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Dynamic and Attractive Alicante

When it comes to things to do in Alicante, a good bet is to check out the city’s historic landmarks. The first historic site you’ll notice is the Castle of Santa Barbara, a hilltop fortress overlooking the city. Visitors can explore the castle on their own or take a guided tour. The MARQ Archeological Museum of Alicante collection covers 100,000 years of human history with artifacts from prehistory and antiquity. The city boasts some beautiful churches and cathedrals, such as Concatedral San Nicolás de Bari and Basilica de Santa María. These beautiful baroque buildings feature exquisite Herrerian design. The Museo de Hogueras is a favorite historic attraction collecting objects and displays from the city’s own Bonfires of St. John Festival—and it free to enter.

As a stunningly beautiful resort city, there are many great hotels in Alicante on the beach. Most Alicante hotels are perched right on the beach or in the old section of town, the major cultural hotspots. Whether looking on the beach or at hotels in Alicante city centre, expect midrange costs compared to other resort cities. That said, you can find some cheap Alicante hotels quite easily—particularly near the airport.

Alicante is best known for its beautiful Alicante beaches and crystal-clear water. Playa del Postiguet is among the most popular Alicante beaches and is close to the promenade and Parque de Canalejas. The marina is another pleasant sight to see, perfect for window shopping and strolling between quick bites at the local cafes. The Museum of Contemporary Art collects works from world renowned 20th century Spanish artists like Salvador Dalí and Juan Gris, and should not be missed by anyone with an appreciation of art.

Where to Stay in Alicante

Whether you prefer hotels in Alicante on the beach or hotels in Alicante town centre, it’s easy to find both luxury hotels in Alicante or more affordable options fitting your need. You can find decent 4 star hotels in Alicante from €50-70 per night. 5 star hotels near Alicante are often pricier and start around €110 per night. All-inclusive hotels near Alicante beach are the costliest but take much of the stress out of spending on meals, amenities and other facilities to make the most of your stay. Finally, with cheap Alicante hotels and hostels, even those on a tight budget can enjoy the city.

When it comes to cheap hotels in Alicante town centre, a good choice is NH Rambla de Alicante. This affordable hotel is comfortable and simple, and is close to the old town and is just a short walk from the beach. Hotel Eurostars Lucentum is one of the more affordable 4 star hotels in Alicante town centre. With beautiful suites and close proximity to the Central Market, it’s a comfortably convenient choice of Alicante hotels.

If you want to spend your holiday sunbathing, you’ll want to book hotels in Alicante on the beach. These are great for family hotels in Alicante, close to the major sights. Sercotel Hotel Spa Portamaris is one of the all-inclusive hotels near Alicante beach located right on the water. With balconies and sea-view dining, this resort offers luxurious views and a wealth of amenities for beachgoers. Meliá Alicante is a great choice of luxury hotels in Alicante on the beach. It features contemporary design and upscale but unfussy atmosphere—great for a relaxed stay, and perfect for boutique hotels in Alicante. When it comes to Alicante luxury hotels on the beach, perhaps none beat Hotel Hospes Amérigo, one of the most populat 5 star hotels near Alicante. Originally a 16th-century convent, this historic building is among the most stunning luxury hotels in Alicante and is perfect for family hotels in Alicante or a romantic getaway for couples.

One can easily find Alicante cheap hotels close to Alicante Airport. Hotel Doña Isabel is among the Alicante hotels near airport and is incredibly affordable. Hotel Areca is another of the hotels close to Alicante airport boasting an impressive 4 star class. Finally, hotels in Javea, Alicante Spain and hotels in Torrevieja, Alicante Spain provide even more options for your stay near the city.

Things to Do in Alicante

Alicante offers a wealth of historic places and museums. What to do if you want to see some of its historic sights? Start with the Castle of Santa Barbara. Open to the public and perched atop a tall hill, the castle makes for an impressive walk through history—and offers stunning views. Plaza de Gabriel Miró makes for a relaxing spot to rest and people-watch with its beautiful, classical-styled fountain and surrounding old buildings. The MARQ Archeological Museum is a wonderful place to gawk at artifacts spanning a 10,000-year history. Finally, the Museum of Fine Arts found at Gravina Palace houses works dating from medieval times to the 20th century.

The most popular things to see in Alicante are on the city’s many beaches! Alicante beaches are known for beautiful white beaches and crystal-blue water. La Granadella is a stunning beach cove. Among the most romantic Alicante beaches, La Granadella is a wonderful pebble beach for an evening stroll. Playa del Postiguet is the most popular of Alicante beaches and is close to other attractions such as the yacht club and luxury hotels in Alicante. One can easily make day trips to beaches close to the city, such as Playa de Los Saladares and Cuevas de Canelobre. While it’s not a seaside beach, Guadalest Valley offers stunning and dramatic views of the water and should not be missed.

Dining in Alicante

What to do in Alicante when you’re hungry? Try some of the best seafood you’ll have in your life! Located along the sea, Alicante cuisine is known for delicious fried fish and fish soup. Stop by Darsena on the Alicante beach for innovative and unique seafood delicacies. For dining in a romantic atmosphere, visit Nou Manolin. This legendary restaurant, located in a terraced castle, offers live music and a beautiful environment for an evening dinner. If you want to experience authentic Spanish cuisine of the region, stop by TapeNot. Here, again, you’ll find excellent seafood, like grilled octopus and salmon.

Shopping in Alicante

When shopping in Alicante, don’t miss Avenida de Maisonnave. This is the city’s primary shopping district, comprising of large retailers, boutique shops, and larger scale shopping pavilions. It provides a nice mix of local shops and popular international brands, so you should be able to find exactly what it is you’re looking for. El Corte Ingles is another favorite shopping area with pavilions, fashion shops, electronics and more. Finally, the Central Market offers gourmet food, local ingredients and city delicacies and is perfect for foodies! If you’re looking to accessorize, stop by Boutique 27 for unique handmade jewelry at affordable prices. You can find souvenirs at Mercacento BABEL market, which offers fashion, antiques and other unique goods for quite cheap.

Alicante Nightlife

Alicante nightlife is a treat, whether you want to dance until the sun comes up or just enjoy some cozy drinks in a quiet lounge. The most popular club in Alicante nightlife is Club Z. Beware that this club’s dress code is strict, so dress for the occasion before going out. Compañía Haddock is near the beach and more casual; this is where you can expect wild parties and delicious drinks. For something quieter, Parabarap Alicante is a swanky cocktail bar with a cozy atmosphere. Stop by Cultural Café UNO for local live music and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere and excellent service.