Lesbos Hotels

Experience the nature, history and beaches of Lesbos island by booking cheap hotels in Mytilene.

About Lesbos

One of the largest Greek islands, Lesbos is a famous and inspiring destination that served as the birthplace for many prominent thinkers and artists from antiquity, most famously the poet Sappho. With a rich and deep cultural heritage, Lesbos is unlike any other region of Greece. Its natural beauty, including its gorgeous and family-friendly beaches, attract travellers from around the world. Like most Greek island destinations, Lesbos weather is comfortably warm and mild thanks to a lovely Mediterranean climate. The island is famous for pottery and Ouzo, as well as woodcrafts. As you would expect from Greek destinations, hotels in Lesbos are widely affordable to travellers of all budgets. Cheap hotels in Lesbos are plentiful and easy to come by at any time of year. For this reason, Lesvos Island is an incredibly popular destination for tourists at any season of the year.

Of the several historic sites and attractions in Lesbos, the Castle of Mytilene is among the most famous. One of the largest castles in the Mediterranean, it remains in excellent condition despite having been built back in the 6th century. The nearby Ancient Theatre of Mytilene is another significant historic attraction that nods to Greece’s ancient contributions to the history of western theatre. The theatre ruins contain figures and architecture dating to the Hellenistic period. These historic attractions are only part of why so many flock to Lesbos every year. The island’s beaches are another huge draw to tourists. Petra Beach is one of the most popular, offering a great deal of amenities: changing rooms, showers, sun beds, umbrellas and proximity to restaurants. Molyvos is a popular pebble beach in Lesbos, and becomes quite crowded in the summer. Its waters are clear and pristine. Shala Kalonis has very shallow water, making it a great place to take children on a Lesbos holiday.

Where to Stay in Lesbos

When searching for a hotel Lesbos, you may be surprised to find how affordable most of them are. Decent hotels are generally offered at a range of €33-60, including hotels in Mytilene. Affordable hotel Lesbos are available throughout Lesvos Island. Paired with beautiful Lesbos weather, Lesvos Island is the perfect destination for an affordable family holiday.

Of the more affordable hotel Lesbos, Pyrgos is an attractive and quaint hotel that almost evokes a bed and breakfast experience. With twelve attractive and comfortable rooms in an old, French-inspired home, it makes for a relaxed place to stay and enjoy Lesbos weather. Mytilana Village is another of the favoured cheap hotels in Mytilene. Located right on the coast, this hotel Lesbos is a great spot for enjoying Lesbos weather or basking on the Lesvos Island beach. Loriet Hotel provides a truly romantic environment and choice of hotels in Mytilene that matches the surrounding Lesvos Island nature. With modern suites and handsome amenities, you can’t go wrong with this hotel Lesbos.

When it comes to a more luxurious stay, consider a boutique hotel Lesbos. These hotels offer the most stylish rooms and amenities on Lesvos Island. Ann George Resort offers lavish apartment-styled rooms that overlook the surrounding mountains and resort garden. It has a pool for taking a refreshing dip between visits to the beach and other attractions. Elysion Hotel is a classy choice of hotel Lesbos with chic décor and a fancy cocktail bar. It’s located right along the beach and is quite close to Mytilene International Airport. Theofilos Paradise Boutique Hotel is by far the most luxurious of hotels in Mytilene with elegant and posh décor. With a rooftop pool, there’s no better way to take in your surroundings on Lesvos Island.

Lesbos hostels let you find even more affordable accommodation on the island, putting holidays in Lesbos within reach for anyone. Panselinos Hotel & Apartments offers room for hostel prices without sacrificing great amenities like a pool. Gera's Olive Grove-Elaionas tis Geras offers high-quality rooms amidst a scenic backdrop of olive groves, providing a romantic escape from the bustle of Lesvos Island.

Things to Do in Lesbos

Of the many things to do in Lesbos, among the most significant is exploring the many historic places, museums and landmarks on the island. The Petrified Forest of Lesbos is a stunning natural attraction built from fossilized trunks of trees and other plants found across the island. The strange and alien landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Statue of Liberty, erected in the Mytilene Harbour, is another significant landmark visited by travellers. The bronze statue was dedicated to Mytilene in 1930. The Castle of Mytilene is significant for its size and age, providing an unfiltered view at ancient architecture, politics and daily life thanks to the quality of its preservation. It’s a wonderful outdoor activity to appreciate Lesbos weather.

Lesbos Dining

Lesvos Island offers a variety of wonderful places to dine close to hotel Lesbos. Among these stunning eateries is Tropicana, a gorgeous restaurant with lush courtyard dining and excellent Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. For pizza and seafood in an upscale environment, dine on the terrace at Meltemi Restaurant Pizzeria. Set amidst a beautiful sea view, this romantic and family-run restaurant is a treat for any Lesbos holiday. Thalassa Restaurant is another romantic spot for fine dining featuring some of the best Mediterranean seafood and service you’ll find on the island. For cheap local eats, try Kantina Snack Bar for unfussy international foods in a colourful and homey dining room.

Lesbos Shopping

Shopping is one of the most rewarding things to do in Lesbos, an island well-known for its cultural exports like Ouzo wine, jewellery, pottery and more. Visit Molivos to explore bustling street markets offering unique goods during good Lesbos weather. The area also includes independent shops with eclectic wares; keep your eyes peeled for treasures at a good price. Thalassaaki, located on the waterfront, offers handmade pottery and jewellery at stunning quality. Fancy more accessories? Stop by Mythos Gallery for unique handicrafts and jewellery. Mitillini is the place to be for both unique antiques and world-class shopping. Locals from all over the island flock to Mitillini to buy from the wide range of goods available in the city.

Nightlife in Lesbos

Another of the most exciting things to do in Lesbos is experiencing the island nightlife. Spread across the island are plenty of tavernas, bars and clubs to make the most of a night out. Parasol Beach Bar is a romantic spot right on the beach, and the perfect place to enjoy a sunset with a drink. Mousiko Kafeneio Art Cafe Bar is the primary spot for enjoying live musical acts including indie music, jazz and even electronic music. The bar has an eclectic retro atmosphere, making it a fun and laid-back place to kick back. Fancy a clubbing atmosphere? Stop by Monkey Bar for epic parties, huge crowds and awesome DJ sets.