Galway Hotels

Home to several events and rustic charm, Galway is one of Ireland’s most attractive holiday destinations.

About Galway

Located on Ireland’s west coast, Galway has always been an important port city and harbour for the country. Settled in the 12th century with the construction of the Fort at the Mouth of the Gaillimh, Galway owes its importance to its strategic military position. The Irish city has since flourished as a hub for trade, and its prosperity has made it one of the finest Irish destinations to visit. Galway offers several agricultural fairs throughout the year, a beautiful climate and easy-going atmosphere—with so many things to do in Galway Ireland, it’s the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a holiday. Galway is a moderately priced destination; it has an even spread of pricey as well as cheap Galway hotels. Discerning travellers should be able to find cheap hotels that fit within their needs, though accommodations surrounding the hottest Galway attractions may be more expensive.

Not sure what to do in Galway Ireland? Take a tour of the several amazing Galway attractions, many of which reach back into the city’s history. One of the most impressive Galway attractions is Lynch’s Castle, which is over 500 years old. Found close to the banks of the River Corib, visiting Lynch’s Castle is one of the most beautiful picks for what to do in Galway Ireland. The Spanish Arch is another one of the must-see Galway Attractions, as it’s one of the few remaining Medieval fortifications that’s still in-tact in the city. But there are more things to do in Galway Ireland than visit old, historic attractions. Galway Atlantaquaria is among the city’s most-visited places, where tourists and locals can observe sealife.

Where to Stay in Galway

Galway hotels are diverse and accommodate several different travellers’ tastes. Whether you’re looking for cheap hotels in Galway Ireland or require only the best Galway hotels, finding the best place to stay should be easy. Most hotels Galway Ireland range from about €86-130 per night. You’ll occasionally find cheap hotels in Galway Ireland that run for less than this without sacrificing quality. Of course, top Galway hotels will extend beyond this price point—sometimes costing upwards of €260 per night.

Among one of the best cheap hotels in Galway Ireland is the Coach House Hotel. The quaint, no-frills choice in Galway hotels offers nice rooms, a great restaurant and relaxed bar. While it’s a bit out-of-the-way, its excellent price and charming design make it popular with couples. Breanloughaun Briar Hill is another excellent choice of affordable hotels Galway Ireland. A bit plain on the outside, this simple choice of Galway hotels offers everything travellers need for a comfortable stay. Hostels make for alternatives to hotels in Galway Ireland that offer great locations with cheap rates. One of the most popular Galway hostels is Kinlay Hostel.

An excellent choice of midrange hotels Galway Ireland is Clayton Hotel Galway. A great pick of Galway hotels for families, the Clayton offers a pool, casual and upscale dining as well as comfortable, refined rooms. Westwood House is one of the better midrange hotels in Galway with polished rooms and refined dining—an atmosphere that you would expect from a posh hotel but at a fraction of the going rate.

Discerning travellers will require only the best Galway hotels available. One of the finest five-star accommodations is the G Hotel and Spa. Offering luxe décor, a full-service spa and beautiful lounge bar, the G Hotel provides unparalleled service and an excellent atmosphere for any holiday. Ardawn House is another 5-star hotel that offers a more casual atmosphere and traditional charm.

Things to Do in Galway

There are many things to do in Galway Ireland related to the city’s long history. Many of these things to do in Galway are old religious sites. One of the most significant historic Galway sites is the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas. The beautiful cathedral is known for its large green dome and Renaissance-style architecture. Eyre Square is a beautiful public space featuring historic attractions, beautiful parks and public art. Galway City Museum is a wonderful place to visit for travellers who want to learn more about the city and its unique history. The museum offers both permanent and rotating exhibits and a collection of over a thousand artefacts.

There’s never a shortage on things to do in Galway when visiting during one of the city’s many events and festivals. The city’s newest annual event is the Slieve Aughty Summer Festival. Focused on families, this festival offers plenty of outdoor fun for children with an appreciation for nature. Heritage Week is another great time to visit Galway. The week-long event asks locals to reflect on Irish culture and stewardship, making it a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the city and its people. The Medieval Festival is another fun event that adults and children both will enjoy. Happening in late summer, visitors can take delight in learning about the city’s rich history in a hands-on way.

Galway Dining

When visiting Galway, one must tr the city’s cuisine. Galway is a wonderful foodie city for trying traditional Irish dishes. Smoked salmon is one of the cultures finest traditional dishes. Potatoes, of course, are a staple of Irish cuisine—try boxty when you’re in the city, which is a type of potato pancake, or champ, a mashed potato dish with scallions. One of the city’s most beautiful upscale restaurants is White Gables Restaurant. Offering traditional Irish cuisine and seafood, there are few better places to enjoy local dining than here. Loam is another wonderful choice, offering beautifully plated meals that look like works of art. If you prefer more moderately priced meals, try the Charcoal Grill, a local favourite.

Galway Shopping

Galway also makes for an excellent shopping destination. From high-street brands to more specialized, independent boutiques, the city accommodates many diverse tastes through its selection of shops and shopping areas. You’ll find most specialized or tourist-focused stores in Galway city centre. Its primary shopping areas are the Latin Quarter and West End. Those looking for a traditional shopping experience will want to visit the outdoor market located just outside of St. Nicholas’ Church. Do you prefer indoor shopping at a modern shopping centre? You’ll find all your favourite high-street brands at Galway Shopping Centre. Some top Galway souvenirs include scented candles in fun shapes as well as handmade pottery.

Nightlife in Galway

There are still many things to do in Galway after dark. Galway nightlife is quite vibrant, offering nightclubs, bars, excellent music venues and more. No matter what kind of vibe you’re going for, Galway nightlife has got you covered. One of the best places to catch a live music show in Galway nightlife is Monroe’s Tavern. Specializing in traditional Irish music, it makes for a fun and festive night-time environment. The Quays is the city’s top spot for nightlife, and for good measure: it’s accommodated late-night revellers for hundreds of years. When it comes to nightclubs, Halo is arguably the best. The relatively new nightclub has four different bars spread across two floors, as well as a private courtyard for when you need some fresh air.