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Malaga Hotels

One of the oldest cities in Andalusia, Malaga offers several wonderful attractions and a well-reserved, diverse history.

About Malaga

Malaga is a major municipality and the capital of the Province of Malaga in Andalusia, Spain. Andalusia is an autonomous community in southern Spain and recognized as an official historical nationality. Malaga is the second-most populous city in Andalusia and the sixth-largest in Spain. The city is at least 2,800 years old, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded by the Phoenicians around 770 BC and was then ruled by the Roman Empire. It then went through a time under Islamic rule before falling to the Spanish in 1487. Nowadays, tourism, construction, and a modern vibe bring visitors to Malaga from around the world. It is a beautiful city, and finding attractive cheap hotels in Malaga Spain is very easy for travellers.

The urban area stretches along the Mediterranean Sea with a narrow strip of coastline. There is an extensive public transportation system, making it easy for visitors to get to Malaga points of interest from their hotels in Malaga. The old historic center is a popular region among the Montes de Malaga and the rivers Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce. Within the historic center lies the city’s oldest architectural remnants: the walls of the Phoenician city. There are also a number of religious celebrations that represent the tradition of Spanish culture and history. These include the August Malaga Fair and the Malaga Film Festival. Beaches make up many of the other popular things to see in Malaga, often some of the most fun options for what to do in Malaga Spain. Surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, diving, and rowing are all popular beach activities.

Where to Stay in Malaga

There are over 500 Malaga Spain hotels to choose from for where to stay in Malaga. The majority of the best hotels in Malaga Spain line the coast with incredible views. Generally, Malaga hotels are colourful and brightly decorated, reflecting the area’s vivid Spanish heritage. Prices range from €35 to €250 with the average hotel in Malaga city center falling around €150.

Many of the cheap hotels in Malaga Spain are relaxed and low-key hostels. Affordability does not mean sacrificing location, views, or proximity to many of the beautiful things to see in Malaga. Hotel Elcano features brightly coloured rooms with a garden terrace, a sunroom, and a bar. It is also one of the most affordable hotels in Malaga city center. The Hotel Don Curro offers great value amongst the cheap hotels in Malaga. It has free wifi, international dining options, and a bingo room!

Parado de Malaga Golf represents the brand of average Malaga Spain hotels, which are of a surprisingly high quality. This coastal option has upscale rooms with a casual environment, a restaurant, a bar, multiple pools, and access to a private white-sand beach. Petit Palace Plaza is a more contemporary option for where to stay in Malaga with wooden design, in-room laptops, and free bikes.

The most luxurious and best hotels in Malaga Spain are quaint Spanish bed-and-breakfasts and Mediterranean villas. They are close to all the things to do in Malaga Spain city center as well as the nature areas, like the Parque Natural Montes de Malaga. Gran Hotel Miramar Malaga is a refined 1926 lodging with a panoramic sea view, a restaurant and bar, multiple pools, and a spa with a hammam. Medeinterranea Suites is a boutique hotel in the heart of Malaga. It is very exclusive among the Malaga hotels with only twelve rooms. The rooms are serene and lined with natural woods. They also have their own tapas bar that incorporates traditional Spanish cuisine and fine wines.

Malaga airport hotels are located close to the hotels in Malaga city center, but just little more inland. There are handful of chain Malaga airport hotels, but most options maintain the local culture. Hotel Plaza del Castillo is a medieval-styled option among Malaga airport hotels, just south of the airport facility, with simple to flashy suites and rooms, fine dining, and an outdoor pool. Hotel el Romerito offers bright and modern rooms with free wifi, a restaurant, and a beautiful courtyard with plenty of seating.

Things to Do in Malaga

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, historically preserved within the autonomous community of Andalusia, museums and landmarks are among the best things to see in Malaga. The ancient Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Spanish walls are some of the most famous ancient Malaga points of interest. Museo Picasso Malaga at the Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista is one of most-visited museums in the city. It is named after the famous painter Pablo Picasso, featuring nearly 300 of his works, due to the fact he was born in Malaga. The building itself has been declared a National Monument.

Malaga Dining

Malaga has an interesting foodie culture compared to the rest of Spain. The cuisine has a deep Mediterranean influence featuring local products like olives, almonds, grapes, raisins, sweet wine, olive oil, fish, seasonal vegetables, and baked goods. Gazpachuelo malagueno is one of the most typical Malaga dishes. It is a soup originally made by local fishermen, consisting of fish, potatoes, water, salt, mayonnaise, and wine vinegar. Other popular dishes are porra antequerana, espeto, and almendras fritas. Restaurants like Luxalad and La Barra de Zapata feature these Spanish-European delicacies with a delightful air of freshness.

Malaga Shopping

Shopping is one of the most fun options for what to do in Malaga. Spanish chain stores, strange boutique shops, and produce stalls line the coastal town. Calle Larios, built at the end of the 19th century, is one of the most elegant marble-lined streets and shopping areas in the city. There are chain stores such as Mango and Lola as well as restful terraces where visitors can enjoy a cup a tea. It is just as much one of the enjoyable things to see in Malaga as it is one of the most fun things to do in Malaga Spain. Calle Nueva is another pedestrian shopping street that features a mix of international brands and one-off shops only located in Malaga.

Nightlife in Malaga

Malaga nightlife is seductive, fun, and elegant. Once night falls, an air of whimsical vibrancy covers the city. Malaga nightlife has things to do in Malaga Spain ideal for all tastes and ages. Dancing, drinking, and enjoying a laid-back late-night meal are popular activities. Visitors can choose to relax or party till the break of dawn. There are an abundant number of small clubs for an intimate social experience. The Lice Club is one of the most legendary clubs in Malaga nightlife. Los Banos del Carmen is a beach bar that offers nice cocktails with gorgeous views over the waterside.