Valencia Hotels

One of Spain’s most beautiful and modern cities, Valencia has much to offer in terms of culture, history and nightlife.

About Valencia

Perched on the eastern Spanish coast, Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain and capital of the Valencia province. Founded as a Roman colony in in 138 BC, modern Valencia is now regarded as one of Spain’s most important cities. Due to its long history, Valencia is famous for its many cultural festivals and celebrations (including the famous Fallas Festival in March), Valencia fiestas have been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The city is best known for its celebrations, for its paella—a rice dish invented there—and for the “City of Arts and Sciences,” an architectural complex designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela. Unlike many other popular Spanish destinations, Valencia holidays aren’t too expensive. Travellers can easily find cheap Valencia hotels for their stay, whether they prefer hostels, guest homes, luxury suites and anything in between.

With a long and storied history, there are several historic Valencia attractions. Those with an appreciation for European history will find many options on what to do in Valencia Spain. One idea is to visit the Cervelló Palace, where Fernando VII signed the Constitution. Many members of the royal family have resided in this beautiful Baroque palace open to the public. The Quart Towers are another beautiful landmark, which were once part of an old wall built in the 14th century. The building that remains today has since been used as a military prison and a women’s prison. The most significant modern example of Valencia attractions is the City of Arts and Sciences, a stunning entertainment complex and one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. It hosts many Valencia attractions inside, including an aquarium, museums, workshops, special events and more.

Where to Stay in Valencia

Spanish cities can be expensive for tourism, but Valencia is a relative bargain compared to other Spanish destinations. This is despite its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, making Valencia holidays an obvious choice for families. Expect low-end hotels in Valencia Spain to cost anywhere from €12-35 per night. Mid-range hotels typically range from €30-90, and the best hotels Valencia Spain might start around €117 and up. Valencia holidays are within easy reach for tourists interested in the region.

One great hotel Valencia for an affordable rate is the Expo Hotel Valencia. This attractive and affordable hotel Valencia is close to the Turia Gardens, one of the largest urban parks in all of Spain, and the Galerías Martín shopping centre. Hotel NH Ciudad de Valencia is an excellent choice of cheap hotels Valencia Spain, and is located close to the sea. It offers sophisticated rooms, some of which have terraces. Those looking to save even more might consider the many hostels available in the city. Popular Valencia hostels include Red Nest Hostel Valencia, UP! Hostel and Russafa Youth Hostel.

As for midrange hotels in Valencia Spain, Hotel Primus Valencia is an obvious choice. Hotel Primus Valencia is just steps away from the City of Arts and Sciences, and offers a myriad of amenities, including: a breakfast buffet, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths and more. Hotel Neptuno is another wonderful midrange choice of hotels in Valencia Spain. Close to the sea and offering unfussy dining and a spa, families will enjoy everything the hotel has to offer.

If you prefer a luxury Valencia hotel, consider La Valencia Hotel. This stunning Valencia Hotel is just a short walk away from La Jolla Cove Beach and offers classic rooms within a beautiful 1926 building. With an ocean-view pool, stunning hand-painted murals, a terraced bistro and more, La Valencia Hotel is an excellent choice for romantic Valencia holidays.

Things to Do in Valencia

One of the top picks of what to do in Valencia Spain is to visit the historic attractions and museums. One of the most notable historic Valencia attractions is the Valencia Cathedral. Consecrated in 1238, the Valencia Cathedral is said to house the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail found within the Valencia Cathedral was the official chalices for several popes, and dates to the first century. As for museums, the City of Arts and Sciences houses several great museums, including L'Oceanogràfic and Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe. Museu de Belles Arts de València is a wonderful place to learn about regional art. The museum’s collection of more than 2,000 works trace art history from the 14th to 17th centuries. 

If Valencia is famous for anything, it’s the many things to do in Valencia Spain with its many celebrations, cultural events and festivals. The most iconic is the Fallas Festival commemorating Saint Joseph. The Fallas Festival is a five-day, continuous party that features several events, including daily parades and fireworks shows. The Fallas Festival is one of the best times to visit the city, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the city’s signature dish, paella! Other popular festivals and events in Valencia include the Feast of Corpus Christi and the Valencia July Fair. By far the messiest choice of things to do in Valencia Spain is Tomatina de Buñol, in which everyone pelts one another with tomatoes. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Valencia, you must visit during the many festivals.

Valencia Dining

One can’t visit Valencia without eating its signature dish, the paella. This traditional rice dish was invented in Valencia, and visitors may try the dish at many eateries throughout the city. For the most authentic paella, avoid places that serve it at night; this dish is traditionally served as lunch, so restaurants offering it as a dinner might not be as authentic. A great place to enjoy authentic Valencia flavour is the Mercado Central. This historic building hosts over 900 stands, each offering prepared dishes and fresh, local ingredients. One can take an entire tour of Valencia gastronomy just by exploring the market.

Valencia Shopping

In between choosing what to do in Valencia, you might decide to go shopping. Valencia is a wonderful shopping city, offering independent boutiques, upscale malls and more. One can find a mix of luxury items as well as traditional crafts, such as leather goods or ceramics, making it the ideal place for unique souvenir shopping. Barrio del Carmen is a wonderful place to window shop at the hottest Spanish boutiques, offering a wide range of goods to accommodate different tastes. Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a wonderful shopping centre for high fashion and big global brands. The City of Arts and Sciences houses several shops, offering a modern, indoor shopping experience for upscale shoppers.

Nightlife in Valencia

There are many things to do in Valencia after dark thanks to an active Valencia nightlife. Valencia’s old town is particularly active at night, featuring charming tavernas and outdoor pubs. The promenade parallel to Las Arenas Beach is another great place to discover bars and dives for late-night relaxation. Radio City is a favourite music venue, offering live music and flamenco shows throughout the week. Café el Negrito is one of the liveliest places in the city after dark, though its crowd typically skews younger. If you’re looking for the wildest parties the city has to offer, visit El Carmen, which is a standard in the Valencia nightlife scene.