Kos Hotels

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About Kos

The third-largest of the Dodecanese islands in the southeast Aegean Sea, the island of Kos is among the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. In fact, it’s the second-most visited of the islands behind Rhodes. The island of Kos is unique for its natural beauty; formed from a volcanic eruption, the island has a rich and beautiful geography. The island is perhaps most famous for its gorgeous beaches, which attract tourists throughout the year. It’s also a top yachting destination. The island has a comfortable Mediterranean climate and a population of over 30,000 . As with most Greek destinations, hotels in Kos overall are very affordable. Cheap hotels in Kos are common even within the island’s most populous and touristic towns, and the best hotels in Kos are quite affordable as well. The island’s several excellent, budget-friendly resorts make cheap holidays to Kos available to travelers with a variety of budgets from around the world.

Settled in ancient times, the island of Kos features many stunning historic sites. Asclepeion is one of the most notable. The ancient healing temple paying tribute to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, was a place of gathering and treatment. The Roman Odeon of Kos, an ancient theatre built in 2 AD, is another significant social site that lies in beautiful ruin today. Of the island of Kos beaches, Mastichari is among the most popular for water sports, families and those looking to relax on a sunbed. Agios Stefanos is another popular choice of Kos beaches for families with lush vegetation, shallow waters and umbrellas. The beach also features ruins of old Christian temples. Kardamena Beach becomes quite crowded during the summer months due to its popularity. It features amenities for a comfortable afternoon in the sun like sunbeds, umbrellas, refreshments and more. Lido Water Park is another popular island attraction with concessions, water slides, a wave pool and more family-friendly features. Other famous beaches are Lambi Kos and Bubble Beach Kos, two places to enjoy Kos weather as well as Kos nightlife. Plaka Forest, finally, is an excellent example of Kos nature and wildlife with beautiful and lush picnicking spots.

Where to Stay in Kos

The island of Kos hotels are extremely affordable, with many decent Kos hotels available for about €40 per night. With high value Kos hotels close to the Kos beach, holidays to Kos are incredibly affordable to travellers of all types. With attractive Kos weather October, Kos weather September and Holiday Village Kos, holidays to Kos are enjoyable not just in the summer but in shoulder seasons as well. Look out for destinations close to Lambi Kos, Bubble Beach Kos and Kos nightlife to make the most of your stay.

When it comes to best-value Kos hotels, one of the strongest choices is Cleopatra Classic Hotel. This unfussy hotel has a bar, outdoor pool and offers free breakfast to guests, making it a laid-back and stress-free choice of Kos hotels. Astron is another beautiful sea-view hotel close to Kos beach. Offering a relaxed atmosphere, it includes excellent facilities like hot tubs, a bar and restaurant, and beautiful outdoor pool. Kos Hotel Junior Sweets offers spacious accommodation at an affordable rate, and is also located close to Kos beach. With spacious rooms and kitchenettes, this is the perfect choice for family holidays to Kos.

Those wishing to enjoy Kos weather in the lap of luxury should consider pristine all-inclusive resorts and best Kos hotels. Holiday Village Kos by Atlantica is one of the highest rated resorts on the island, combining water park fun with accommodations. In addition to water rides, the accommodation offers sports courts and a spa. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy Kos weather to the fullest, and is close to the Kos beach. Grecotel Kos Imperial Thalasso is among the poshest hotels on the island, offering a private Kos beach, multiple pools, seven restaurants and bars, and upscale rooms that you won’t want to leave. Neptune Hotel is close to Kos attractions and offers stunning sea views and apartment-style rooms, perfect for families on their holidays to Kos. With pool- and beach-side bars, it’s an excellent place to enjoy Kos weather during your stay.

Even thought Kos hotels are quite affordable, hostels in Kos provide even cheaper accommodation to travellers. Popular Kos hostels include Manine Apartments, Kos Bay Hotel and The Small Village.

Things to Do in Kos

There are many things to do in Kos, from appreciating ancient sites to water parks to enjoying the many beaches on the island. Of the many historic things to do in Kos, one of the most popular is visiting the historic sites. The Tree of Hippocrates is among the most notable; it is said that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, taught his pupils under this tree. Cuttings of it have been presented as gifts throughout the world, as have the tree’s seeds. Ancient Agora is among the more stunning ruins found on the island of Kos, with many baths, temples and houses still standing. One might wander through and appreciate the art and beauty of the space. The Roman Odeon of Kos, mentioned above, is another top historic attraction to visit.

Kos Dining

On the island of Kos, one can find delicious seafood, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Mediterraneo Restaurant is one of the most beautiful dining experiences on the island with outdoor beachside dining and delicious international seafood dishes. Broadway Restaurant is another upscale place to dine, offering a romantic atmosphere and first-rate Mediterranean cuisine. When it comes to dining like the locals do, the Watermill of Zia is an excellent choice for Greek dishes and has a colourful outdoor dining area. Taverna Romeo is great for cheap comfort food and to cure a hangover after exploring Kos nightlife. Finally, Starlight Beach Bar has a fun atmosphere on the Kos beach with a great variety of meals.

Shopping in Kos

After enjoying a day at Lambi Kos or Bubble Beach Kos, you may decide it’s time to go shopping. The Market of Kos in Eleftherias Square is a wonderfully bustling open-air market featuring a variety of goods. Here you’ll find trinkets and souvenirs, along with the odd unexpected treasure or two. You’ll notice that kiosks are spread throughout the island and its towns selling convenience goods. If you’re looking for fancier shopping, swing by the old section of Kos Town. This is where you’ll find high fashion, local handmade goods, and artistic goods such as pottery or jewellery sold by smaller, independent shops.

Kos Nightlife

Another popular choice of things to do in Kos after a day lazing in Lambi Kos, Bubble Beach Kos or other beaches is to enjoy Kos nightlife. Kos nightlife is quite active, with many crowded bars, clubs and beach parties to enjoy. If staying in Kos Town, stroll down Nafklirou Street. This street is known as the “bar street,” where you’ll find plenty of bars. When it comes to clubs in Kos nightlife, The Fashion Club is among the hottest places to kick back and party. The Heaven Club situated right within Lambi Kos is the largest club on the island, making it one of the more popular places to congregate. The Fab Club is the place to be for live music and dancing.