Hurghada Hotels

With several diving spots and amazing beaches, Hurghada is a wonderful choice for summer holidays.

About Hurghada

The sleepy fishing village of Hurghada is primed to become a top travel destination along the Red Sea. And it’s no surprise: the Hurghada beach is beautiful, and the Hurghada coral reef has made the city a bit of a pilgrimage spot for divers. Many flock to the astounding Hurghada beaches each year, as well as the gorgeous nearby islands on the Red Sea. With a population of about 261,000, Hurghada is a relatively small city, but still a fun one nonetheless. Hurghada hotels come in a variety of prices, making it a convenient place for holidays. It’s easy to find cheap hotels in Hurghada close to the major tourist sites and coast.

Some of the top things to do in Hurghada is to bask on Hurghada beaches or go diving in Hurghada. There are several beautiful spots along the Hurghada beach; in addition to mainland Hurghada beaches such as Abu Tig Marina, travelers may take a day trip to the surrounding islands: the Giftun Islands, Shedwan Island, Ashrafi Islands, or Mahmya Island. Diving in Hurghada is also incredibly popular. Some of the best examples of Hurghada coral reef and hurghada diving centers are Gora Abu Ramada, Umm Gamar and the Blue Paradise Diving Center. But there’s not just things to do in Hurghada waters; travellers can ride motorbikes through the desert or take daytrips to nearby Cairo or Luxor for historic sightseeing as well. With so much to do and see, Hurghada makes for a wonderful summertime or shoulder season holiday destination.

Where to Stay in Hurghada

Hurghada hotels are available in a variety of price points, making Hurghada an approachable holiday destination for most. Travellers may easily find cheap hotels in Hurghada close to major tourist attractions and diving spots, and there are even several all inclusive hotels in Hurghada that accommodate different budgets. Through the sheer variety of Red Seas hotels Hurghada, finding Hurghada Egypt hotels that suit your travel needs or budget is easy. Cheaper offerings for hotels in Hurghada range from €25-60, while the best hotels in Hurghada range from €135-212 per night. But there’s also plenty Hurghada beach hotels in between those ranges as well.

Among the best hotels in Hurghada at an affordable price is the Seagull Hotel Hurghada. This beautiful family-friendly hotel is great for families, offering an outdoor pool, delicious dining and excellent service. It’s one of the finest choices of Red Seas hotels Hurghada on a budget. Paradise Hill Hotel Apartments is another great place for extended stays or families thanks to spacious suites. And of course, it’s one of the top cheap Hurghada hotels.

A great pick of midrange best hotels in Hurghada is the Arbella Azur Resort. It’s a beautiful hotel without a heavy rate and offers pools and bars for guests to make the most of their stay. Minamark Beach Resort is not only a comfortable place to sleep, but a fun place to enjoy by day: it has its own private diving spot for guests.

Some of the best hotels in Hurghada are awarded 5 stars. One of the top hotels in Hurdghada Egypt is the Steigenberger Hotel Burghada, which offers beautiful interiors and world-class amenities for a stay that you won’t forget. It’s one of the best all inclusive hotels in Hurghada so you can enjoy your holiday without worries. Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh is a truly beautiful choice of luxury Hurghada beach hotels. Taking the look of an old Middle Eastern palace, this upscale choice in Hurghada hotels will make you feel like royalty.

Things to Do in Hurghada

Hurghada offers a modest selection of great historic attractions and sights. One of the more interesting museum-like experiences is Sand City Hurghada, where several sand sculptures are on display by artists around the world. Mini Egypt is another whimsical display where visitors can walk around tiny, miniature models of some of Egypt’s most famous attractions. If you’re interested in local art, swing by El Gouna Museum and explore the works of Hussein Bikar. Selkhet Papyrus is another wonderful place to enjoy local artmaking: here you’ll find several works on authentic papyrus paper. Finally, the Hurghada Marina Museum and Aquarium is a great place to take the family to enjoy marine wildlife.

Hurghada Dining

Hurghada offers several great places to eat, specializing in local Egyptian cuisine but also some western dishes as well. Gad Restaurant is a popular place for locals and tourists when it comes to finding a variety of food at affordable prices. Here you’ll find wonderfully prepared local dishes at a steal. Nubian Café is another great spot for casual dining but offers a bit more of an upscale feel. It even offers outdoor seating, so you can enjoy dinner with a view. Moby Dick Hurghada offers delicious authentic local cuisine in expertly plated portions. It has a convenient location near the major Hurghada hotels.

Hurghada Shopping

One of the most fun things to do in Hurghada is go shopping. There are several shops around the Hurghada beaches, and Hurghada Marina is a popular place for window shopping and browsing through stores. As with many other Egyptian cities, you may want to haggle for a fair price. The Sekalla area is an excellent place for high street shopping and local shops alike. You’ll typically find things like perfumes, jewellery, pottery and papyrus at the many Hurghada gift shops available. The Ad-Dahar district is another great place to shop from local merchants for great souvenirs and unique goods.

Nightlife in Hurghada

Hurghada nightlife is quite vibrant, offering both places to dance the night away or cosy up with a cocktail. Calypso Disco is a mainstay of Hurghada nightlife, offering a free drink to guests and plenty of space to kick back and dance. Ministry of Sound is another lively spot in Hurghada nightlife, offering a different vibe, atmosphere and theme each night. If you want to party on the Hurghada beach, stop by Papa’s Beach Club for open-air fun as the sun goes down. White Beach Hurghada is another chic and stylish place for clubbing out in the open on the beach.