room for extended Limassol holidays.

One of the best midrange Limassol hotels 4 star is Alasia Hotel Limassol. Alasia Hotel Limassol has a relaxed feel and several excellent amenities such as a bar, spa and pool, making it a smart choice for hotels in Limassol Cyprus. Ajax Hotel Limassol is another midrange bargain with a great location, several amenities (a salon, tennis courts, playground and more) and refined décor.

There are several excellent Limassol hotels 5 star. Among the most famous is the Four Seasons Hotel Limassol. This upscale choice of Limassol hotels all inclusive is close to all the hottest tourist spots and features gorgeous, spacious suites. Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol is another of the best hotels in Limassol. Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol is close to Limassol Marina, Limassol Zoo and Limassol Castle. One of the top Limassol hotels 5 star, you can ensure your stay will be one to remember. Limassol apartments and Limassol villas also provide luxury environments for Limassol holidays.

Things to Do in Limassol

As an impressively old city, there are several historic attractions and museums worth visiting in the Limassol tourist area. The Archaeological Museum is worth visiting for those who love history and art. The Archaeological Museum collection features artefacts from throughout Cyprus history dating back to the Neolithic age. The Folk Art Museum is another wonderful place to learn about traditional Cypriot culture, particularly from the 19th to 20th century. If you’re up for a day trip, you can enjoy many ruins and archeological sites around the city. Some of the places near the Limassol Old Town are Kolossi Medieval Castle, Agios Nikolaos and the Kourion archeological site.

Limassol Dining

Restaurants in Limassol Cyprus come in many flavours: whether you’re in the mood for Greek, Asian, steak or other cuisine, you’re guaranteed to eat well on Limassol holidays. One of the best restaurants in Limassol Cyprus is La Maison Fleurie, which specializes in fresh, French seafood. Its atmosphere and plating are remarkable, promising a meal you’ll never forget. As for Mediterranean dining, Vivaldi by Mavrommatis is another favourite place to dine for dinner. In addition to immaculate dishes, Vivaldi is famous for its excellent service. Those looking for cheaper or more accessible dining should stop by local favourite Columbia Beach. This restaurant and bar located along the Limassol beach is a great place to spend a night or evening.

Limassol Shopping

Not sure what to do in Limassol? Spend some time shopping in Limassol centre. There are plenty of places to find souvenirs in the Limassol tourist area and other places to visit in Limassol. Two of the top shopping streets in Limassol City are Ayios Andreas and Anexartisias Street. Both streets have an old-time charm to them with quiet atmospheres and cobblestone. Here you’ll find unique goods and souvenirs. Those who are more interested in indoor shopping centres will want to stop by My Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the city. This is where you’ll find internationally known brands and labels, making it a key spot for fashion lovers’ time in Limassol.

Nightlife in Limassol

As you can imagine with such a cosmopolitan city, Limassol Cyrpus nightlife is vibrant and lively. If you’re looking to party all night, stroll the Limassol tourist area, where you’ll find the majority of bars and clubs. One of the top places to visit Limassol at night is Basement, a famous nightclub that specializes in dance and R&B music. Replay is a club with a distinctly local feel, playing only Greek music. Sunday nights feature belly dancers and music with an Arabic flavour. If you enjoy a more low-key place to enjoy a drink and a performance, stop by Rumours Bar. This popular staple of Limassol Cyprus nightlife offers an outside seating area, reasonably priced drinks and good music.