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About Eindhoven

As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, there are plenty of historic sites and museums for exploring the city’s rich history. Despite Eindhoven’s status as a large, modern city, up until the 20th century it was only a small village. Its sites retain its old-village charm, though the city pays tribute to electronics giant Philips—to whom Eindhoven owes its economic growth—with sights like the Philips Museum. If you enjoy architecture, visit the 18th century Sint-Catharinakerk Church, a beautiful place of worship whose details reference the writings of Joseph Thijm. While many historic buildings were destroyed in the Second World War, many are preserved or replicated at Kempenland Museum. Hotels in Einhoven aren’t incredibly expensive, making the city a great place to visit for travelers on a budget. Einhoven hotels are also conveniently located near many of the city attractions in the city centre.

Art lovers will find plenty of things to do in Eindhoven, as many of the city’s attractions include its modern architecture, several museums and galleries related to arts and design (including the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven), and abundance of beautiful parks featuring public art. Families will love the Best Zoo, home to many exotic species. Huevel Galerie is a shopping centre with hundreds of shops for visitors to enjoy, attracting shoppers with different budgets and interests. Finally, there’s no better way to enjoy a stag tour than a stop at the Eindhoven Marathon Bottle Distillery, where visitors can taste and mix their own small-scale drinks.

Where to Stay in Eindhoven

Hotels in Eindhoven, Netherlands generally aren’t too pricey. On average, Eindhoven hotels are likely to range from €50-70 per night at their lowest offering. Higher class hotels can cost a little more, often starting at €84. No matter your preferred hotel class, you’ll find that Eindhoven accommodations are very friendly to families and travelers on a budget, offering low-priced Eindhoven hotels, hostels and apartments.

One of the more hip and affordable hotels in Eindhoven is the Blue Collar Hotel Eindhoven. Aptly named, this chic Eindhoven hotel occupies and old industrial factory and features both dormitory and private rooms. Versatile in its offerings, Blue Collar Hotel Eindhoven is great for a hostel-style experience or budget accommodation. Queen Hotel Eindhoven is a budget Eindhoven hotel in an excellent location just steps away Van Abbermuseum and the train station. Its beautifully ornate restaurant with terraced seating is reason enough to stay at Queen Hotel Eindhoven. Sandton Hotel Eindhoven is in the same area and available at an affordable price, offering sleek, modern rooms the discerning traveler should enjoy.

As for more luxurious Eindhoven hotel experiences, Hampshire Hotel Crown Eindhoven is in an attractive part of the city centre and offers a wealth of amenities and a delicious restaurant. Rooms are bright, airy and minimalist. Art Hotel Eindhoven is chic and stylish with plush rooms close to the Eindhoven Museum and Evoluon conference centre. Renovated from an old factory, this hotel provides a hip and high-class place to stay. For apartment-style hotels in Eindhoven, consider staying at Pullman Hotel Eindhoven. Located by Heuvel Shopping Centre, this attractive 4 star Eindhoven hotel offers suites with separate living spaces and kitchenettes—perfect for a family spending a holiday.

While hotels in Eindhoven, Netherlands are quite affordable, you might prefer to catch a better deal with Eindhoven hostels. In addition to the dorm-style rooms offered by Blue Collar Hotel mentioned above, other great Eindhoven hostels include Harba Lorifa and Bed & Bos.

Things to Do in Eindhoven

Despite its long history—Eindhoven is among the oldest towns in the Netherlands—many of its historic buildings were destroyed in the Second World War. Thankfully, the Kempenland Museum has preserved some of the historic areas of Eindhoven, displaying replicas of buildings and sites that have been lost. The Philips Museum dedicated to the global electronics company also serves as an important representation of the city’s history; it’s close to the original factory where the first incandescent lamps were made. The museum details the company’s growth from humble business to global leader in electronics, which coincided with the growth and modernization of Eindhoven itself. Finally, the DAF Museum is dedicated to the continent’s biggest truck manufacturers, detailing the company’s history and offering replicas of its workshops and office.

Eindhoven offers an abundance of parks and green spaces compared to other cities, making it a beautiful place to relax in warmer seasons. Genneper Parken is one of the most popular parks in the city, located in a conservation area by the Tongelreep and Dommel rivers. Take a lazy walk through the park and find the Genneper Windmill! If you want to appreciate some art with nature, take a stroll amongst the 30 sculptures spread throughout Stadswandelpark, another great place for walking. Henri Dunantpark is a beautiful, 22-hectare green space for hiking or enjoying sport on its several fields. Whether you want to take a walk, grill some food or watch the ducks glide along the lake, there’s something to enjoy everywhere you look at Dunantpark.

Dining in Eindhoven

In addition to beautiful green spaces, art and museums, Eindhoven has a lot to offer with its cuisine as well. For a guaranteed great meal, take a walk down Dommelstraat. This street is lined with restaurants and cafes, and you can take a peek at outdoor menus to find exactly the cuisine you’re looking for. Stop by Rodeo Eindhoven for a delicious steak or ribs, or visit Ilio’s for delicious Greek food. Lounge 8 offers wonderful Asian fare in a gorgeously baroque atmosphere befitting royalty. Want something cozier? Explore boutique restaurants in Kleine Berg, like UMAMI by Han or City Restaurant Welp. On a lazy day, stroll to one of the many coffeeshop Eindhoven spots for a relaxing, warm cup of coffee or tea. There are Eindhoven coffee shops all over the city, perfect for cozying up.

Shopping in Eindhoven

As with any major modern city, Eindhoven is great for shopping! Whether you prefer open-air street markets or indoor shopping, this city has it all. Catharina Market is a weekly market with unique and trendy wares, including knickknacks, electronics and furnishings. Many other markets, like Tarwelaan Market or Centre Market, offer goods and foods on a weekly basis. Eindhoven has several large shopping centres as well. Heuvel Eindhoven is by far the most popular in city centre, offering more than 80 fashion and lifestyle retailers. Other major shopping centres include Urban Shopper and Woensxl Shopping Centre. Finally, don’t be afraid to dip into the city’s many designer boutiques! Eindhoven is a city married to forward-thinking design; any stroll through city centre will put you face to face with several fashion and furniture boutiques owned by local designers.

Eindhoven Nightlife

Most Eindhoven nightlife spots are concentrated right in the city centre. This means you can enjoy a whole night out barhopping without having to travel very far. Markt is one of the ideal places for kicking back on the patio with a drink in hand. One should begin any Eindhoven nightlife excursion at the Eindhoven Bottle Distilley, where you can taste whiskey, gin and other spirits or even make your own. Stratumseind is the ideal district for Eindhoven nightlife; this stretch is home to over 50 bars and clubs. Whether you’re looking for a pumped-up party, laid-back lounge or hole-in-the-wall environment, you’re bound to find a comfortable place at Stratumseind.