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Aswan Hotels

There’s much to do and see in Aswan, one of Egypt’s most affordable cities.

About Aswan

Aswan is one of the smaller Egyptian destinations, but that’s not to say the city doesn’t have a lot to offer. Where is Aswan? Located toward the southern end of Egypt, Aswan historically served as the Egyptian frontier and stood as a gateway into the rest of Africa. Aswan’s location made the city important for militaristic purposes in defence against Nubia. Another historic significance to Aswan is that granite used to build the Luxor obelisks was sourced here. In addition to the history of Aswan City, Aswan offers much natural beauty. Close to Lake Nasser and Seheyl Island, there’s much to see and many picks for what to do in Aswan. Aswan is also one of the most affordable travel destinations in Egypt, offering unparalleled beauty at a fraction of the price you’d spend on travel elsewhere. Cheap Aswan hotels are aplenty, making it easy for tourists to find surprisingly luxe accommodation at low rates.

As you might guess, there are many historic places to visit in Aswan. Abu Simbel is a set of two temples located just outside the city and is one of the most popular locations for Aswan tours. Found alond Lake Nasser, these temples date back to the 13th century BC and are dedicated to Pharaoh Ramses II and Queen Nefertari. The Ruins of Abu, found on Elephantine Island, is another amazing choice of places to visit in Aswan. One of the top things to do in Aswan is stroll along the Nile River, where you will eventually come across the Aswan Dam stretching across it. Those who love nature should also pay a visit to the Aswan Botanical Gardens, offering a lush and beautiful oasis in the desert city.

Where to Stay in Aswan

Aswan is an extremely affordable Egyptian destination, as most Aswan hotels are available at bargain prices; even hotels in Aswan Egypt 5 star are incredibly affordable compared to those of lesser quality elsewhere. With cheap rates for luxury hotels in Aswan Egypt, a relaxed atmosphere and so many historic attractions, Aswan is the perfect destination for tourists on any budget. The cheapest Aswan Egypt hotels range from just €17-34 per night. Luxury hotels in Aswan Egypt don’t extent much higher than €85 per night.

One of the best hotels in Aswan City at a low rate is the Nuba Nile Hotel Aswan. Nuba Nile Hotel Aswan is situated between the Nile River and the Aswan train station, making it ideal for tourists who want to keep within easy reach of the best choices for what to do in Aswan. Basma Hotel Aswan is another smart choice of Aswan cheap hotels, offering upscale and modern rooms without the heavy price tag. Basma Hotel Aswan has striking views of the Nile from its outdoor terrace, and even features a business centre for those travelling for work.

One of the best hotels in Aswan City is the Old Cataract Hotel Aswan. The Old Cataract Hotel Aswan offers a truly remarkable stay: it’s surrounded by lush Nile gardens and sits within a 19th century palace. Guests can enjoy its beautiful pool and luxurious suites. One of the most affordable luxury hotels in Aswan Egypt is the Movenpick Hotel Aswan. Movenpick Hotel Aswan is found on the beautiful Elephantine Island and is close to the Nubia Museum and unfinished obelisk. Located right along the Nile, the hotel offers stunning views. Finally, another excellent choice of hotels in Aswan Egypt 5 star is the Grand Hotel Aswan. This famous hotel in Aswan is surprisingly affordable despite its location in a Victorian palace.

Things to Do in Aswan

Any visit to Aswan should include Aswan tours of the city’s most significant historic sights. The Temple of Philae, also known as Aswan Temple, originally stood near the Aswan Dam. It has since been relocated to the island of Agilika, where its magnificence has amazed travellers for years. The Tombs of the Nobles on Kitchener’s Island, meanwhile, are the final resting place for ancient dignitaries and governors of the region. The Tombs of the Nobles continue to be excavated today. The unfinished obelisk found at the ancient Aswan quarries is the biggest ancient obelisk and is worth a visit. Finally, tourists can appreciate even more ancient Egyptian history at the Aswan Museum and Nubia Museum.

There are more things to do in Aswan City than visit the historic sites. One fun option for what to do in Aswan is to rent a bike, a service commonly offered by hotels in Aswan. Cruises to nearby islands are another great idea, especially as several of them offer their own collections of ruins, temples and natural beauty. If you’re really looking for an adventure, go with the Aswan people on a camel ride. The Aswan people are also happy to enjoy tea with tourists, providing insight into what life is like for locals—a great alternative to the typical tourist experience.

Aswan Dining

In between things to do in Aswan, enjoy some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine the region has to offer. Aswan dining is rich in tradition, offering delicious and authentic twists on Egyptian cuisine. El Masry is a beautiful and upscale restaurant offering elevated local dishes, making it a wonderful place to take in the local culture. The Terrace offers amazing meals with an impressive view that overlooks Elephantine Island and its historic landmarks. Looking for European food? Stop at 1902 Restaurant for some international flavour, particularly fine French cuisine. Finally, Nubian Restaurant is a great affordable option for enjoying traditional Nubian cuisine.

Aswan Shopping

Shopping in Aswan City is an experience: you’ll find amazing and unique handicrafts that make excellent souvenirs. Aswan Souk, also known as Aswan Market, is a beautiful bazaar that offers a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for clothes, food, flowers, Nubian handicrafts or other Egyptian and African goods, you’re sure to find something exceptional at this impressive and traditional market. Hanafi Bazaar is another popular market for traditional and locally made goods. Those who prefer indoor shopping should stop at Aswan Plaza Mall. This mall offers a modern shopping experience featuring more familiar brands, making it an ideal place to shop.

Nightlife in Aswan

Aswan isn’t known for its party scene, so Aswan nightlife is much more calm and subdued than other Egyptian destinations. Aswan nightlife is relaxed and typically experienced in a quiet bar or coffee shop. Among the many bars and places to visit in Aswan, you’re sure to find a live music show or a crowd. El Pasha Coffee Shop is a popular place along the water for enjoying a coffee with hookah. Panorama Bar, true to its name, offers excellent city views to enjoy while sipping cocktails and is located near the Corniche. Finally, the open and airy rooftop terrace at Basma Hotel is a romantic spot for relaxed drinking and soaking up the surrounding city scenery.