Sukhothai Hotels

Once a gilded and awe-inspiring ancient city, there are so many things to do in Sukhothai, including peering at old ruins and temples.

About Sukhothai

Sukhothai, located in the Lower Northern region of Thailand, is a small and quiet city well-known for its remarkable ruins. In ancient times, Sukhothai was the first capital of Siam; the old city’s many temples, monuments and other sites of interest have since been restored, drawing tourists in from around the world. Sukhothai Airport is the closest airport to the city, just a 40-minute drive from city centre. Visitors can easily pass between the airport and city via resort shuttle or tuk-tuk. Good news for those who want to see Sukhothai for themselves: hotels in Sukhothai are very cheap, making the city a bargain destination. Cheap Sukhothai hotels are common throughout the city so people across all budgets can find the perfect place to stay without breaking the bank.

One of the main Sukhothai points of interest is the Sukhothai Historical Park. This 70-square-kilometer park hosts a staggering 193 ruins and historic sites dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Visitors can observe temples, ruined palaces and extraordinary Buddha statues. Top sights within the Sukhothai old city include Wat Sra Si, Wat Sorasak, Wat Si Chum and many more. Visitors may embark on a Wat Si Chum tour to explore the massive complex featuring a moat and massive Buddha. Another great example of what to do in Sukhothai is to visit the Sathorn Golden Textile Museum. Thailand is famous for its silk and textiles, and this museum has an impressive collection of fabrics and textiles on display from throughout the region history.

Where to Stay in Sukhothai

Hotels in Sukhothai Thailand are very cheap. Travellers of all budgets should have no trouble finding affordable hotels in Sukhothai city centre or hotels near Sukhothai airport. Most hotels in Sukhothai Thailand range from €16-40, much cheaper than other destinations. That said, plenty of hotels in Sukhothai city can run even cheaper at only about €8. The most expensive hotels in Sukhothai city centre might run €48-46, making even the best hotels in Sukhothai Thailand within reach for families. Travellers should have no issue finding cheap hotels in Sukhothai Thailand. One of the top hotels near Sukhothai Airport is the Sukhothai Heritage Resort. This attractively priced choice of hotels near Sukhothai Airport has beautiful rooms, laundry service and a bar. Thanks to its proximity to the airport, it eases stress and minimizes travel time. Boon Bunleng Resort is a beautiful choice of hotels in Sukhothai city near the airport, with gorgeous, manicured grounds and clean, refreshing rooms.

One of the more attractive cheap hotels in Sukhothai city centre is the Thai Thai Sukhothai Guesthouse. With a pool and terrace, this beautiful guest home is a paradise for visitors and tourists. The Ananda Museum Gallery Hotel provides a luxe experience at a budget price thanks to its spa and art gallery. When it comes to midrange options, few cheap hotels in Sukhothai Thailand can beat Sukhothai Resort at Sukhothai Historical Park, offering proximity to top things to do in Sukhothai Thailand and swanky rooms.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Sukhothai Thailand, stop by Sukhothai Treasure Resort & Spa. This beautiful resort is close to Sukhothai old city, and has beautiful rooms and elegant amenities to provide a refreshing stay for guests. Sriwilai Sukhothai is another luxury hotel with dramatic, extraordinary rooms. It’s en excellent choice for sightseeing families. Also notable is Tharaburi Resort. Guests to this resort enjoy its stunning rooms and delicious dining.

Things to Do in Sukhothai

The primary choices what to do in Sukhothai are within the Sakhothai old city. This huge park is home to several Sukhothai points of interest, ruins of temples and palaces dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Wat Sra Si is among the most popular Buddhist temples to visit, featuring the iconic walking Buddha statue. Most impressive is Wat Si Chum; visitors may take a Wat Si Chum tour to see the largest Buddha image in the entire city. Wat Sorasak, meanwhile, found in the central zone of the old city, features a remarkable collection of carved elephants that surround the structure. Visitors may enjoy the old city day or night.

There are many things to see in Sukhothai during the city’s biggest cultural events and festivals. One of the biggest holidays is the Chinese New Year in February, also known as the Lunar New Year. Most shops and places are closed on this day, though you will see plenty of parades and exhibits in the streets. Makha Bucha Day is the next major holiday and one of the most important in the Buddhist tradition. On this day in March, Buddhists march around the temples to pay tribute to the Buddha. In addition to the Lay Krathong Festival—or Thai festival of lights—the end of the year also enjoys the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Sukhothai Dining

One of the best things to do in Sukothai Thailand is to enjoy the local cuisine. Expect to find several wonderful places to eat traditional Thai or Chinese dishes. Junshine Restaurant is a favourite place to enjoy a good Asian flavour and accommodates vegetarians. These beautifully plated dishes are served in a hospitable atmosphere. Dream café is another strong choice for Asian fare. For a romantic experience, sit on their lush, dimly-lit outdoor patio. Ruean Thai Restaurant & Bar is another attractive spot to enjoy dinner or a drink. Poo Restaurant is a safe (and cheap) bet for less adventurous tourists, offering European standards in addition to local dishes.

Sukhothai Shopping

While Sukhothai isn’t a big shopping destination, the city is best known for its pottery, gold and silver. This makes it a wonderful place to buy jewellery, which are commonly made by weaving strands of gold and silver. Sukhothai fabrics and textiles are also popular. The Sukhothai Night Market is a popular place for tourists to stroll for handicrafts and authentic goods produced by locals. The Plaza Big C Shopping Centre is another great place for finding products of all types, as is the Makro Sukhothai shopping mall. Each weekend also offers a market that outside the eastern gate of the old city, where shoppers can find unique goods.

Nightlife in Sukhothai

There isn’t an incredible number of things to see in Sukhothai for nightlife compared to other Thai cities, but there are a good handful of bars and places to enjoy a drink. You’ll have the best luck on Singhawat Road, which offers both indoor and outdoor bars. Among the most popular bars is Chopper Bar, which is friendly to tourists and hosts nightly live music. The area offers numerous Thai bars as well, but don’t expect clubs or discos. If you want to dance the night away, consider making a trip to the neighbouring city of Kamphaeng Phet or Phitsanulok, both of which offer raucous nightlife.