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The Hague: A Seaside Suburb

Where is The Hague? The third largest city in the Netherlands, The Hague serves as the seat for Dutch Parliament and is the political epicenter of the country. Found in de Randstad, the city is easily accessible from other major cities in the country, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. The seaside resort is favored by the Dutch in the summer, and the city’s many historic landmarks and active The Hague nightlife encourage travelers to visit each year. Given the city’s status as a political centre, The Hague hotels generally skew on the higher end, though that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal if you look hard enough. Most hotels in The Hague, Netherlands are concentrated in the city centre or alone the sea, so no matter where you stay, you should be well within reach of the city’s best attractions. Hostels in The Hague aren’t incredibly common, but when booked in advance can provide a great alternative to cheap hotels in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Binnenhof, instituted 400 years ago, is the oldest Parliament building in the world and dates to medieval times. Another example of beautiful historic architecture is the Peace Palace The Hague, which offers guided tours on weekends. Finally, the 13th century Knights’ Hall is a stunning example of Gothic architecture in the city.

One of the top The Hague attractions is Scheveningen resort, home to one of the best The Hague hotels, an art gallery, the beach, the Scheveningen pier and aquarium. It’s the perfect spot for lazily sunbathing on a sunny afternoon. Another one of the popular things to do in The Hague is visit its many museums, such as the city Municipal Museum and Prison Gate Museum.

Where to Stay in The Hague

Serving as the Dutch pollical centre, many visit The Hague for business purposes. With a more affluent and business-savvy clientele, expect hotels in The Hague, Netherlands to be a bit more expensive than surrounding cities. The cheapest hotels in The Hague can cost around €50 in city centre. Higher end and luxury hotels typically begin at €100 per night at their cheapest rooms. For alternative cheap hotels in The Hague, you might consider The Hague hostels or bed and breakfasts.

The Student Hotel The Hague is among the city’s more affordable offerings, and has an industrial-chic style that younger travelers would appreciate. As one of the hotels in The Hague near train station Den Haag and the Mauritshuis, the Student Hotel The Hague is among the most convenient cheap hotels in The Hague, Netherlands. One of the better hotels in centre city is Park Hotel The Hague, located just a short walk from the many things to do in The Hague. One of the hotels in The Hague near train station Centraal Station, it’s a great place to stay for seeing the many local sights.

When it comes to boutique and luxury The Hague Hotels, consider the Hotel Corona The Hague, a hip boutique hotel near the Binnenhof and Escher Museum. Its trendy rooms and great amenities—including bike rental—make it a favorite among travelers, and pets are welcome, too! For a truly luxury The Hague hotels experience, stay at Mercure Hotel The Hague. This stately hotel in the Hague looks like a palace, but you won’t have to spend so much to stay there. Despite its palatial exterior, its rooms are casual and unfussy without sacrificing sophistication. An excellent 4 star hotel in Hague at a great rate, NH Hotel The Hague is just steps from major centre city attractions and offers meeting rooms, a gym, restaurant and bar. It’s at the top of the city’s World Trade Centre. Among the most luxurious hotels in The Hague is Hotel Des Indes The Hague, a 5 star hotel constructed in 1858 with an opulent interior and stunning art collection to view.

If you prefer to stay at hostels in The Hague, consider Stayokay Den Haag. This hostel welcomes travelers of all kinds with a wide variety of room choices. Book The Hague hostels in advance, as there aren’t as many affordable options here as other cities.

Things to Do in The Hague

When you visit The Hague, you must explore its historic sites. Some buildings in the city date back to medieval times, granting the rare privilege to step into the city’s past. The Binnenhof is the city’s oldest area, comprising a handful of historic sites such as Knight’s Hall, the home of the Prime Minister and both Parliament chambers. The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk dates back to the 14th century and features a stunning interior, and serves as the resting places of several people who shaped Netherlands culture like Christiaan Huygens. One of the must-see The Hague things to do is paying a visit to the Peace Palace The Hague, home to The Hague International Court. One can take a tour of the place on weekends, making it a great historic attraction when you visit The Hague. If you appreciate art, stop by the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, the oldest academy in the country which played an essential role in Dutch Impressionism. The Gemeentemuseum features the largest Mondrian collection in the world and is a favorite spot for those who appreciate modern art. Finally, the Escher in het Paleis Museum dedicated to the strange designs of the brilliant artist is a must-see for lovers of fine art and design.

Many visit The Hague to enjoy its sleepy seaside atmosphere. The most popular spot on The Hague beach is Scheveningen. Here you can enjoy a nice walk or bike ride. The Kurhaus on The Hague beach houses an art gallery and attractive promenade. It’s also a The Hague hotel, offering a great place to stay by the water. Don’t miss the Scheveningen Pier, a great setting to enjoy the cool sea breeze, catch a show at its theatre or check out the local aquarium. Climb the pier’s 45-metre-high tower to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the sea and surrounding city.

Dining in The Hague

Close to The Hague beach, it should be no surprise that the local delicacy here is seafood. Mussels, eel and halibut are the main ingredients you’ll find in restaurants in The Hague. Scheveningen beach is an excellent place to enjoy local favorites and international cuisine; you’ll find some of the best seafood at Restaurant Waterproef. Het Goude Hooft is among the oldest restaurants in The Hague and is well-known for its excellent national cuisine. Coffee culture is important to the city, so don’t neglect The Hague coffee shops on your visit. One of the most favorite The Hague coffee shops in The Hague for locals is Lola Bikes & Coffee. Café de BieB beside the palace garden is one of the best The Hague coffee shops in terms of atmosphere and view, offering a terrace-boat for seating.

Shopping in The Hague

There are plenty great places for shopping in The Hague, whether you’re looking for luxury shopping or simple souvenirs. If you’re looking for high fashion and forward-thinking design, pay a visit to the Hulshoff Design Center for numerous shops by prominent designers. Another sophisticated shopping centre is Maison de Bonneterie, offering a variety of luxury fashion and goods. What to do when looking for local goods? Just stroll the Haagsche Bluf shopping district for local, handmade goods and unique gifts. Finally, De Wagenstraat is one of the largest city shopping centres with nearly any good you could want at affordable prices.

The Hague Nightlife

A great deal of tourists visit The Hague for its active nightlife, particularly The Hague red light district. The main The Hague red light district is Geleenstraat and Hunsestraat, where you’ll find more than 150 businesses dedicated to the adult industry. The area is active at night and safe, though consists mostly of locals over tourists. For more innocent examples of what to do in The Hague after dark, check out the Holland Casino for thrilling games or Paard, the city’s biggest pop venue. Plein is an important area for The Hague nightlife, offering great places to drink and dine amongst beautiful historic buildings.