Cologne Hotels

As a historic city peppered with significant architectural sights, Cologne makes for a wonderful cultural destination.

About Cologne

Cologne is a city peppered with many beautiful historic sites and amazing architecture. A visit to the city allows one to step into medieval times. Most notable among the city’s historic sites is Cologne Cathedral. This awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral began construction back in 1248 and is the largest Gothic church in all of Northern Europe. The Roman Tower is another stunning historic attraction and is one of the oldest in Cologne, built during the second and third centuries. Once part of the city walls, it is now a lone tower that is no less impressive to view. Among the historic sites are the city’s many Romanesque churches; St. Maria Lyskirchen is one of the several found throughout the city. If you’re interested in discovering even more top historic Cologne sights, explore Old Town, the historic centre of the city. There are tons of great choices for Cologne hotels across a wide range of budgets. Those looking for hotels in Cologne can find the best deals with Tripoki, making travel for quick Cologne holidays convenient as possible. 

One of the favourite tourist attractions in Cologne is the Cologne Cable Car. This was the first to cross a European river, and has carried passengers across the Rhine in style since 1957. A ride along the cable car provides sweeping views of the surrounding city. Kölntriangle is a prominent landmark in the city. Visitors may climb to its top-floor observation deck for panorama views of the beautiful city. Finally, sightseeing tours along the Rhine are a wonderful and enchanting way to get to know the city and its history.

Where to Stay in Cologne

Cologne is a moderately priced city in terms of cost for hotels in Cologne Germany. Most hotels in Cologne Germany can cost around €84-109; 5 star hotels in Cologne Germany can cost a bit more, ranging between €143-185 at their lowest offerings. Expect proximity to attractions—hotels in Cologne centre, hotels in Cologne Germany near cathedral, hotels in Cologne Germany near train station—to cost a bit more than cheap hotels in Cologne Germany.

Wyndham Koeln is a strong contender of best cheap hotels in Cologne Germany and hotels in Cologne city centre. Its rooms are casual and perfectly tailored to families or business travelers. One of the more affordable hotels in Cologne Germany near train station, it’s a convenient place to stay and one of the best hotels in Cologne Germany. Novum Hotel Leonet Köln Altstadt is one of the cheap hotels in Cologne near cathedral—a convenient choice of hotels in Cologne centre. Aparthotel Adagio Köln City makes for an excellent midrange choice in hotels in Cologne near cathedral. But for a quaint and casual stay, try a bed and breakfast: Bermuda Triangle B&B is one of the best hotels in Cologne when it comes to friendly service and living as the locals do.

With luxury hotels in Cologne centre, book at Dorint Hotel. This luxurious say has an indoor pool and eatery inspired by New York, as well as attractive and modern rooms. Hotel im Wasserturm is an upscale hotel renovated from an old water tower. This distinct historical charm makes it one of the best hotels in Cologne, and a wonderful example of 5 star hotels in Cologne Germany.

For those in need of cheap hotels in Cologne Germany, hostels make for a the best hotels in Cologne Germany for those on a budget. There are several hostels throughout the city, some close to major attractions. Cologne Downtown Hostel is a strong choice of cheap hotels in Cologne Germany city centre. For young travelers, Pathpoint Cologne Backpacker Hostel is also in city centre, making it a convenient place to stay.

Things to Do in Cologne

Cologne is a city that’s rich in history and museums. In addition to the city’s dozen Romanesque churches, Hohenzollern is a notable landmark crossing the Rhine that was built from 1907-1911. Having survived many WWII airstrikes with little damage, the bridge served an important role for Germany throughout the war. Speaking of the war, the National Socialism Documentation Center is a major memorial site for victims of the Nazis, and aims to teach visitors of Cologne’s history during the Nazis’ time in power. St. Gereon's Church is a beautiful, must-see church unique for its ten-sided dome. For a more lighthearted educational experience, visit Museum Ludwig for its extensive collection of beautiful modern art. 

Among the city’s more fun tourist spots is Phantasialand. One of the best choices for what to do in Cologne with kids, this large amusement park thrills visitors with rides, live shows and other entertainment. Rheinpark is a popular choice for what to do in Cologne Germany on a relaxed holiday, offering 40 hectares of green space right along the Rhine. Old Market is another tourist hotspot and high-trafficked choice what to do in Cologne Germany in November an what to do in Cologne Germany in December thanks to its enchanting Christmas market. Märchenwald is another popular example of what is there to do in Cologne Germany. This cute amusement park and park is loved by families and the young at heart.

Cologne Dining

Cologne’s specialties are pub fare: halver hahn, flönz and hämmche are some of the dishes you can expect to find in the city’s many pubs and smaller restaurants. MaiBeck is a wonderful fine dining establishment for traditional German meals; its romantic atmosphere makes it ideal for dates. Daitokai is a favourite spot for upscale Japanese food and sushi. Its theatric hibachi preparation will give you a dining experience like no other! For local but cheap cuisine, stop by Lommerzheim to share a delicious meal and drink with loved ones. This neighborhood-style pub is friendly and unfussy, and is a perfect opportunity to rub elbows with city locals.

Cologne Shopping

What is there to do in Cologne Germany? Obviously, shopping! The city has many shopping districts appealing to different tastes, so there’s something for everyone. Schildergasse is the city’s primary shopping district and carries many familiar high street retailers and brands. If you’re looking for something trendier, window-shop the boutiques and fashion labels in the hip area of Ehrenstraße. The Belgian Quarter is where you will find the most unique goods the city has to offer, often handmade, making it the perfect place to grab a souvenir. A walk around this side of town is an excellent choice of what to do in Cologne at Christmas for unique gift shopping.

Nightlife in Cologne

You might think a city so refined as Cologne wouldn’t offer much in terms of nightlife—but you’d be wrong! There’s plenty freedom for what to do in Cologne at night with over 70 clubs and many more bars. There’s no shortage of what to do in Cologne at night thanks to the wealth of party spots. Zülpicher Straße and Luxemburger Straße are known as the “Party Mile,” peppered with pubs throughout. Catering to younger crowds, these bars offer drinks at great prices. The Rings are undoubtedly the city’s hotbed of late-night activity, with tons of clubs that attract locals and city cisitors. Das Ding is an excellent club for no dress code, offering a more casual and unfussy night out. Loom, meanwhile, is a premium club with a sophisticated, low-key lounge area.