Reykjavik Hotels

Whether you visit for the Aurora Borealis or natural geothermal springs, there are many things to do in Iceland Reykjavik.

About Reykjavik

Found on the coast of Iceland, Reykjavik is a truly beautiful city unlike any other. With crystal coastal waters, rolling hills and volcanic activity, the city offers a variety of stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring natural features. Reykjavik’s sky is no different: the northernmost capital of any sovereign state, Reykjavik’s key attraction is the Aurora Borealis, a beautiful natural lightshow. The Golden Circle—a tourist route that encircles geothermal waterfalls and geysers—is another popular attraction for visitors, and is free to explore at any time of day. The city’s most famous attraction, perhaps, is the soothing Blue Lagoon, a natural, geothermal spa that attracts more than 700,000 visitors every year—double Iceland’s population! Reykjavik has the reputation of being an expensive city, though travellers need not worry about having difficulty finding hotels in Reykjavik within their budget. Whether looking for a Reykjavik hotel at the airport, in the downtown area or along the coast, there’s always a deal somewhere.

In addition to the free things to do in Reykjavik discussed above, the city offers several great attractions within the city itself. Hallgrimskirkja Church is an astounding work of architecture that towers over the city. As the nation’s largest church, it provides excellent views of the city. Many tourists snap photos of the building, which took over 50 years to complete. A visit to Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre is another of the best things to do in Reykjavik. This iconic conference centre is host to many shows and events, and is located right along the Sculpture and Shore Walk, perfect for artsy tourists who want a taste of Icelandic culture.

Where to Stay in Reykjavik

Reykjavik can typically be more expensive than many other tourist destinations, and for good reason—with so many cultural attractions and natural beauty (including geothermal spas), a visit to the city is a truly luxurious experience. The frugal traveller may find cheap hotels in Reykjavik should they know where to look. Midrange hotels Reykjavik Iceland often run from €65-180. Cheap hotels in Reykjavik are available around €50, and luxury hotels Reykjavik might range from €200-430.

One of the better choices of cheap hotels in Reykjavik is the 4th Floor Hotel. This casual, laidback choice of hotels in Reykjavik downtown offers comfortable rooms, free breakfast to guests and a relaxed café. Oddsson Ho(s)tel is an affordable alternative to hotels Reykjavik Iceland, providing stylish rooms and décor to younger, budget-strapped visitors. Gestinn Guesthouse, meanwhile, provides a bed and breakfast-style accommodation with friendly service and clean, comfortable rooms. Airport Hotel Aurora Star is among the best affordable hotels near Reykjavik Airport.

Hotel Jazz is another comfortable choice of hotels near Reykjavik Airport. When it comes to luxury hotels Reykjavik, none beat Ambassade Apartments. This upscale apartment-style accommodation is one of the best hotels in Reykjavik downtown, and offers coastal views, kitchenettes and enough space for travelling families. Hotel Borg is another smart choice of luxury hotels Reykjavik and hotels in Reykjavik downtown. Northern Light Inn makes for another strong choice of hotels Reykjavik Iceland, offering sophisticated rooms for the business-savvy traveller.

Sometimes the best hotels in Reykjavik are boutique; boutique hotels Reykjavik provide trendy aesthetics that match their guests’ tastes and travel preferences, providing excellent service along the way. 101 Hotel offers an eclectic mix of antique and modern furnishings to beautiful effect, and frequently rotates artist exhibits in its common spaces. Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel offers light but warm interiors with designer furnishings made from natural materials, making it the best of boutique hotels Reykjavik for eco-friendly tourists.

Things to Do in Reykjavik

In addition to Hallgrimskirkja and the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre mentioned above, Reykjavik offers several historic attractions, places and points of interest. There’s no shortage of free things to do in Reykjavik; one of the better free things to do in Reykjavik is appreciate the local monuments and historic art, like the Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture. The Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture, taking the look of a Viking ship, symbolizes the pursuit of undiscovered territory. The Volcano House is a popular museum attraction and among the top things to do in Reykjavik for families and children, teaching visitors about the active volcanos in the area.

Reykjavik Dining

Reykjavik dining offers a feast for the senses with delicious meals and beautifully plated cuisine. If you want an off-the-wall dining experience, check out Fiskmarkadurinn. This excellent seafood venue mixes European, Scandinavian and Japanese styles of cuisine into a unique fusion. Sjavargrillid Seafood Grill is a wonderful choice whether you prefer seafood or steak, offering a wonderful night out to guests with a laidback, sophisticated atmosphere. Those appreciating Indian cuisine will need to pay Austur-Indiafjelagid a visit. If you prefer a cheap, casual spot to eat, try Svarta Kaffid for amazing soup and excellent, fresh-baked bread. Hamborgarabulla Tomasar is a prime lunch spot for quick-service dining and is favoured by locals.

Reykjavik Shopping

Shopping is one of the greatest things to do in Iceland Reykjavik. If you’re itching to shop, start at Laugavegur, arguably the city’s greatest shopping street. Stop at Kiosk on Laugavegur for some of Iceland’s hottest fashions. Spúútnik is an excellent choice for vintage and second-hand goods. Kolaportið Flea Market, open on weekends, is an iconic shopping spot and a strong place for souvenirs and bargains. There’s even a food market so you can grab a quick bite between shopping. Providing indoor browsing and warm meals, this market is among the top things to do in Reykjavik in winter. Looking for jewellery and accessories? Stop by Orrifinn for handmade accessories evoking Icelandic culture and history—the perfect souvenir or gift.

Nightlife in Reykjavik

There are so many things to do in Reykjavik at night, whether you prefer hanging out in bars, dancing all night, or kicking back at a relaxed show. A staple of Reykjavik nightlife is a visit to the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall, host to many nightly shows and events. Kaffibarinn is a somewhat busy bar and music venue, providing a great place to chat or dance while appreciating the local music scene. Underground music is best enjoyed at Paloma, one of the city’s hottest clubs and party spots. Those looking for a pub crawl should check out the city fishpacking district for several excellent pubs and bars. These are just a few of the best things to do in Reykjavik at night; the city never sleeps!