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About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, and is the second largest city in Spain. It’s the perfect city for strolling thanks to an extensive public transport system, quaint restaurants and cafes, open-air street markets, nice weather and the charm of a rich European city. Barcelona hotels, and accommodations in other cities of the region, are among the cheapest when it comes to European destinations. This makes it an affordable city to visit, even if staying near popular attractions. With luxury Barcelona hotels, midrange lodges and even hostels, there are a variety of accommodations in the city to match any travel budget.

Originally ruled by the Romans and then the Franks, Barcelona has a rich and unique history dating back to medieval times and the Roman era. Notable historic sites include the Temple of Augustus, the Santa Maria del Pi, Cathedral la Seu and its most famous building, la Sagrada Familia. Most striking, perhaps, are the many buildings and sculptures throughout the city designed by Antoni Gaudí, whose strange vision has awed and inspired locals and tourists alike since the 19th century. With an active Barcelona nightlife scene and Camp Nou tour, the young and young at heart will easily find ways to occupy their time.

Where to Stay in Barcelona

It’s easy to find cheap hotels in Barcelona, Spain, as most cities on the Iberian Peninsula are substantially more affordable than other European destinations. To get an idea on how much you can save on hotels in Barcelona city centre, consider this: the average cost for a budget room is €16-50 per night. As with any major city, 5 star hotels in Barcelona, Spain can run in the hundreds of euros per night—but you’ll be amazed at the reasonable deals you can find on even the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain.

For cheaper hotels, consider Hotel Costanza. It’s one of the best hotels in Barcelona with a high customer satisfaction rating and attractive location close to Las Ramblas. But the best part? It’s astoundingly low rates. Hostal L'Antic Espai is another favorite of the cheaper hotels, offering interesting décor and friendly service from its two owners. It’s close to Gaudi architecture in the Eixample District. 

Conveniently, you’ll find more than a few hotels near Barcelona Airport. The Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel is highly rated among hotels near Barcelona Airport, and passengers can take a free shuttle between the two for maximal convenience. Salles Hotel Ciutat del Prat is arguably the cutest of the hotels near Barcelona Airport with a muted, antique style of décor.

Hotels in Barcelona city centre are typically pricier, and this is where you’ll find the 5 star hotels in Barcelona. El Palace Hotel is among the most beautiful, offering stately rooms that befit its name. Mandarin Oriental is among the best luxury hotels here, with an excellent and romantic atmosphere, including its airy, sun-soaked dining room.

If even the cheap hotels in Barcelona, Spain are too much for you, try a hostel. 360 Hostel is a great, cheap option with comfortable dorms and private terraces. It’s just a quick walk from Museu Picasso and Plaça de Catalunya.

What to Do in Barcelona

There are a lot of things to see in Barcelona! First, one immediately notices the city’s architecture. Making a trek to the beautiful and strange buildings designed by Gaudí is among the required things to do in Barcelona, Spain. Notable buildings include La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera and Güell Park. If you want to see historic architecture, slink around the Gothic Quarter or visit Montjuïc Castle. Finally, the Palace of Catalan Music serves as a stunning example of Art Nouveau architecture; visit to watch a show or to marvel at its exquisite design. 

Other things to see in Barcelona include its many markets and pedestrian strips. Boqueria Market and La Rambla are popular tourist spots to relax, wander, dine and shop. The latter is a beautiful mall lined with trees—an excellent place to kick back on a nice day. La Barceloneta is a luxurious beachside neighborhood populated by tourists in the summer, so stop by if you want to get a tan.

Depending on your particular interests or hobbies, you might find other things to do in Barcelona, Spain. What to do in Barcelona for a sports fan? Visit the Camp Nou Tour of course! Artsy travelers, meanwhile, will want to see the Picasso Museum, paying tribute to Spain’s most famous artist.

Dining in Barcelona

With more than 20 Michelin stars, fine dining restaurants are among the main Barcelona points of interest. You’ll discover that many restaurants here offer a menu of the day. This is great because you know your meal is prepared with fresh ingredients.

The best place to dine in the city is Sant Antoni. It’s a non-touristy part of town with plenty things to see in Barcelona, not far from Las Ramblas. This hip neighborhood is home to tapas bars and cute cafes—you’ll even run into some old-world food markets along your stroll. Stop by Rekons for delicious empanadas filled with beef or vegetables. Bar Calders is a great location to sit outside and sip on a bottle of Spanish wine. If coffee is your favorite vice, Federal Café is famous among the locals.

Barcelona Shopping

One of the best things to do in Barcelona, Spain is to shop! La Rambla is the place to begin your shopping excursion, which is lined with shops along its five-kilometer length. It offers a good mix of established, familiar brands and smaller shops. With few vehicles (this is a pedestrian path), you can window shop at your leisure.

The Cuitat Vella district has a couple notable shopping destinations. First, check out La Gauche Divine for high-fashion and artistic looks you won’t find anywhere else. If haute couture isn’t quite your style, walk over to La Boqueria, a large public market that offers unique goods, produce, drinks and snacks. The whole neighborhood is filled with souvenir shops and retailers, making it one of the top things to see in Barcelona if you have the cash to burn.

Barcelona Nightlife

Even late at night there’s things to do in Barcelona, Spain. While there is no dedicated Barcelona nightlife district in the city, one of Barcelona points of interest is the El Born area. This is where you can find plenty of bars close to one another; if you stay within this neighborhood, you won’t have to worry about getting home after a night of partying! This makes Barcelona nightlife quite safe compared to other cities.

Take a night to bar hop in El Born, stopping to gawk at the archaeological ruins recently discovered in the area. Popular hotspots for El Born/Barcelona nightlife include Pitin Bar, Ziryab Hooka Shisha Lounge and Dr. Strvinsky—the latter of which offers a plush, classy atmosphere for sipping cocktails.

Barcelona Arts and Music Festivals

Cultured folk will find plenty of famous things to see in Barcelona museums, but sometimes you want to see something more current. The Barcelona International Art Fair comes each year, displaying hundreds of works from 100 exhibitors from 30 countries at Museu Marítim de Barcelona. As one of the biggest cultural attractions in the winter, the event is sure to impress even the biggest critics.

If visiting the city during the summer, you’ll need to attend one of the season’s many music festivals. Primavera Sound is the city’s biggest alternative music festival, featuring hip indie acts like Arcade Fire, Solange, Aphex Twin and Grace Jones. EDM fans should check out the Sonar Barcelona festival, featuring the most current names in the global electronic scene.