Mallorca Hotels

Mallorca is well-known for its ancient Roman ruins, beautiful architecture and stunning beaches.

About Mallorca

Found on Mallorca Island, the largest of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, Mallorca City is the island’s largest city and capital of the Balearic Islands. The city holds half of the island’s population, and is found on the island’s southwestern coast. Founded in 124 BC, the city only recently became a tourist destination in the 1950s. Mallorca is famous for its historic district and beautiful, sandy beaches. Mallorca can be quite expensive. That said, vigilant travellers should have no trouble finding cheap hotels in Mallorca close to the beaches or near the airport. Hotels in Mallorca are diverse, including hostels, luxury apartments, guest homes and more. Hotels near Mallorca Airport not only save money, but travel time as well.

Mallorca points of interest include many stunning historic landmarks. Among these is the Monestir de Lluc, a grandiose monastery founded in the 13th century. This stunning monastery and pilgrimage site is an excellent place for walking tours, and offers a botanical garden. La Casa Robert Graves is a must-visit site for lovers and literature. This house, belonging to the English poet and novelist, is where the author stayed until his death. Pollèntia, the ruins of an old Roman city, is an awe-inspiring place to explore, and one of the more romantic choices of what to do in Mallorca. Many looking for things to see in Mallorca Spain will want to visit the city and island’s best beaches. Ciudad Jardín is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city, and offers amenities (hammock rentals, umbrella rentals, boat rentals) and nearby restaurants. Aqualand is another favourite choice of Mallorca points of interest for children.

Where to Stay in Mallorca

Mallorca is a relatively expensive city, with many hotels in Mallorca Spain costing significantly more than elsewhere. That said, the most expensive are hotels in Mallorca city centre; hotels in Mallorca city outskirts can help travellers save significantly. Cheap hotels in Mallorca by the beach aren’t impossible to come by, but you may find you’ll have to travel inconvenient distances to the top Mallorca points of interest. Hotels near Mallorca airport also provide savings. Most hotels in Mallorca city centre start around €81-122. The best hotels in Mallorca City begin around €200 and go up from there.

One of the best cheap hotels in Mallorca Spain is Hotel Amic Horizonte. Located close to the water, this unassuming hotel is a bargain for its amenities, which include amazing sea views, a rooftop pool and a gorgeous sundeck. Hotel Java is another smart choice of cheap hotels in Mallorca Spain with beautiful and stylish rooms offered at a low rate. Offering poolside dining and a spa, it’s one of the best hotels in Mallorca Spain for its low rate.

ICON Rosetó is a wonderful pick for midrange hotels in Mallorca city centre. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and is a family-friendly choice with laundry options, room service and proximity to what to do in Mallorca. BO Hotel Palma is a boutique hotel offered at a budget-friendly, midrange rate. Its rooms are light, airy and modern. Located just across from the port, it offers stunning sea views.

The best hotels in Mallorca Spain offer luxurious experiences, perfect for romantic Mallorca holidays. Boutique Hotel Can Alomar is one of the most sophisticated hotels in Mallorca city centre. Located within a neo-Gothic mansion, the hotel offers an upscale experience that can’t be beat. Hotel Convent de la Missió is another choice of refined hotels in Mallorca, offering a more modern experience than the former recommendation.

Those hoping to travel by spending as little money as possible can choose to stay at a hostel. Some of the most popular low-rate hostels in Mallorca are Hostel Fleming, Hostel Apuntadores and Central Palma.

Things to Do in Mallorca

The top things to do in Mallorca Spain include visiting its many historic sites and museums. Palma Cathedral is one of the island’s most iconic historic landmarks. Also known as La Seu, this Roman Catholic cathedral broke ground in 1229 and was completed in 1601. It serves as a stunning example of Spanish Gothic architecture. Bellver Castle is another favourite building located just outside the island centre. The circular tower was once a residence to the royal family of Mallorca, then became a military prison in recent centuries. Palau de L'almudaina is another ancient residence, built in the 13th century. Finally, the Cuevas del Drach is a popular attraction for locals and tourists. Visitors to the caves may row in the underground waterways, appreciating the dramatic stalactites and natural features.

Mallorca Dining

Dining in Mallorca is a treat. If you’re looking for some of the best seafood in the island, consider booking a table at Restaurante Peix Vermell. This beautiful dining room serves amazing Mediterranean, European and Spanish seafood with the freshest ingredients. Café Ca’n Toni is another tourist favourite for trying out authentic regional cuisine. But if you’re looking for a cosy meal, pay a visit to Bar Espana for delicious pub fare. A local mainstay for grabbing a quick, cheap meal is La Cuadra del Mano. Here you can find wonderful barbeque prepared quickly and at little cost, making it perfect for an on-the-go meal.

Mallorca Shopping

Mallorca is a wonderful place to shop. Top places for shopping in Mallorca Spain include Plaça Major and Plaça Cort. These charming pedestrian streets offer cute shops, boutiques and bargains. Paseo del Borne, also known as “The Golden Mile of Palma,” is one of the more famous shopping avenues on the island. This shopping street offers high street favourites and upscale shopping and offers something for everyone no matter your taste. Jaime III is the place to shop for fashion, with several hip and trendy boutiques. If you prefer indoor shopping malls, stop by El Corte Inglés for your favourite international brands and hot labels.

Nightlife in Mallorca

Looking for things to see in Mallorca at night? Mallorca nightlife ensures tourists have plenty to do no matter how late it is. The best area for Mallorca nightlife is La Lonja, where visitors can find several pubs and cafes. The Jazz Voyeur Club is an especially popular place for catching live music in a relaxed atmosphere. The most romantic spot by far is Abaco, a cocktail bar found in a 16th century palace. On Friday at midnight, flower petals rain down on patrons for a truly romantic and breath-taking experience. As far as nightclubs and discos are concerned, Tito’s Mallorca International Club is the best in the city with great music and a thrilling atmosphere.