Paphos Hotels

Paphos is a city that hearkens back to myths of old. Discover the legendary city for yourself on your next holiday.

About Paphos

Paphos is a city of legend, known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. Paphos is a beautiful Cyprus city, offering a surprisingly modern vibe despite its significant historic and archaeological sights to see. This relationship between the old and the new makes it an excellent choice for a holiday, and many tourists agree—about half of those visiting Cyprus choose Paphos for their stay. Paphos is an affordable and approachable city to tourists across budgets thanks to the abundance of cheap Paphos hotels. Travellers can find Paphos Cyprus hotels relevant tot heir tastes and interests easily within their budget, making it an ideal travel destination for anyone.

Paphos offers several historic attractions. Paphos is divided into two sections: the lower town (Kato Paphos), which serves as Paphos Old Town, and the upper town (Ktima Paphos), which is the commercial district. Taking a stroll through Kato Paphos is like walking through history. Here you will find the Tombs of the Kings, which dates back to the fourth century BC. These ruins are the final resting place for aristocrats and historical high society. Paphos Archaeological Park is another wonderful place; here you’ll not only find tombs and villas but Paphos mosaics as well.

Other top things to do in Paphos include the city’s waterfront attractions. There are several great locations along the Paphos beach, including the Paphos harbour. Here you will find plenty of shops, restaurants and sun, making it the perfect place for a stroll at any time of day. Paphos beach is also known for its beautiful sea caves and clean waters.

Where to Stay in Paphos

Paphos hotels are available across price ranges, allowing travellers on any budget to enjoy Paphos holidays at any time of year. Whether you prefer your Paphos hotels all inclusive or are looking for cheap Paphos apartments, there’s something for everyone—even villas in Cyprus Paphos. The most affordable Paphos hotels range from €40-60 per night. Midrange Paphos Cyprus hotels might cost anywhere from €70-152 per night, while the most expensive and best hotels in Paphos range from €170-340.

When it comes to cheap holidays to Paphos, Roman Boutique Hotel is a popular choice. This comfortable hotel is close Paphos Archaeological Park and has a surprisingly baroque interior and exterior, offering a stylish stay for tourists. Verona Hotel Paphos is another excellent and affordable choice for families, offering modern rooms and a pool at an attractive rate. Those looking for affordable Paphos apartments for a longer stay will enjoy Kefalonitis Hotel Apartments, which offers a relaxed atmosphere and swimming pools.

Water Park hotels Paphos are ideal for families hoping to enjoy some summertime fun. These Paphos hotels all inclusive are also located right along the beach, making them ideal for Paphos holidays. Among the most affordable water park hotels Paphos is Aquamere Beach Hotel & Spa. This choice of spa hotels in Paphos has an unfussy atmosphere and a handful of pools.

Nothing beats the most luxurious and best hotels in Paphos, including villas in Cyprus Paphos. One of the top-rated villas in Cyprus Pathos is Aura Holiday Villas. Each villa is self-contained and has its own private pool and patio. Sea & Mountain Panoramic Villa is located conveniently close to the Tombs of the Kings and offers terraces and balconies for stunning views of the city and its natural beauty. Another of the best hotels in Paphos is Amphora Hotel and Suites Paphos, which offers great amenities and first-rate service.

Things to Do in Paphos

Paphos Old Town, or Kato Paphos, is home to a wide range of beautiful historic sites and things to do in Paphos. Among the most popular historic Paphos attractions is the House of Dionysus found at Paphos Archaeological Park. This beautiful building is covered in Paphos mosaics across the walls and flooring depicting Greek mythology, making it an awe-inspiring work of art. The Ancient Odeaon is another key place to visit in Kato Paphos, which continues to be used today for shows and performances. Nothing compares to seeing a theatrical performance in this ancient amphitheatre, which provides excellent views of the city when nothing’s on. Finally, one can’t miss Agia Solomoni Church, the Tomb of the Kings or the Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Paphos isn’t all about its archaeological sites. There are plenty fun things to do in Paphos from theme parks to beaches to meeting the local wildlife. Stroll through nearby Coral Bay Paphos for an afternoon of shopping and dining. Once you’ve had your fill of that, cool off at Aphrodite Water Park, a place that the entire family can enjoy. Paphos Zoo is another fun choice of Paphos attractions and is the biggest zoo in Cyprus. The zoo features beautiful gardens and ponds and—of course—several animals and birds to meet. Here you will also find the Natural History Museum, an art gallery and the Children’s Farm. Those who enjoy golf will want to hit the links at Aphrodite Hills golf course.

Paphos Dining

No visit to Paphos is complete without trying the Cyrpriot Meze. “Meze” is short for “mezedes,” or “little delicacies.” Just like it sounds, a meze is a collection of small dishes that let you try out all aspects of Cyrprus traditional cuisine. From vegetables to meats to fish cakes, the Cypriot Meze covers all the culinary bases. Among two of the best Paphos restaurants to try the full-course meal are Georgia Meze House Restaurant and Mandra Tavern, both of which provide mezes in generous proportions. For a formal meal, book a table at Ficardo Restaurant for European, Mediterranean and Greek dishes. And when it comes to cheap eats, one can’t go wrong at the Moonlight Taverna, a local favourite.

Paphos Shopping

You’ll find several places to shop along Paphos beach, tourist stops and the commercial districts of the city’s upper town. If you’re souvenir shopping, you’ll want to check out Paphos Market. This indoor bazaar features several vendors selling goods of all kinds, including clothes, candles, jewellery souvenirs and more. You’re sure to find something unique and locally produced. Paphos Open Air Market is another great place to find unique items from local sellers. When it comes to fine arts, Kivotos Gallery is a smart choice for crafts and artefacts representing the city’s culture. Those hoping to find popular brands in a more modern setting should check out Kings Avenue Mall, located conveniently close to the Tomb of Kings. Here you’ll find big brands, a supermarket and a handful of excellent places to dine.

Nightlife in Paphos

The party never stops in Paphos thanks to its many bars, music venues and nightclubs. Whether you want to cosy up in a corner with a stiff drink or dance all night to a wild electronic DJ set, there’s something for everyone in Paphos nightlife. Among the city’s most popular bars are Baywatch Cocktail Bar and Muse Café Kitchen Bar, both of which provide low-key atmosphere for quieter nights out. Those looking for someplace more exciting to enjoy their night should try out Decades Nightclub, one of the hottest clubs for locals and tourists alike. Fancy a live show? Stop at the Rose Pub or Pingouino Café for first-rate local acts.