Milan Hotels

Regarded as the fashion capital of the world, Milan offers several cultural attractions and things to do.

About Milan

A truly cosmopolitan city, Milan is Italy’s second-most populous after Rome, and is the fourth-populous city in the European Union. The largest metropolitan area in the nation, Milan is regarded as one of the leading global cities with valuable contribution to the arts, education, design and fashion (earning it the title of “fashion capital of the world”). With a history that dates to before Roman times, Milan remains a powerful global contender today, and is a favourite travel destination for tourists from all over the world. Milan hotels can be quite pricey, but those who know where to look can easily find cheap Milan hotels within their budget.

Milan offers an abundance of amazing historical sights and attractions. Porta Sempione, a historic city gate, is one of the more awe-inspiring attractions found within the historic city centre. It features a beautiful 19th century archway. The adjacent Parco Sempione, which offers greenspace as well as an aquarium, is another lovely historic place to visit. Sforza Castle in centre city, built in the 15th century, is a beautiful fortress housing a museum with works by renowned Renaissance artists. For a more unique historic attraction, explore the Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. One of the largest cemeteries in the city, it’s known for its beautiful monuments and tombs.

One of the city’s most unique attractions is the Vertical Forest. This pair of residential buildings is covered in trees that reduce city smog. The towers serve as quirky examples of the city’s contribution to design and sustainability. Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, a historic city park filled with many beautiful buildings (including a planetarium and the Natural History Museum) is a must-see attraction on your stay in the city.

Where to Stay in Milan

Known primarily as a business city, Milan hotels can be quite expensive compared to other cities. Of course, the cost of hotels in Milan Italy will depend in large part on where you stay and when. Most hotels in Milan city centre, for example, will be cheaper than those you find further from the major attractions. Cheap hotels in Milan Italy can cost from €35-80; midrange hotels Milan Italy can similarly range from €40-100. The best hotels in Milan Italy will typically begin from €120-360.

One of the more attractive, cheap hotels in Milan Italy is Hotel Rossovino Milano. It’s close to attractions as well as the Milan Linate Airport, offering low-key but lovely rooms with garden views—all at an affordable nightly rate. Oasi Village Hotel Resort is a surprisingly fashionable choice of budget Milan hotels, offering cute rooms in an early-20th century building just steps away from the nearest metro station. Leonardo Hotel Milan City Center is an excellent example of midrange hotels Milan Italy found right by the hottest city centre attractions. In addition to its attractive rooms, it offers a terraced restaurant.

Those looking for maximum comfort and pampering will want to stay at some of the best Milan hotels. Seven Stars Galleria is among the top hotels Milan Italy, featuring luxurious rooms and butler service to guests—an experience befitting royalty! Duetorrihotels Spa is perfect for those who are looking for some rest and relaxation close to the most active part of the city.

Château Monfort is one of the best posh, boutique hotels in Milan Italy. Its rooms are inspired by works of art, expertly engaging with the culture of the city. Hotel Milano Scala is a green boutique hotel, priding itself on having zero carbon emissions. Located near city centre, it’s a convenient option of Milan hotels for travellers who aim to protect the environment whenever possible.

Things to Do in Milan

Those looking for the most stunning historical Milan points of interest must visit the Milan Cathedral. This gorgeous Gothic cathedral is the largest in Italy and the third-largest in the world. Built over the span of six centuries, the interior and exterior of the cathedral features several architectural styles. Can you spot them all? Sforza Castle, mentioned above, is another top choice of historic things to do in Milan. The castle houses many museums, including art museums, The Museum of Musical Instruments, The Egyptian Museum and more. Finally, the Royal Palace of Milan, close to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, is another great sight to see. This beautiful neoclassical building houses a museum and cultural centre, providing an easy way for tourists to learn about the city and its history.

Some of the primary Milan points of interest are the various events held there throughout the year. There’s no shortage of things to do in Milan, so plan accordingly if there is an event or festival you would like to participate in. Arguably the most famous of Milan points of interest is Milan Fashion Week, in which the best of the best meet twice a year to show off their latest collections. The Milan Furniture Fair in spring is another top industry event loved by design enthusiasts. Thrill seekers will want to visit during the Grand Prix of Italy, which features a Formula 1 race. Staying in the summer and love music? Don’t miss the I-Days Milano festival, featuring top musical acts from around the world.

Dining in Milan

As you might expect from a global destination like Milan, the city boasts several amazing places to dine. One of the finest dining establishments available in the city is Contraste. This classy Mediterranean-Italian fusion restaurant offers seven courses of exquisitely designed dishes. Also recommended is Seta, offering Michelin-Star dining and fresh, amazing seafood in a relaxed atmosphere. VUN Andrea Aprea is a truly sophisticated option for European dining, offering themed meals. Tired of Italian fare? Stop at MooKuzai for delicious but moderately priced sushi and Japanese food. Burger Bar is another budget-friendly place to dine; despite its focus on burgers, it’s vegetarian friendly.

Shopping in Milan

If you’ve run out of things to do in Milan, there’s always shopping! As the fashion capital of the world, Milan offers several opportunities to shop for haute couture, high-end luxuries or unique souvenirs. Start your shopping journey at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest active mall and one of the most famous Milan points of interest. Standing four storeys tall, the galleria hosts several high-end shops, cafes and hotels. Another famous shopping area is Quadrilatero d’Oro. This area features the best names in fashion, including Armani, Prada, Versace and more. Looking for boutique shopping? Stroll through the Brera district for some of the city’s best independent shops. In addition to brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll find open-air markets as well. There’s no better place to find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts!

Milan Nightlife

Milan nightlife is one of the city’s biggest claims to fame. After spending a day appreciating art or historic attractions, it’s time to kick back and let loose! Whether you prefer dancing all night or cradling a drink at a relaxed lounge, there’s something for everyone in Milan nightlife. One of the best places to go on weekends if you want to party is Rolling Stone. Easily one of the most famous clubs in the city, they hose many concerts across three floors. Just Cavalli Hollywood is a stylish party environment, often hosting A-list stars and fashionable clientele. Eager to spend a night sipping fine Italian wine? Stop at Le Barrique Wine Bar for a relaxed atmosphere and outdoor seating.