Pattaya Hotels

There are many things to do in Pattaya Thailand, from naughty nightlife to family fun and entertainment.

About Pattaya

Pattaya is most known for its bars and go-go bars, and despite its popular sex tourism, the city is becoming a destination for families as well. This is thanks to the fabulous beaches and awe-inspiring Buddhist and Hindu temples that pepper the city. Pattaya offers several historical attractions, eateries, beaches, Pattaya nightlife, tours and more to accommodate its 5 million visitors each year, making it a wonderful choice for holiday at any time of year. Cheap Pattaya hotels are common in the city, making it an affordable destination across budgets. Whether looking for hotels Pattaya near the beach or the airport, you’re certain to find the perfect accommodation at the perfect price.

Of the many historical places in Pattaya, perhaps none beat the Sanctuary of Truth tour. The all-wood building has a dramatic silhouette with intricately carved Hindu and Buddhist motifs. The Sanctuary of Truth tour also features a variety of visionary art that seemingly transports visitors to another dimension. Viharn Sien, or the Chinese art museum, is another striking and beautiful example of Pattaya Thailand points of interest. Not only is this converted Chinese temple a gorgeous building on its own, but the museum holds a collection of Chinese works that is unmatched by other collections outside of China. When it comes to city beaches, the most popular is Jomtien Beach, which offers several water sports attractions (like scuba diving and jet skiing), as well as regularly sponsored sports events. It’s one of the top things to see in Pattaya. Another of the top things to do in Pattaya Thailand is visiting the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, a 500-acre garden known for its cycad population and beautiful topiaries.

Where to Stay in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya Thailand are quite a bargain compared to other beach resort cities. This is especially the case for hotels near Pattaya Airport and cheap hotels in Pattaya Thailand near the beach. With lower end hotels in Pattaya Thailand costing as little as €25 per night—and the best hotels in Pattaya Thailand costing just €154—it’s clear that Pattaya makes for a great and affordable destination for single travellers, stag groups and families.

One of the best choices of cheap hotels in Pattaya Thailand is Mercure Pattaya. This smart choice of hotels in Pattaya City is steps away from the beach and offers casual rooms and modern amenities. It’s near Pattaya Walking Street, making it one of the more affordable hotels in Pattaya City Centre. Another of the cheap hotels in Pattaya city centre is Centara Pattaya Hotel, offering gorgeous hotels, a spa, balconies with beautiful views and first-rate dining—all at a low rate.

Even the best hotels in Pattaya Thailand are quite cheap. Royal Cliffs Hotel, found right on the beach and close to Pattaya Park, has two private beaches and swanky suites. The fancy resort, comprising four different hotels grouped on the Gulf of Thailand, is the perfect choice of 5 star hotels in Pattaya without breaking the bank. Royal Wing Suites & Spa is among the most stunning 5 star hotels in Pattaya city, with three restaurants and seven pools. Aspiring chefs may also want to visit the hotel’s very own culinary school!

Finally, one cannot forget hotels near Pattaya Airport. These cheap hotels in Pattaya Thailand are great for minimizing travel stress. Green Apple Hotel is a great choice of hotels in Pattaya City, placed directly between the airport and Plutaluang Royal Thai Navy Golf Course. Kwhanruen Fishing Resort is another smart choice of hotels in Pattaya city, offering colourful attractive rooms conveniently located near the airport at a very low rate.

Things to Do in Pattaya

There are several Pattaya Thailand points of interest that families and travellers of all types can enjoy. Many of these are historical sites and museums. The Teddy Bear Museum is a perfect example of what to do in Pattaya with children, featuring a large collection of teddy bears in whimsical poses and displays (and a gift shop!). Hello Van Gogh is a stunning museum that recreates the works of Van Gogh and Monet as multimedia exhibitions. As far as historic attractions go, the Million Years Stone Park, featuring an unusual display of ancient stones, is another of the many Pattaya points of interest for nature and history lovers. Finally, the Sanctuary of Truth tour is a spectacular way to experience the city’s culture through its many Buddhist and Hindu motifs and architecture.

There are plenty of Pattaya points of interest if kicking back and having fun is what you’re after. Fist, consider a day out in the sun at Jomtien Beach or Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. The former offers a variety of watersports, while the latter allows visitors to view stunning displays of local fauna. Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a thrilling adventure among things to see in Pattaya, housing 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles. If travelling with children, be sure to stop by the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, offering water rides and dining featuring iconic characters from the children’s network. It’s truly one of the top things to do in Pattaya Thailand for families.

Pattaya Dining

In addition to wild nightlife in Pattaya, the city offers several excellent dining choices. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a casual place that the whole family can enjoy, Pattaya dining accommodates all tastes and styles of cuisine to match its diverse Thai population. Café des Amis is an excellent choice for Italian and French cuisine. Its attractive and posh design is perfect for special occasions, and many visitors will find its European fare familiar. Indian By Nature offers a similarly brilliant atmosphere with beautifully plated Indian and Asian cuisine, including vegetarian-friendly dishes. If you prefer cheap eats, stop at Jasmin’s Café for a delicious drink or meal at a low price. This beautiful café offers a wonderful atmosphere and is perfect for those travelling solo or with a family.

Pattaya Shopping

Pattaya offers a shopping experience that few other cities can, offering shopping malls, bazaars and street markets. There are plenty of choices for what to do in Pattaya shopping centres and markets. Each place to shop is unique, offering a wealth of bargains and goods to visitors. Central Festival Pattaya is one of the best shopping malls in the city with over 300 shops. This mall—which dominates the beachfront skyline—is the best option for upscale shopping and international brands. The Pattaya Floating Market is a shopping centre that doubles as tourist attraction, where visitors can gawk at souvenirs and watch merchants paddle down the river on boat. Thepprasit Night Market is another popular shopping experience for tourists, offering one-of-a-kind souvenirs and plenty of haggling.

Nightlife in Pattaya

Pattaya Thailand nightlife is infamous for its sex tourism, which includes massage parlours, go-go bars, clubs and more. Walking Street is one of the most popular areas for nightlife in Pattaya, with brightly-lit neon bars and women entreating you to enter their clubs. The most popular club for Pattaya Thailand nightlife is Club Insomnia, which plays Top 40 hits and trance music late into the night. Disco Mixx is another favourite place for dancing the night away, as is the Nashaa Club. Soi 6 is one of the seedier—but popular—bars for fun during day or night, offering both bar girls and ladyboys in Pattaya nightlife.