Alexandria Hotels

Known for its gorgeousness and landmarks lost to time, Alexandria is a city of legendary beauty.

About Alexandria

Alexandria is a truly legendary city. This port along the Mediterranean Sea is Egypt’s second-largest city and provides a beautiful glimpse at the region’s past through historic landmarks and rich legends. The Alexandria Egypt population is over 155,800 people. The city was once the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt after its founding by Alexander the Great. Today, it’s remembered for the Lighthouse at Alexandria Egypt, also known as the Lighthouse of Pharos. The Lighthouse of Alexandria no longer stands today but was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, visitors can travel to the island of Pharos to see where the Lighthouse of Alexandria once stood. Alexandria is quite an affordable travel destination despite its beauty and several historic landmarks and significance. Cheap Alexandria hotels are common throughout the city, including coastal properties and Alexandria hotels at the bay.

In addition to the Lighthouse of Pharos, another of Alexandria’s lost treasures is the Bibliotheca Alexandria, or Library of Alexandria. It was the biggest library in the ancient world, prompting philosophers to visit in search of knowledge. A legendary place of learning, the library was purged under the rules of Ptolemy VIII and Julius Caesar. The Citadel of Qaitbay is another famous landmark from Alexandria Egypt history. Built in the 15th century, this impressive defensive fortress still stands today and houses a naval museum. But the city of Alexandria Egypt isn’t just about ancient Alexandria Egypt history; there are plenty of fun activities, too, such as diving in Alexandra Egypt, night clubs in Alexandria or simply lazing about on the Alexandria Egypt beach.

Where to Stay in Alexandria

Alexandria is quite the affordable travel destination. Cheap hotels in Alexandria Egypt are available all along the coast, which means tourists need not sacrifice location for an affordable stay. Whether you’re looking for casual 3 star hotels in Alexandria Egypt or luxury hotels in Alexandra Egypt, there’s something here for everyone—even boutique hotels in Alexandria Egypt that offer chic and stylish rooms without expense. Cheap Alexandria hotels are likely to run in the low range of €17-26. You can find a decent midrange hotel Alexandria from €30-45, and luxury hotels in Alexandria Egypt can cost anywhere from €68-115 per night.

When it comes to cheap hotels in Alexandria Egypt, one of the best is Le Metropole Hotel. This early 20th century hotel is one of the most affordable old town Alexandria hotels offers classic rooms. Another one of the best old town Alexandria hotels available at a budget rate is the Sea Star Hotel. It offers unassuming rooms and several amenities for a comfortable stay. Hostels in Alexandria Egypt provide affordable alternatives. Among the most popular hostels in Alexandria Egypt are Garden View Hostel and Normandy Hotel.

As for midrange Alexandria bay hotels, few beat Steigenberger Cecil Alexandria. This excellent choice of 4 star hotels in Alexandria Egypt features elegant rooms and delicious dining, making it an oasis along the bay. Cherry Maryski Hotel is another excellent choice of hotel in Alexandria and offers a rooftop pool overlooking the bay. Boutique hotels in Alexandria Egypt can offer luxurious experiences without the price tag of 5 star hotels in Alexandria Egypt. Among the best boutique hotels in Alexandria Egypt is El Salamlek Palace Hotel.

If you prefer the best hotels in Alexandria Egypt, look into Helnan Palestine Hotel Alexandria. This gorgeous hotel overlooks the Montaza Palace and is a short drive from the Bibliotheca Alexandria. Hilton Alexandria Corniche is another smart choice of 5 star hotels in Alexandria Egypt with an accessible rate, a gorgeous private beach and great amenities.

Things to Do in Alexandria

Taking a tour through the top Alexandria Egypt points of interest is one of the best picks for what to do in Alexandria Egypt. The Alexandria Museum in Egypt is among the most popular. At the Alexandria National Museum, tourists may discover over 1,800 artefacts from ancient Alexandria Egypt. Mahmoud Said Museum is another popular museum celebrating Alexandria culture. The Mahmoud Said Museum is dedicated the eponymous painter’s works in the villa in which the artist lived. The Catacombs of Kom Ash Shuqqafa is a more adventurous historic site in the city. In the Catacombs of Kom Ash Shuqqafa are 300 years’ worth of corpses, providing a spooky yet thrilling place for a stroll.

There are several Alexandria Egypt attractions in addition to just looking at the sights. When you visit during one of the many events happening throughout the year, it’s easy to find several options for what to do in Alexandria Egypt on your visit. One of the top annual events is the Alexandria International Film Festival. During this time, locals and tourists both pack the Convention hall to view some of the best international films available. In the summer, the city hosts the Festival of Tourism and Trade, in which businesses offer several activities, contests and lotteries to entice tourism. This makes for an excellent time to shop as businesses will offer goods at attractive discounts.

Alexandria Dining

From fine dining to cafes in Alexandria Egypt, the city offers plenty variety in quality dining and cuisine. One of the best cafes in Alexandria Egypt is Delices, which offers delicious meals both Arabic and American, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Ole Café Espaniol is another smart pick of cafes in Alexandria Egypt thanks to their delightful coffee blends and pastries. As for restaurants in Alexandria Egypt, book a table at Byblos Restaurant for fine Lebanese and Middle Eastern dining. In addition to its amazing dishes, the restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, providing an unparalleled dining experience. As far as more affordable restaurants in Alexandria Egypt are concerned, Gad is an excellent choice for local flavour at budget prices.

Alexandria Shopping

And speaking of shopping in Alexandria Egypt, the city offers a diverse array of places to shop and goods to buy. If you’re interested most in high street shopping in Alexandria Egypt, you should first check out Alexandria’s downtown district, which features a variety of fashion outlets. Al Askander Al Akbar is one street in particular that shoppers flock to. The City Centre Mall is another excellent place to catch deals on items from some of the hottest international brands and labels. But no excursion shopping in Alexandria Egypt is complete without some unique handicrafts. Souq Al Khreit is the place to visit for locally made textiles; Souq El Attarine is a local market that offers a little more variety with clothing, perfumes, accessories and more.

Nightlife in Alexandria

Nightlife in Alexandria isn’t particularly vibrant when compared to neighbouring cities like Cairo, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t too many things to do in Alexandria after dark. Many of the more upscale Alexandria hotels have discos and clubs, though there are some great options for more relaxed nights out in Alexandria nightlife. One of the more popular night clubs in Alexandria Egypt is Bleu, where visitors can enjoy a cocktail with shisha in a beautiful contemporary setting. El Salamlek Casino is a fun alternative to night clubs in Alexandria Egypt. This casino offers all the typical table games. Looking for cosy clubs in Alexandria? Stop at Monty Bar or Spitfire Bar.