Tenerife Hotels

Tenerife is a slice of European paradise, with a variety of natural features and beauty.

About Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is located off the coast of Africa but is actually part of Spain. It is the most populated island of the archipelago and is the most populated Spanish island as well. Tenerife is especially popular as a destination to British and German tourists, who are attracted to the island’s diverse natural beauty (forests, deserts, mountains, beaches and more) and wild nightlife. With so many things to see in Tenerife, it makes for a wonderful holiday destination. Hotels in Tenerife come across all price ranges, which means budget-strapped travellers should have little trouble finding cheap hotels in Tenerife.

Tenerife points of interest commonly include the many historic quarters and attractions within the island’s cities. One great example of historic options what to do in Tenerife Spain is the San Antonio Abad church found in the historic quarter of Arona. Built in the 18th century, the church has simple but attractive architecture that tourists aren’t likely to forget. Garachico is another favourite historic district offering things to do in Tenerife Spain. Dating back to the 16th century, this town is home to the San Miguel castle, Antigua Puerta de Tierra park and many other historic places. Other top Tenerife points of interest include the island’s stunning beaches. La Tejita is the beach to choose for those who enjoy natural, underdeveloped beaches. It provides a tranquil place to kick back and enjoy the water in privacy. Garden Beach in Puerto de la Cruz is a treat for the eyes, lined with beautiful, colourful flowers in contrast to the black, volcanic sand.

Where to Stay in Tenerife

Despite its popularity as a holiday resort, Tenerife is regarded as a bargain destination for travellers. Hotels in Tenerife include package deals to help visitors save money, which are often cheaper than those of continental destinations. Cheap hotels in Tenerife Spain may cost as low as €12-35 per night. Midrange hotels in Tenerife city centre typically run from €36-130, and the best hotels in Tenerife Spain can cost more than €200. Travellers of all kind should be able to find the best hotels in Tenerife within their budget.

One of the best cheap hotels in Tenerife Spain is the Apartments Los Dragos del Norte. The northern apartment-style hotel offers balconies, a pool and sweeping views of the nearby sea. It’s a truly beautiful hotel for its bargain rate. Another great option for cheap hotels in Tenerife is Villa Adriana. Despite its low rate, this boutique hotel is stylish with impeccable service.

When it comes to hotels near Tenerife Airport, Vincci Tenerife Golf is one of the best. The waterfront hotel offers a bar, restaurant, pool and proximity to the beach. Its rooms are sophisticated, offering an elegant place to stay with minimal travel time from the airport. Another great choice of hotels near Tenerife Airport is Sunset View Club by Diamond Resorts. This smart choice of hotels in Tenerife features unassuming but comfortable rooms and is the perfect option for families.

When it comes to the best hotels in Tenerife Spain, few beat IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey. This is one of the hottest 5 star hotels in Tenerife city centre, offering posh rooms, a spa, two restaurants and indoor and outdoor pools. It’s just steps away from Plaza de España and Parque García Sanabria. Hotel Suite Villa María offers a royal experience, perhaps the best of all hotels in Tenerife Spain. Guests may rent a villa with its own kitchen and balcony.

Things to Do in Tenerife

There are many towns and cities in Tenerife, including Garachico, La Laguna and Masca village. Each provide their own sense of beauty and historic attractions. Garachico’s historic district is a wonderful place for a stroll on a sunny day to learn about the island’s history. La Laguna’s old town is another place tat provides many things to see in Tenerife, and is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors to La Laguna may explore the several churches and convents. Masca, or the “hidden” village of Tenerife, has a similar old-time charm and is worth a visit. The Cueva del Viento—the largest lava tube in Europe—is a famous cavern and top choice of Tenerife points of interest.

Tenerife Dining

In between finding what to do in Tenerife, fuel up with a great meal at one of the island’s many delicious fine dining establishments. The island features many wonderful places to dine on authentic Spanish cuisine. Among these are El Taller Seve Diaz, serving exquisite Spanish and Mediterranean dishes in Puerto de la Cruz. El Rincon de Juan Carlos provides a contemporary twist on traditional Spanish cuisine, served in a beautifully sophisticated dining room—the perfect place for a romantic dinner. If you’re eager to try something a little more unique, consider booking a table at Restaurante Kazan. Kazan serves delicious seafood and Japanese cuisine, including beautifully plated sushi.

Tenerife Shopping

If you don’t know what to do in Tenerife, shopping is always a great option. The island has a lot to offer tourists with cash to burn, whether you’re in need of unique souvenirs or high fashion. Fashion lovers will want to begin their search at La Laguna’s old quarter. This area offers boutiques and vintage fashion shops, perfect for finding something truly unique. Playa de las Américas is another popular spot for shopping. This area is best known for upscale shopping and designer brands. Plaza Europa in Puerto de la Cruz offers a small market each Sunday, which is perhaps the best place for handicrafts and souvenirs made from local artisans.

Nightlife in Tenerife

There’s no shortage of things to do in Tenerife Spain at night. Tenerife nightlife has a reputation for being wild and active, and there are tons of places to spend a night partying out on the town. Playa de las Américas is a great place for Tenerife nightlife, particularly with other tourists. C.C. Veronica’s is the most famous bar in the area, though Tramps nightclub is another popular venue. Parque de la Paz is accommodating to older crowds, where you can find plenty of bars and live music shows. Want to party with the locals? Venture to the area surrounding University of La Laguna.