Chios Hotels

With so many things to do in Chios Town, the island makes for an unforgettable holiday getaway.

About Chios

Chios is a beautiful Greek island known for its enjoyable climate and beautiful scenery. Famous for the quality of its shipping community, Chios is also known for various cultural exports, including wine, figs, olives and mastic. The island is quite large, with many historic sites and beautiful wildlife spread throughout the island; one can rent cars or even boats to make their way around the island easily. Chios Town, the biggest town on the island, attracts tourists each year visiting the island on holiday. The city has a unique mix of modern town and traditional old-world charm. Hotels in Chios are also quite affordable, and are friendly to a wide range of budgets. With an abundance of cheap hotels in Chios Town and spread throughout the island, Chios makes for an excellent destination to families, single travellers and couples looking for a romantic and affordable getaway.

Chios offers a handful of historic attractions on the island, many of which are close to Chios Town. With castles like the Castle of Chios and the Castle of Volissos, there’s no shortage of scenic walks through time on the island. Chios also boasts many baroque and antiquarian places of worship, such as the Church of Agoi Apostoloi, the Temple of Athena and Church of Panagia Krina and many monasteries. Chios town is also favoured for its beaches. Just within Chios town alone is Chios Town Beach, Agia Fotia Beach and Bella Vista Beach. These beaches are organized and offer amenities to visitors such as sunbeds and umbrellas to help them make the most of their day in the sun. Olimpi’s Cave remains another favourite way to appreciate the island’s natural beauty, offering tours deep into the island’s darkest crevices.

Where to Stay in Chios

As with most Greek destinations, hotel Chios are quite cheap and affordable. One can find an abundance of hotels in Chios town for an average rate of about €60 per night. From cheap hotels in Chios to a luxury hotel Chios or all-inclusive resort, Chios Town and the island beyond offer several options of hotel style and price range to account for travellers of all types.

Among the excellent cheap hotels in Chios is Morning Star. This comfortable hotel Chios is close to both the beach and Chios Island National Airport, making it a supremely convenient yet affordable stay on Chios holidays. The Grecian Castle Hotel Chios is lavish but laid-back, providing a romantic backdrop to relaxed holidays. It’s also found right on the beach within Chios Town. Frourio Apartments, located on the north side of town, is an excellent choice for families looking for apartment-style accommodations without spending much money. Sea Breeze Hotel Apartments & Residences is another attractive apartment-style hotel Chios, though a bit out of the way. Its price can’t be beat for its spacious suites and rooms, though, making it one of the top choices for best value.

When it comes to more luxurious options of hotel Chios, one can’t go wrong with Argentikon Luxury Suites. This beautiful estate was built in the 16th century and is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it an excellent and romantic hotel Chios for your stay. Monolia Maisonettes is another wonderful boutique hotel and overlooks the fabulous Yiannis Beach. This accommodation is in fact a collection of five individual homes, perfect for families who appreciate having a lot of space in proximity to the island attractions. Finally, Golden Sand Hotel is a beautiful hotel Chios option with great amenities and lush décor.

Hostels provide even more options for cheap Chios Town accommodation. Amalia Hostel is among the best rated hotel Chios available; its affordably low rates and proximity to city centre and attractions makes it the obvious choice for travellers on a shoestring budget.

Things to Do in Chios

One of the most rewarding things to do in Chios is pay a visit to some of the island’s most significant historic attractions. Among these is the Nea Moni of Chios, an awe-inspiring 11th-century monastery found just 15km from Chios Town. In addition to its stunning architecture, visitors appreciate the beautiful Macedonian mosaics housed inside the monastery. The Castle of Chios is another favourite historic site. This medieval citadel is dramatic in size and shape, and houses many smaller significant sites inside: St. George’s church, Turkish baths and fortifications that still stand today. Finally, the Chios Byzantine Museum provides an excellent look into the region’s history through its art and artefacts throughout the ages.

Chios Dining

Chios offers several excellent places to dine and enjoy local Mediterranean and Greek food as well as international favourites. To Tsikoudo is the perfect place to enjoy delicious seafood treats at any time of day surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere. Looking for some of the best Greek cuisine on the island? To Apomero offers a wonderful fine dining experience with excellent food and live music from local artists. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner shared between couples. Hatzas is another prime location for upscale local cuisine and has lush courtyard dining. If you’re looking to eat like the locals do, enjoy some cheap eats at To Kechrimpari. This neighbourhood-style restaurant is relaxed and unassuming, offering Greek comfort food at attractive prices.

Shopping in Chios

Looking for some retail therapy? Shopping is among the top things to do in Chios, and Chios Town is where you’ll find the best shops and markets on the island. In fact, you’d do yourself a disservice to not try the island’s famous mastic products and sweets. Pay a visit to Mastihashop to try a free sample and buy the island’s most famous export. Hondos Centre in Chios Town is a large department store where you can find high fashion and accessories. Aplotaria Street is a great place to begin a shopping stroll; this historic commercial street cuts through the centre of Chios Town and mixes shopping with historic landmarks and attractions.

Chios Nightlife

Summertime is when you’ll enjoy the best nightlife Chios Town has to offer, with a variety of clubs and bars accommodating late-night revelry. In addition to Chios Town, Karfas makes for another popular party epicentre. Metropolis Lounge Bar is one of the hottest music venues in town, offering lavish round-the-clock parties and drinks. Carpe Diem, located on the beach, is another party hotspot that offers more than just dancing: excellent dining, water sports and more are available here for fun day and night. Oz Cocktail Bar, meanwhile is a more relaxed environment for enjoying a drink and kicking back after a long day of touring the best things to do in Chios.