Cannes Hotels

Famous for its celebrity and film festival, Cannes is a favourite French destination for those chasing glamour.

About Cannes

Famous abroad for its Cannes Film Festival, Cannes is a city that’s attracted the ambitious and starry-eyed for ages. But the city isn’t just for celebrities or the famous in film; the city has several opportunities for fun on its shores and harbours, owing to its humble roots as a fishing village. From lounging on the beach to touring the sea on a boat, or simply strolling the quaint Old Town, Cannes is an incredibly relaxing destination for a French holiday. As might be expected from such a ritzy city, hotels in Cannes aren’t particularly cheap. But there is much variety when it comes to hotels in Cannes, which includes a variety of budgets they accommodate. Finding affordable hotels in Cannes isn’t too difficult for budget-strapped travellers, especially with Tripoki. 

Curious about what to do in Cannes? The city boasts several historic landmarks and places. Among the more infamous things to see in Cannes is Ile Ste-Marguerite, an island to which the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask—a local legend immortalized in the film by the same name—was held prisoner. Be sure to visit his cell at the fort found on the island! Le Suquet, the centre of historic Cannes, offers winding cobblestone streets that offer several Cannes points of interest, including many old churches. Another interesting pick for what to do in Cannes is to visit the monks of Ile Sant Honorat. If visiting in the morning, you may join their mass. A more adventurous example of Cannes points of interest is the Caves of Saint Cezaire, which is awesome to explore.

Where to Stay in Cannes

Where to stay in Cannes France? Cannes isn’t the cheapest city; Cannes hotels can run a bit pricey compared to other destinations. If you’re travelling to the city during its iconic International Film Festival, you can expect to pay even more on Cannes France hotels. But that’s not to say there aren’t some bargains when it comes to hotels in Cannes. Frugal travellers should be able to find cheap hotels in Cannes if they know where to look. Cheap hotels in Cannes typically cost €120 or under per night. The best hotels in Cannes France might extend beyond €250, while moderate Cannes hotels will rest somewhere within that range.

Hotels near Cannes Airport are an ideal option for some travellers, offering good deals and convenience. Hôtel Mercure Cannes Mandelieu is one of the best hotels near Cannes Airport thanks to its great amenities (a pool, a restaurant and bar, its being pet-friendly) and moderate rate. Another great choice of hotels near Cannes Airport is Hotel Restaurant Campanile Cannes. This no-frills pick is comfortable and offers excellent service for such a low, reasonable rate.

One of the best choices of Cannes hotels cheap is Hôtel L'Estérel. The hotel is smartly placed just steps away from some of the city’s biggest attractions and has a rooftop terrace that provides beautiful city views. B&B Hôtel Cannes La Bocca Plage is another excellent choice of cheap hotels in Cannes France. The bed and breakfast-style hotel has a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful service. Alternatives to Cannes hotels cheap include city hostels, providing supremely low rates for modest rooms. 

To do the glitzy city right, you may want to stay at one of the Cannes luxury hotels. One of the best hotels in Cannes France is Hotel Martinez. The Art Deco-style 5-star hotel offers beautiful suites and several sophisticated amenities, including a full-service spa, fitness centre, lounge and more. Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes is another amazing example of Cannes luxury hotels with posh rooms, excellent service and a private beach.

Things to Do in Cannes

One of the best things to do in Cannes France on a visit is to explore its historic sites. The city is home to several old churches and abbeys that are always a treat to see. Some popular ones include the Lérins Abbey at Saint-Honorat or the Church of Our Lady of Esperance. While visiting ascetic landmarks has its own charm, some will enjoy a more lavish take on city history. In this case, stop by Villa Rothschild, a beautiful estate that now serves as a library. Finally, don’t forget some of the best things to see in Cannes: the city’s museums. Musée de la Mer offers a fun exploration of local archaeology. Musée de la Castre, found in an old tower, displays fine art and artefacts from throughout the city history.

Cannes Dining

After touring all the things to do in Cannes France, you’ll need to re-energize. Thankfully, Cannes—like anywhere in France—boasts a passionate café culture, with several excellent places to enjoy a coffee or light faire. One of the more delightful city cafes is Armani Café, which offers excellent drinks and an outdoor dining spot that’s perfect for people-watching. But one can’t make the trip to Cannes without fine dining. Aux P’tits Anges is one of the city’s most decadent places to dine, offering dishes that are so beautiful they rival works of art. La Torque D’or is another fashionable restaurant offering the best of Mediterranean cuisine and shouldn’t be missed.

Cannes Shopping

Cannes is a fashionable city of celebrity and glamour. It should be no surprise, then, that the top pick for what to do in Cannes is to shop. You’ll have no trouble finding the hottest, most up-to-the-minute fashion here, though the city offers some unexpected discoveries and souvenirs as well. The main area to shop for fashion is La Croisette, which is where you’ll find the biggest designers. If you prefer souvenirs and knickknacks over fashion, rue Meynadier is the place to shop. This market street offers bargains galore, making it a great place to stock up on essentials or find artisanal goods. Those who prefer a shopping centre owe a visit to Galerie Gray d’Albion.

Nightlife in Cannes

Cannes nightlife is quite lively, living up to the city’s reputation as a place for revelling and relaxation for the young and the beautiful. From bustling clubs to quieter bars and lounges, Cannes nightlife offers several points of interest to accommodate travellers’ tastes—especially if you visit during the film festival. One of the most popular clubs in Cannes nightlife is Le For You, a trendy and glamorous spot offering amazing cocktails and eclectic DJ sets. Those looking for a quieter time out will feel more at home at Brown Sugar, a bar featuring eccentric, antique décor. If you enjoy a live performance with your drink, stop by Morrison’s Lounge for music or a comedy show.