Luxor Hotels

Regarded as an open-air museum, there are so many relics of ancient Egypt to discover in Luxor.

About Luxor

Luxor City Egypt is a city like no other. Where is Luxor Egypt? Luxor City Egypt is located along the Nile River in southern Egypt. With a name that means “palaces,” Luxor evokes imagery of Luxor Ancient Egypt. Travellers come to marvel at the various temples and tombs that pepper the city as well as its natural beauty. But there’s a modern sensibility as well, which is reflected in nightlife in Luxor Egypt and the many Luxor Egypt points of interest. Luxor is broken into two districts: West Bank Luxor Egypt where you’ll find most of the ruins (such as the Tomb of Ramses) and the East Bank, where the town and some historic sites are. Hotels in Luxor are surprisingly affordable, making this dramatic and historic city a smart choice for your next holiday. Hotels in Luxor are cheap no matter the quality—so whether you want a luxurious environment or prefer a cosier feel, you’re sure to find a place you can afford.

There are several major historic Luxor Egypt points of interest. This is because the city is right beside the Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens. Most notable is the Luxor Temple Egypt, an ancient temple complex along the Nile built in 1400 BC. Visitors to the city may also glance at a Luxor pyramid Egypt or two, getting an authentic and awe-inspiring look at Luxor Egypt history. Another one of the many Luxor Egypt attractions is the Temple of Karnak, an entire village of temples and chapels that dates to the Middle Kingdom period. To ensure you get a good look at all the major places from Luxor ancient Egypt, it’s recommended you take guided Luxor tours Egypt.

Where to Stay in Luxor

Luxor Egypt hotels are incredibly cheap, making Luxor Egypt holidays relatively affordable for most tourists. Prices for Luxor Egypt hotels aren’t too variable; the cheap hotels in Luxor Egypt might range from only €16-35. Hotels in Luxor Egypt 5 star are also incredibly affordable, ranging from €40-70 per night. And because you’ll typically find a Luxor hotel along the Nile river banks—both cheap hotels Luxor and Luxor five star hotels alike—you don’t have to pick an out-of-the-way location to save money.

One of the best cheap hotels in Luxor Egypt is Nefertiti Hotel. This quaint, cosy hotel offers a rooftop deck with beautiful views of the surrounding city as well as excellent service. It’s just a short walk from Luxor Egypt Temple, making it a convenient choice of cheap hotels Luxor. Nile Valley Hotel is another comfortable Luxor hotel and offers rooftop dining. Finally, Happy Land Hotel is a smart choice in cheap hotels Luxor with a barebones rate but attractively decorated and comfortable rooms. The Grand Hotel Luxor Egypt is yet another attractive Luxor hotel along the Nile bank.

The best hotels in Luxor are cheap compared to their counterparts in other cities, so it’s worth splurging on hotels in Luxor Egypt 5 star on your visit. Hotel Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor is absolutely beautiful, offering spacious and luxurious rooms just steps away from the Luxor Temple. Sonesta St. George Hotel Luxor is an upscale, immaculate example of luxury hotels in Luxor Egypt. It towers over the Nile and offers a pool and health club, making it a great place to relax between journeys to Luxor attractions.

Looking for some of the best hotels in Luxor Egypt in terms of style? Stay at a boutique hotel. These best hotels in Luxor offer a unique look and palatial atmosphere. Hotel Al Moudira is a stunningly beautiful accommodation found on the west bank of the Nile and provides a gorgeous environment for your holiday.

Things to Do in Luxor Egypt

An ancient city, Luxor is regarded as a living, open-air museum. There are so many significant temples to see in Luxor Ancient Egypt, including the Temple of Karnak, Amun Temple Enclosure, Medinat Habut and more. In addition to the temples, visitors to Luxor City Egypt should check out the various tombs. The Tomb of Seti is notable for controversy surrounding its missing mummy (which was found later in a hidden cache). The Tomb of Ramses is another awe-inspiring sight to see. Not had enough tombs? Explore the Tomb on the Nobles, then take a stroll through the Valley of the Kings for even more Luxor Egypt history.

Luxor Dining

In between visiting Luxor Egypt attractions, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Restaurants in Luxor are very vegetarian and vegan-friendly thanks to an abundance of produce. You’ll also find excellent Mediterranean food in addition to traditional Egyptian dining. Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant is a wonderful choice for delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dining, making it one of the most popular restaurants in Luxor Egypt. Another one of the top restaurants in Luxor Egypt is the Lantern Room, which offers traditional and authentic dining in a relaxed and classy atmosphere. Those looking for cheaper local dining will enjoy the comfort food served at Aboudi Coffee Break, which is incredibly popular with the locals.

Luxor Shopping

Shopping in Luxor City Egypt is an experience, as haggling is the name of the game. Be ready to talk down prices to find a bargain, as most of the shopping you’ll do on Luxor Egypt holidays will be at smaller markets rather than department stores. Typical Luxor souvenirs include icons and statues of Egyptian gods or traditional papyrus paintings. Savoy Market is a great place for souvenir shopping, offering dozens of shops among three floors. The area surrounding Luxor Temple Egypt features several shops as well for finding traditional handicrafts and unique goods. And while haggling can be fun, sometimes you’ll want to take a break with some shopping at fixed prices. Stop by Habiba Gallery for low-stress shopping.

Nightlife in Luxor

Nightlife in Luxor Egypt isn’t what the city’s most famous for, but there’s still a few options for what to do in Luxor Egypt after dark. Most options for nightlife in Luxor Egypt are bars or pubs, though some hotels in Luxor Egypt host live music from local bands. One of the most popular pubs for Luxor nightlife is Kings Head Pub. This pub takes inspiration from English ones, offering a change of scenery from the rest of the city. Susanna Hotel offers a rooftop bar, which is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the surrounding sights. Ramesseum Rest House is another popular place to kick back with a drink and people-watch temple visitors.