Marseilles Hotels

One of the most prominent tourist destinations along the French Mediterranean, there are many things to do in Marseilles France.

About Marseilles

France’s largest city on the Mediterranean, Marseilles is one of the country’s finest destinations for seasoned travellers. The city is well-known for its beautiful art and architecture, the most famous of which is the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. But Versailles isn’t just about exploring the wonders of classical architecture; it’s quite a strong city for the culinary arts as well, offering several amazing places to dine.

One of the top Marseilles attractions is the Old Port of Marseille, also known as Vieux Port. This historic marina features several hotels and attractive waterfront cafes, making it an excellent spot for leisure on a lazy, sunny day. Marseilles is known for its lovely palaces and chateaus, of which there are many. But when it comes to cathedrals and basilicas, one of the most famous is the Notre-Dame de la Garde. This stunning basilica that also serves as the highest point in the city. Not only will you appreciate the beauty of the old basilica but can enjoy the sweeping views of the surrounding city as well—no wonder it’s visited more than any other Marseilles points of interest. The Calanques National Park is one of the finest natural Marseilles attractions. The gorgeous park features a coastal marine area, forested mountains and wildlife, making it an excellent place to experience the country’s wildlife. Marseilles is accommodating to travellers on any budget, whether you require cheap Marseilles hotels or some of the most luxurious options available. Hotels Marseilles don’t need to be located far from the hottest things to see in Marseilles in order to be affordable.

Where to Stay in Marseilles

Marseilles is one of the top tourist destinations in the French Mediterranean, which means the city accommodates travellers across several budget levels and their needs. One can easily find the Merseilles hotels that best suit their preferences, whether it be a fashionable boutique hotel, a luxurious hotel, a humble hostel or anything in between. The average price per night for a hotels in Marseilles France runs from €52-103. When it comes to the best hotels in Marseilles France, prices begin around €173 but can rise sharply from there.

When it comes to the top hotels in Marseilles on a budget, consider Au Vieux Panier. This attractive choice of cheap hotels in Marseilles is found conveniently within the city’s historic centre, offering a beautiful environment at a low price. Le Corbusier, named after the famed architect, is a must-visit for travellers who are also fans of art and design. One of the most beautiful Marseilles hotels, Le Corbusier has an attractively vintage look that makes it a top attraction in its own right.

As for midrange Marseilles hotels, Hotel Novotel Marseilles Vieux Port is a wonderfully upscale choice close to public transit at a relatively low rate. It’s also pet-friendly, so you can take your cat or pup with you on holiday without any fuss. ALEX Hotel Marseille is a smart but affordable boutique option, which offers a luxurious atmosphere for midrange prices. It owes much of its beauty to its relaxing courtyard.

The best hotels in Marseilles France can cost quite a bit, but the pricing is worth it for their beauty, perks and features. InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu is one of the top hotels in Marseilles. Take advantage of its amazing views of Vieux Port by sunbathing on a balcony, which many of the hotel’s rooms offer. Afterward, enjoy a relaxing session at the hotel’s very own spa. Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port is another excellent choice, this time featuring a rooftop bar for enjoying the surrounding views.

Things to Do in Marseilles

Serving as one of France’s most important commercial ports throughout its history, Marseilles is a sophisticated metropolitan hub—but it offers plenty of wonderful historic Marseilles attractions. There’s no shortage of what to do in Marseilles when it comes to exploring significant historic places. Among these are the many cathedrals, basilicas and palaces. Palais Longchamp is one of the more awe-inspiring things to do in Marseilles France, offering a beautiful palace to explore, sculptural gardens and a decorative canal. Marseilles Cathedral is another wonderful choice of Marseilles points of interest, offering not just a beautiful exterior but a lovely and lavish interior bedecked with mosaics.

Marseilles points of interest aren’t just limited to historic attractions. Fans of sport will want to stop at the Orange Vélodrome, a large stadium that features an impressive, organic-shaped roof. If you’re a fan of hiking and nature, have an adventure exploring the nearby island of Ratonneau, which is easily accessible via ferry. The island features beautiful beaches as well as forts from a bygone age. Plage de la Pointé Rouge is an excellent beach for sunbathing, water sport and other fun in the sun, and is close to seaside shopping experiences as well. But if you want a simplified, holistic view of everything the city has to offer, take a tour on Colorbüs Marseille, a bus tour that carries passengers along the city’s most famous places and best-kept secrets.

Marseilles Dining

Once your appetite has grown, it’s time to enjoy some of the best cuisine Marseilles has to offer. The city has several specialties, which include ratatouille, fish soup and sheep stew. One of the most famous restaurants in Marseilles is Chez Fonfon. Specializing in seafood, Chez Fonfon is the best place to try the city’s local fish soup, bouillabaisse. Une Table au Sud is another great place to enjoy impressive French or Mediterranean seafood and offers beautiful views of the surrounding seaside. If you’re looking for some truly diverse cuisine, try Pascal’s Kitchen. This restaurant offers a little bit of everything, from French Mediterranean classics to Asian fusion and Thai.

Marseilles Shopping

For such a bustling and gorgeous city, it might surprise you to learn that Marseilles has no definitive, central shopping hub. That said, there are still several great places to enjoy some retail therapy. Rue Paradis is one of the more popular shopping streets when it comes to fashion, offering both high street brands and some of the hottest international labels. Other great areas for fashion include rue Davso and rue Sainte. The flea market hosted at 130 chemin de la Madrague Ville is a great place to hunt for unique souvenirs. No shopping excursion in Marseilles is complete without Marseilles soap, which is among the city’s top local souvenirs and cultural exports.

Nightlife in Marseilles

Even after the sun has gone down, there is no shortage on what to do in Marseilles. From nightclubs to bars to music venues and more, Marseilles nightlife is vibrant and lively, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Place Thairs and Cours Julien are two of the most popular hubs for Marseilles nightlife, offering several clubs, bars and cafes each. If you enjoy wilder nights out, visiting Le Bazar will be one of your favourite things to do in Marseilles France. Its clientele skews younger. Live music is best enjoyed at Dock des Suds, which offers diverse musical acts from around the world. But if you simply want to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, stop by La Relève for outdoor tables and excellent drinks.