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Benidorm Hotels

Benidorm is the ultimate destination for holidays, with beautiful beaches and hotels.

About Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the many beach resort towns in the Alicante province of the Spanish Peninsula. Featuring four kilometres’ worth of Blue Flag beaches, the city attracts a large number of tourists from Europe and beyond in the summer months. Despite the quite active and vibrant life of the city during peak tourist season, Benidorm overall has a quiet charm that’s enjoyed by both younger clientele and British retirees who have relocated to the city. Benidorm is among the most diverse cities in all of Europe, home to a large percentage of immigrants. This further adds to the unique character of the city. Over the years, Benidorm has become synonymous with Benidorm all inclusive hotels, cheap holidays to Benidorm and cheap Benidorm hotels. With so many competitive and affordable options, Benidorm holidays are popular among young travelers or families looking for a great place to enjoy the summer.

Some of the biggest attractions in Benidorm that draw in visitors are the city beaches. Balcón del Mediterráneo is one of the most beautiful things to do in Benidorm, offering a scenic lookout at the central spot separating both of Benidorm’s beaches. From Balcón del Mediterráneo, you can explore Playa del Levante or Playa del Poniente. These are the two main beaches. Benidorm Old Town is a great starting point for exploring the historic Benidorm attractions.

In addition to beaches and historic landmark, there are many fun Benidorm attractions that are perfect for people of all ages and families. Terra Mitica, Aqualandia and Mundomar are three of the top amusement parks in the city and are among the most popular things to do in Benidorm. Terra Natura is a wonderful museum for viewing exotic species, while Aqua Natura is a wonderful aquarium that draws visitors year-round.

Where to Stay in Benidorm

Benidorm hotels are amazingly cheap for such a popular seaside resort; one can easily find affordable hotels for cheap holidays to Benidorn. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise, since the city itself is known for Benidorm all inclusive packages and cheap hotels in Benidorm. Most decent hotels will cost €40-60, typically in between. Luxury, 5-star Benidorm all inclusive hotels might cost around €220, which are still relatively cheap compared to luxury hotels at other resort destinations.

Among the cheap hotels in Benidorm is Hotel Marina. This humble 4-star example of Benidorm hotels offers maximal comfort at a low rate; it’s not far from the beach and has its own live entertainment, making it an excellent choice for cheap holidays to Benidorm. It also offers Benidorm apartments, making it a great choice for families. Hotel Helios Benidorm is another great location for family Benidorm holidays.

Those hoping to make the most of their Benidorm with as little stress as possible will want to look into Benidorm all inclusive hotels. Hotel Magic Fenicia is regarded among the best value options for all inclusive holidays in Benidorm while being among the cheapest Benidorm hotels available. Magic Cristal Park is similarly priced while providing everything you need for enjoyable cheap holidays to Benidorm. With Benidorm apartments style rooms, it offers spacious rooms at great value. Gran Hotel Bali is another favorite Benidorm all inclusive option. Looking for luxury Benidorm hotels? One can’t go wrong with Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet, a luxe Benidorm all inclusive option. Placed right on the beach, it’s one of the best Benidorm hotels to stay at if your budget allows.

If these hotels are outside of your budget, Benidorm hostels or Benidorm bed and breakfasts are an excellent solution for saving a little more on holidays in Benidorm. Some excellent choices for Benidorm hostels include BC Hostel, Hostal la Mar and Camping Armanello. Bed and breakfasts, meanwhile, provide a comfortable place to stay while also letting you meet with local hosts. Casa Don Juan is one popular bed and breakfast for holidays in Benidorm.

Things to Do in Benidorm

Benidorm has many beautiful, historic landmarks and Benidorm attractions. To enjoy untouched natural beauty of the city, travel to Benidorm Island. This natural preserve is excellent for hiking, exploring and generally observing local wildlife. Benidorm Old Town is another of the famous attractions in Benidorm, offering a wealth of historic landmarks to view. Torre de Bellaguarda is an old mill located not far from the city, and makes for the perfect selfie spot on Benidorm holidays. Things to do in Benidorm include visiting museums, too. The Maritime Cultural Centre is a great place to learn about local marine life. The House Museum is the city’s primary arts museum, offering a variety of sculpture and paintings as well as rotating exhibits.

Benidorm offers four kilometres of usable beaches, and they’re undoubtedly the biggest attractions in Benidorm for tourists. Playa de Levante is one of the two main beaches. In addition to the large space of sand for sunbathing, the beach offers a promenade populated by bars and restaurants, granting it a lively atmosphere for Benidorm holidays. Visitors may also enjoy water sports here. Poniente Beach is another of the main beaches, and is to the west of Playa de Levante. It’s less crowded than the latter, making it great for romantic walks or a relaxed afternoon. That said, this relaxed beach still offers great facilities for enjoying the day and many dining spots close by.

Dining in Benidorm

Foodies will go far on Benidorm holidays thanks to an amazing selection of restaurants and local cuisine across budgets and price points. La Falúa is a favorite spot for Mediterranean and international dishes alike. Come for the delicious entrees and stay for the irresistible desserts! Restaurante Casa Toni is great for trying local delicacies; it has a nice, casual feel and offers affordable local favorites like bocatas (mini sandwiches). For cheap eats, stop by Jimmy’s Red Lion for vegetarian-friendly fare and gluten-free options, accommodating to any dietary restriction. Yorkshire Pride is another cheap favorite among locals, offering traditional British pub-style dishes in a relaxed and casual environment.

Shopping in Benidorm

For some, the most fun things to do in Benidorm include shopping. La Marina Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in the city and is perfect for spending a rainy day indoors. The massive shopping mall includes many high street favorite brands and shops, all offered at great prices. Looking for items more unique in flavor? The shops in Benidorm Old Town should be perfect for you, then. In a stroll through this historic district, you’ll find fashion, accessories, gift shops and more. Finally, El Cisne is an excellent flea market that occurs on Sundays (and one Saturday per month). Here you’ll find an array of unique goods and handicrafts that make for great city souvenirs.

Benidorm Nightlife

Benidorm has quite an active nightlife, offering a variety of awesome Benidorm attractions and activities after the sun has gone down. Benidorm Palace is one of the top nighttime attractions in Benidorm for theatergoers, offering interesting burlesque shows along with dinner. There are a handful of great clubs in the city, many of which are cheaper and less fussy than you’d find in other major cities. Avenida Communitat Valencia is one of the most popular ones for locals and tourists alike. KM Dance Club is another one of the biggest party scenes in the city, favored by rambunctious visitors. If you want to kick back at a relaxing bar, look no further than The Scotsman Pub, The Talk of the Coast or Lepins.