Gran Canaria Hotels

Gran Canaria is among Spain’s most paradisiacal destinations, and a favourite for tourists.

About Gran Canaria

Found in the Canary Islands archipelago off the coast of Africa, Gran Canaria is actually a part of Spain. The island, whose name translates to “Great Island of Dogs,” is the third-largest of the archipelago and is home to 40% of its population. With a variety of different attractions and natural scenery, the island is sometimes called the “continent in miniature.” Those who want to book Gran Canaria holidays should rejoice in the fact that Gran Canaria hotels accommodate a wide range of budgets. Whether you’re looking for cheap holidays to Gran Canaria or are seeking luxury hotels—or something in between—hotels in Gran Canaria come in all sizes and rates.

Vegueta, or the Gran Canaria old town outside the city of Las Palmas, is a wonderful and enchanting place for exploring the island’s historic sites. The barrio is home to many significant Gran Canaria points of interest, including the Christopher Columbus House, a museum dedicated to the explorer, and the Catedral de Santa Ana. Vegueta features many town squares for relaxing and people-watching, including the Plaza del Espiritu Santo. The Caves of Valeron is another stunning option for things to do in Gran Canaria Spain, in which visitors can explore the archaeological site, a monastery built into the caves. Another top Gran Canaria points of interest is Maspalomas Lighthouse, a romantic 19th century beacon on the southern coast of the island. It is the tallest masonry lighthouse in the Canary Islands. Children will love the Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, which has a replica space station and planetarium inside.

Where to Stay in Gran Canaria

Hotels in Gran Canaria aren’t prohibitively expensive. Travellers should have no issue finding the hotel that best fits within their budget. The best hotels in Gran Canaria Spain are in its capital, Las Palmas. You’ll find that most hotels in Gran Canaria city range from €65-100 per night. 5 star hotels in Gran Canaria can potentially cost €188 and above. Budget hotels aren’t unheard of; you can find several great cheap hotels in Gran Canaria Spain for under €40.

Hostal Alcaravaneras is a wonderful choice of cheap hotels in Gran Canaria Spain. This bright, colourful hotel is located close to the port with simple rooms offered at a low rate. It’s just steps away from Las Alcaravaneras beach, making it a great pick for cheap hotels in Gran Canaria for families. Blanca Paloma is another great example of hotels in Gran Canaria city centre, offering basic lodging in a colourful building with complimentary wifi. Hostels can help you save even more on hotels in Gran Canaria. Popular hostels include Big Fish Hostel and Columbus Hostels.

The Hotel Astoria is one of the best hotels in Gran Canaria Spain for a midrange budget. With a rate that’s competitive, this choice of cheap hotels in Gran Canaria offers stunning tropical décor befitting a boutique hotel. One of the hotels in Gran Canaria city centre, it’s close to many top things what to do in Gran Canaria. Hotel Doña Luisa is another smart choice with fresh, airy and modern rooms.

Those looking for the best hotels in Gran Canaria Spain should consider 5 star hotels in Gran Canaria. Sercotel Hotel Cristina Las Palmas is a strong choice for 5 star hotels in Gran Canaria. With excellent views, world-class amenities and a nightclub, this hotel provides everything that you need for an enjoyable stay. Hotel Santa Catalina is a more affordable option of luxury Gran Canaria hotels. Despite its lower price, they don’t skimp on amenities: expect a full spa, beautiful piano bar and sweeping views of the sea.

Things to Do in Gran Canaria

One of the main things to do in Gran Canaria Spain is to visit several of its historic sites. Inglesia de San Juan Bautista, or the Church of San Juan Bautista, is one of the top Gran Canaria points of interest for tourists. This beautiful and baroque catholic temple completed construction in 1977. The Inglesia de San Juan Bautista is a stunning sight within the town of Arucas. Gran Canaria points of interest include many museums as well. Museo Néstor is a charming and small art museum dedicated to works by Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre. The Painted Cave, where travellers can observe mysterious and ancient cave paintings, is another unique choice of things to see in Gran Canaria.

One of the top choices of what to do in Gran Canaria includes basking on the island’s several pristine beaches. Playa de Las Canteras is one of the most popular Gran Canaria beaches and is found on the south end of the island. Visitors can enjoy the wonderful views and golden sand, then stop by one of the many great cafes and restaurants nearby. Anfi del Mar is one of the prettiest tourist beaches, bedecked in palms and floral gardens that transport visitors to paradise. Maspalomas is the perfect beach for those who love nature; because it’s in a protected nature reserve, there are no hotels, resorts or commercial activity overtaking the beach. What remains is a quiet, romantic and tranquil beach—one of the island’s most famous.

Gran Canaria Dining

Gran Canaria dining includes a handful of iconic restaurants and eateries. One of the most popular places to dine for tourists is Let Me Take You Dejate Llevar, offering delicious Spanish and Mediterranean food. With impeccable service and beautifully plated dishes, Dejate Llevar is truly an experience that should not be missed. Another iconic Gran Canaria restaurant is Que Tal by Stena found in Puerto De Mogan. Que Tal by Stena offers amazing international staples, so the less adventurous can enjoy familiar dishes that are designed with care. El Almacen is a local favourite for Latin flavour and steakhouse fare, available at budget-friendly prices. It’s a great place for a night on the town with the family. Buddies Bar, meanwhile, specializes in authentic European and pub fare, offering familiar tastes to tourists.

Gran Canaria Shopping

One of the most exciting things to do in Gran Canaria Spain is shopping. Whether you’re searching for your high street favourites or hunting for the perfect bargain or souvenir, Gran Canaria shopping offers something for everyone across budgets and tastes. Atlantico Centre in Vecindario is a great indoor shopping mall carrying an assortment of international brands and upscale shopping. Triana, close to Vegueta in Las Palmas, is a popular shopping district for trendy boutiques and hip fashions. In addition to these independent shops, you’ll find global fashion retailers like H&M. Las Palmas also offers a shopping mall of its own, the Las Arenas shopping centre near Playa de Las Canteras.

Nightlife in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria nightlife is quite exciting, offering many things to see in Gran Canaria Spain deep into the night. The best locations for Gran Canaria nightlife are Las Palmas or along the southern coast of the island. If in Las Palmas, venture to the Mesa y Lopéz district for the hottest Gran Canaria nightlife. Cuasquías is a favourite for live music shows, which you can enjoy without paying a cover charge. Yumbo, an area in Playa del Inglés, is especially well-known for its gay scene, while Kasbah is the place for younger crowds to meet up. Fancy some late-night thrills? Stop by a casino if you’re feeling lucky, including Casino Las Palmas and Gran Canaria Casino.