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Rhodes Hotels

Book cheap holidays to Rhodes and experience the best Rhodes attractions.

About Rhodes

The most popular of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes has fascinated visitors with its unique mix of well preserved medieval town, significant archaeological sites of antiquity, beautiful beaches and stunning year-round weather. Rhodes is home to many amazing ruins and historic landmarks, and was most notably the former site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Rhodes has typical Mediterranean weather with frequent sunny skies and mild to warm weather. There are 16 settlements spread across the island, most notably Rhodes Town, the capital of the island. Hotels in Rhodes are varied: here you’ll find cheap hotels in Rhodes, luxury resorts, hostels and everything in between. The variety of hotels in Rhodes makes it easy to find the perfect place for any budget.

Among some of Rhodes’ most significant historic places is the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. One of the biggest Rhodes attractions, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes (also known as Kastello) is a large medieval castle built in the late 7th century. The Acropolis of Rhodes is another impressive sight, comprising several significant monuments and landmarks including the Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus, the Temple of Pythian Apollo and many more. Rhodes is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, another draw to the island for travellers. Rhodes Town has one of the best beaches of the north edge of the island. Ixia and Ialysos to the western edge of the island is popular to fans of water sports and kite flyers. Other top Rhodes attractions include the Valley of the Butterflies, a stunning nature walk where butterflies congregate—and may even land on you!

Where to Stay in Rhodes

Despite being the most popular tourist destination in the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes accommodates travellers across all budgets with a wide range of hotels in Rhodes. Whether staying in Rhodes Town close to major Rhodes attractions or staying in a smaller settlement, you can find Rhodes hotels in across a variety of price points, accommodating cheap holidays to Rhodes. Expect cheap hotels in Rhodes Town, luxury seaside resorts and even hostels in Rhodes centre. Midrange and cheap Rhodes hotels can cost anywhere from €30-100 per night. Luxury Rhodes hotels may start around €200.

There are a staggering number of cheap hotels in Rhodes Town, located right by the beach. This means even cheap holidays to Rhodes can include proximity to some of the best family-friendly beaches on the island. Among these cheap Rhodes hotels is Hotel Island Boutique, an affordable boutique-style Rhodes hotel with beautiful rooms located on the norther tip of the island. Manousos City Hotel located in Rhodes centre city is chic and modern, offering balconies with sweeping views of the island and surrounding sea.

For maximum comfort on holidays in Rhodes, consider staying at one of the luxury 5 star Rhodes hotels. Among the best hotels in Rhodes is Rodos Park Suites & Spa. This posh and elegant hotel only features suites and is surrounded by a gorgeous garden. Villa Di Mare is a smart choice of Rhodes hotels on the beach. Another all-suite hotel, Villa Di Mare has a terraced restaurant and outdoor pool to make the most of holidays in Rhodes. Atrium Platinum Resort Hotel & Spa is another choice of best hotels in Rhodes Town with a poolside bar, upscale rooms and hammam.

You can find further savings in Rhodes centre or on the island by booking hostels in Rhodes. Stay Hostel is a popular choice of hostels in Rhodes centre, located right in the heart of the town. Offering funky common areas and attractive rooms, it’s perfect for the budget-strapped traveller. Hotel Parthenon City is another favourite hostel, just steps away from the medieval city.

Things to Do in Rhodes

One of the biggest draws to Rhodes Town and the island are the many surrounding historic places, museums and Rhodes attractions. The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, housed in an old building constructed in 1440. The museum has an extensive collection of artefacts from both Rhodes and other islands, providing context to the myriad of ruins and archaeological sites. The Ancient Kamiros ruins offer a stunning view of ancient life, with many complete homes and structures still standing from the ancient city. Walking through the ruins is like stepping back in time. The Modern Greek Art Museum is another favourite of the historic Rhodes attractions, offering a collection of 20th century art across different forms of media.

Perhaps the most popular things to do in Rhodes are at the island’s many beaches. Faliraki Bay is one of the busiest areas of the island with many Rhodes attractions spread across its three beaches. Most notable is the Water Park and proximity to nearby hotels, making Faliraki Bay incredibly family-friendly. Anthony Quinn is a romantic and popular beach, and is named after an actor who particularly loved the area. This rocky beach is often crowded, but has beautiful, pristine water and a dramatic landscape. Tsampika to Prasonisi Tsampika offers shallow waters, grainy sand and beach essentials like umbrellas, chaise lounges and more. These are just a few of the best beaches and things to do in Rhode Island—there are several more worth visiting.

Rhodes Dining

Holidays in Rhodes aren’t complete without trying some of the best cuisine the island has to offer. Melenos Roof Top Dining is an amazing and romantic culinary experience with delicious Mediterranean seafood against a stunning panorama backdrop of the sea. Ambrosia Restaurant is another formal—yet family friendly—setting for a lovely meal of local cuisine. Tired of Greek food? Stop by El Toro Steak House for great BBQ and a relaxed atmosphere. As fa as cheap eats go, The Hidden Garden is an attractive and lush eatery offering great food at an affordable price. Taverna Restaurant Platanos in Rhodes centre is a solid choice for cheap vegetarian-friendly eats.

Rhodes Shopping

Shopping is one of the most popular things to do in Rhodes Island on holidays in Rhodes centre. In Rhodes Town, there are two main shopping markets: the Folklore Market and New Market. The former is where you’ll find an eclectic mix of unique goods, while the latter offers familiar and favourite brands. The best areas for shopping are in Old Town near Ippokratous Square or on Aristotelous Street. Here you’ll find several boutique and trendy shops, unique souvenirs and gorgeous jewellery. Many of these shops are open late into the night, so you can enjoy shopping at any time after having your way at the Rhodes attractions.

Nightlife in Rhodes

Being such a popular tourist destination, it should be no surprise that one of the biggest Rhodes attractions is its active nightlife. Rhodes nightlife is mostly characterized by disco-bars and clubs. In fact, Rhodes has its own waterfront “Bar Street” where you’ll find many of the city’s hottest clubs. Paradiso Beach Club is undoubtedly the island’s most famous club. With beach parties and international DJ’s, the party never stops at Paradiso! Svedco Café is a favourite among locals and provides a much more relaxed atmosphere. For a small, low-key environment to lounge about and sip on a cocktail, pay a visit to Soho Club.