Santorini Hotels

From beaches to history to shopping, Santorini points of interest have it all.

About Santorini

Santorini, also known as Thira, is among the Cyclades islands off the Greek coast in the Aegean Sea. The result of a volcanic eruption, the island’s geography is that of a massive and dramatically shaped caldera. This presents the island with several lookout points and plenty of beautiful, sweeping views of the surrounding area. The warm, comfortable climate is enjoyed by a handful of towns that call the island home; Thira is the most popular of the Santorini towns, followed by Oia, which is known for its beautiful sunset overlooks. Santorini is also home to many gorgeous beaches. The nearest airport to the city is Santorini Airport. In addition to the many amazing beaches and historic sights that reach back thousands of years, Santorini hotels are available across all budgets, making it the perfect island destination. Cheap Santorini hotels are easy to come by, and luxury Santorini resorts are available to those willing to spend more for a luxe experience.

Santorini features many historic places to delight visitors. Most notable among these is Akrotiri, the ruins of a prehistoric village destroyed by the volcanic eruption of 1627 BC. Despite being covered in volcanic ash, the settlement features many beautiful works of art to view. It also has ties to legend: it is said that the city inspired Plato’s Atlantis. The village of Imerovigli is another significant historic area. In addition to several old churches, the village also features the ruins of a Venetian castle built in 1207. In addition to the historic sights, the many beaches of Santorini attract visitors in the warmer months. Most notable are Perissa and Kamari, a beach of black pebbles.

Where to Stay in Santorini

Santorini caters to almost any budget when it comes to cost of Santorini hotels. Santorini Greece hotels, like those of many Greek cities, are often quite cheap and budget-friendly—but some of the best places to stay in Santorini can jump very high in cost. The good news is that most hotels offer competitive rates; expect to find many decent Santorini resorts starting at just €20-32 per night. Luxury Santorini resorts may rise quite high, costing anywhere between €120-320 per night.

Villa Soula is among the best Santorini Greece hotels in terms of value. It’s a steal at a low rate, offering beautiful and modern rooms, an indoor pool, terrace and garden. Complimenting the natural beauty of the island, it’s a solid choice of cheap Santorini hotels. Tataki Hotel is another great laid-back choice of where to stay in Santorini close to the coast. Casual and unfussy, the hotel is easy on the eyes with terraced views of the Aegean Sea. Mirabo Villas is an excellent midrange option of Santorini resorts, offering beautiful views and spacious rooms—one of the best places to stay in Santorini for families.

Aqua Luxury Suites is among the best hotels Santorini. A luxe choice of Santorini resorts, it’s among the best Santorini Greece hotels in terms of comfort and aesthetic. Its rooms are varied, clean and offer beautiful views of the sea. Honeymoon Petra Villa is an upscale choice of Santorini resorts with a full hammam and infinity pool. It’s among the Santorini Greece hotels carved into the caldera itself, presenting scenic views like no other. Alexander’s Boutique Hotel is another fine choice of hotels Santorini with close proximity to major sights (and the airport) and chic, antique décor.

To save even more on Santorini hotels, try a hostel for a unique travelling experience. Caveland is among the favourite hostels and best hotels Santorini of budget-strapped passengers. Built into an 18th century winery, it provides a wonderful backdrop at a fraction of the rate you’d spend elsewhere. Stelios Place is another solid choice of where to stay in Santorini on a budget, located just on Perissa Beach.

Things to Do in Santorini

Among the many Santorini points of interest are the island’s many historic ruins and museums. These historic sights date back thousands of years into prehistoric time, making them incredibly significant for viewing. In addition to Akrotiri and Imerovigli, Ancient Thera is another ruined city destroyed by a volcanic eruption in ear 726. Outside of historic places, the island presents many museums to add context to its history. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is an excellent place to learn about island life in times before volcanic eruptions, and what the ancient settlements were like before their destruction. Megaro Gizi is another wonderful museum dedicated to island history, with an extensive collection of photos and artefacts related to it.

There are many things to do in Santorini Greece from late spring through winter thanks to frequent cultural events and festivals. Easter is one of the most solemn but festive times of year, heralding in the spring with candlelit streets and an atmosphere like no other. There are many feasts, festivals and Santorini points of interest throughout July across the various villages; for example, the feast of Agioi Anargyroi in Megalochori, the feast of Profitis Ilias in Fira, Agios Panteleimon in Vourvoulos and more. These various feast days carry over into the fall. The Megaron Gyzi Festival in August is an excellent time to visit with frequent musical concerts and art exhibits. The Ifestia Festival, also in August, pays tribute to the island volcano with fireworks shows and dance performances.

Santorini Dining

Situated on an island in the Aegean Sea, you can bet that you’ll find some of the best Mediterranean and Greek seafood on Santorini. When it comes to great local eats, you can’t go wrong with Pito Gyros. This vegetarian-friendly eatery is famous for (you guessed it) its gyros, a favourite Greek dish. With affordable prices, it’s a great place to eat for a family. La Maison provides a truly sophisticated fine dining atmosphere for local cuisine with a terraced dining space overlooking the sea. It’s a very romantic spot for enjoying a meal. Laokasti Restaurant is a great moderately priced establishment, especially for seafood, and excels in Greek cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients.

Santorini Shopping

With so many small villages that each have their own character, shopping is among one of the most fun and unique things to do in Santorini Greece. Each town excels in its own way with Santorini points of interest appealing to different tastes. For example, those looking for a wide selection of goods for general shopping will want to pay a visit to Fira. Santorini is particularly famous for its jewellery and accessories, and this is again where Fira excels. Shopping for unique souvenirs is best done in Oia, which has many independent shops dedicated to unique and handmade goods. You’ll also find art galleries here and sculpture made from various materials.

Nightlife in Santorini

The island has a bustling Santorini nightlife, particularly surrounding the beaches and other tourist hotspots. For beachgoing Santorini nightlife, hang out around Perissa Beach after dark. The nearby Tranquilo Beach Bar is one of the main party spots in Santorini nightlife with excellent cocktails, a relaxed atmosphere and good food. JOJO is a club that has pool parties, huge crowds and hot DJ sets for partying at all hours of the night—one of the hottest venues for Santorini nightlife. For swankier Santorini nightlife, check out Night Flight. This posh cocktail lounge is close to the airport and features an open-air roof to watch as the planes fly by. It has a relaxed and upscale atmosphere, providing an antidote for the more active sections of Santorini nightlife.