Kyoto Hotels

Kyoto is an ancient city that once stood as the Imperial Capital. Today, it remains a beautiful city that enchants visitors with its cuisine, several museums and bustling nightlife.

About Kyoto

Kyoto City is the capital city of Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. It was once the imperial capital of Japan for over a thousand years. Evidence of human settlement in the area, though, dates to before the 6th century around when the Shimogamo Shrine, one of the Kyoto points of interest, was established. Nowadays, the Imperial City is one of the few Japanese cities to retain an abundance of prewar buildings post-World War II. Kyoto is a time capsule of Japanese history as well as a hub for modern technology and electronics. It is the home to the headquarters of Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, SCREEN Holdings, Tose, Hatena, Omron, and Nissin Electric. Tourism is another major industry in the Japanese metro. There are over 2,000 hotels in Kyoto with many being cheap hotels in Kyoto. The city’s density has provided for affordable and efficient lodging all over the city.

They are generally near options for what to do in Kyoto. Kyoto’s nearly 2,000 temples and shrines are popular landmarks. Additionally, about 20% of Japan’s national treasures and 14% of important cultural properties exist in the Imperial City: there are also 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other Kyoto points of interest are their traditional festivals, including 1,000-year-old celebrations that attract tourists in masses. Aoi Matsuri, Gion Matsuri, the Bon Festival, and the Jidai Matsuri are some of the festivals celebrating the city’s vivid past.

The city’s surroundings are also worth exploring. Kyoto is located in a valley in the eastern mountainous region of the Tamba Highlands. The original city was originally arranged in accordance with the Chinese feng shui, creating an eye-pleasing grid pattern complementing the region.

Where to Stay in Kyoto

Wondering where to stay in Kyoto? Even though Kyoto has become a major tourism destination, there are a wide variety of cheap hotels in Kyoto Japan. Many of the hotels in Kyoto city center are smaller, efficiently designed, and thus very affordable. Determining the best hotels in Kyoto Japan depends on each visitor’s needs. While central Kyoto hotels might be smaller, they provide proximity to all the things to do in Kyoto Japan. Larger and more luxurious Kyoto Japan hotels exchange proximity for amazing views of all the things to see in Kyoto. In general, options for where to stay in Kyoto cost anywhere from €4 to €50.

Rather than traditional hostels, many of the most affordable Kyoto Japan hotels are designed as guesthouses with both shared dorms and private rooms. Peace House Sakura is one such guesthouse with a relaxed environment, a shared kitchen, free wifi, and bike rentals. Small World Guest House is another option that offers a more traditional Japanese experience with rustic rooms, futons, and a casual dining area.

Many of the average priced Kyoto Japan hotels are in the city’s high-rises. They generally feature modern-styled rooms that emanate simplicity. Hotel Gran Ms Kyoto is a bright, airy residence in a red-brick building. It offers snug rooms and laundry facilities. Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo has warmly decorated rooms in a simple property, and it features a restaurant and Japanese bathhouse.

The most luxurious Kyoto hotels contain modern apartments or are located among the historic Kyoto points of interest. 22 Pieces is one of the best hotels in Kyoto Japan among other chic and modern choices. They feature streamlined apartments with terraces, kitchens, and free wifi. The Shunkoin Temple is a Zen temple, a place of reflection, meditation, and mindfulness. They offer educational and practical course and they have a guest house available for rent.

There are a variety of interesting Kyoto airport hotels worth staying in for late arrivals and early departures. The Kyoto airport hotels obviously opt for proximity to the travel facility, but it means residents will be housed a good distance from Kyoto city proper. Hotel Monterey La Soeur is a luxurious option on a modern property, with three dining options, free wifi, and a spa with hot spring pools.

Things to Do in Kyoto

Asking what to do in Kyoto? The city dates back thousands of years and has preserved its history quite well. Shrines and temples should be on visitors’ lists of things to see in Kyoto. Kamigamo Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera, Tenryu-ji, and Nijo Castle are some of such landmarks. The extensive list of historic things to do in Kyoto includes its museums. The Kyoto International Manga Museum, housed in the former Tatsuike Elementary School, hosts a collection of 300,000 items including Meiji-period magazines and postwar rental books. The Kyoto Railway Museum is another popular option for what to do in Kyoto. This museum has a large number of Japanese trains on display that commemorate the Japan railway.

Kyoto Dining

Japan’s former imperial capital offers a rich history of culinary tradition. The local food is diverse due to the city’s long-lasting fame and wealth. Popular local dishes include tofu, yuba, kaiseki, shogun ryori, kyo-wagashi, and yudofu. In general, Kyoto offers plenty of opportunity to eat through the entirety of Japanese cuisine. Gion Karyo is one of the most accessible Kyoto restaurants in the heart of Gion. Shigetsu, inside the ground of Tenryu-ji Temple, is a great place to try Japanese vegetarian dishes. Tosuiro is another Kyoto restaurant known for its focus on tofu dishes. Kagizen Yoshifusa is a traditional sweet shop in the heart of Gion with a peaceful tea room where visitors can try local sweets with matcha tea.

Kyoto Shopping

Shopping is also among the most popular things to do in Kyoto Japan. Visiting the many shops and markets provides a great break from seeing the historic sites. The city is a great location to find both traditional and modern Japanese goods, and the compactness of the city makes it easier to travel to and from visitors’ hotels in Kyoto city center than other Japanese cities. The two main shopping districts are the Kyoto Station and Downtown Kyoto. Kyoto Station has many shops inside and underneath the building featuring vast electronics and camera emporiums. Downtown Kyoto houses many of the large department stores and the famous Nishiki Market.

Kyoto Nightlife

Kyoto nightlife is a thriving industry. Most of the historic sites and landmarks close around 4pm, providing opportunity for the many bars and clubs to attract visitors and locals alike. Many clubs are open straight into the morning, and host much of the city’s young student population. Gion is Japan’s largest Geisha district and is a great place to find late night restaurants and karaoke bars. Finding a great view of the city is another popular Kyoto nightlife activity. A top spot is on the roof of Kyoto Station, and it is free to visit! Pontocho is an ancient alleyway packed with bars, hostess clubs, restaurants, and Japanese tea houses.