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Hammamet: The Biggest Resort in Tunisia

Hammamet is the biggest resort in Tunisia, peppered with lush gardens and surrounded by beautiful white beaches and the pristine blue Mediterranean Sea. Despite being a large resort town, the city is relatively laid back and relaxed, and exemplifies a mix between traditional Tunisian life and commercial, beachy atmosphere. These include beautiful historic sites and immaculately planted gardens lined with many trees. Like other Tunisian cities, hotels in Hammamet generally run cheaper than other prominent tourist destinations. You’d be surprised to see the wide range of affordable Hammamet hotel options, from all-inclusive Hammamet hotels to budget hotels in Hammamet that still provide first-rate service. 

Some of top attractions in Hammamet include its most historic places. The most notable is the Medina of Hammamet, a great place to soak in the local culture by wandering narrow paths in a traditional atmosphere. The Kasbah of Hammamet is just one of the many you’ll find in Tunisia; this one was built in the 13th century and houses a museum. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from the Kasbah as well. Finally, the Great Mosque is a stunning example of the traditional city architecture from the 15th century. 
Other major attractions include Villa Sebastian, a palatial 20th century villa surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens; the Yasmine Dive center, where you can swim amongst fish in beautiful coral reefs; and Carthageland, a waterpark for the entire family to enjoy. One cannot visit the resort city without lounging at one of its many remarkable beaches. Popular beaches include Yasmine-Hammamet, Nabeul and Hergla. Be aware that most Hammamet beaches are private and belong to resorts. If you’re staying at one of the many all-inclusive hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Where to Stay in Hammamet

Hotels in Hammamet are a bargain, including the 5 star Hammamet Tunisia hotels. 5 star hotels in Hammamet, Tnisia often begin under €60 per night, though all-inclusive hotels in Hammamet may run a little pricier given the wealth of amenities offered. Budget and midrange Tunisia Hammamet hotels often range from €17-35 at their lowest offerings; if there were ever a place to splurge, it’s at Yasmine Hammamet hotels.

To make the most of your stay, it’s best to vacation at one of the many all-inclusive hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia. This way you can take the stress out of spending on food and other necessities—and get access to some of the city’s cleanest and most pristine beaches. Excellent examples of all-inclusive hotels in Hammamet include Concorde de Marco Polo, Magic Life Africana and Les Orangers Beach Resort & Bungalows. With warm service, stunning beaches and beautifully designed pools and facilities, you can’t go wrong with these award-winning hotels in Tunisia, Hammamet.
As far as the best hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia are concerned, one favorite is the Medina Solaria and Thalasso. Guests enjoy its proximity to the beach and shopping, as well as large, beautiful rooms offering gorgeous views. The Russelior Hotel & Spa has beach access, multiple dining options and a beautiful garden pool, making it one of the best Yasmine Hammamet hotels for a romantic summertime stay. Finally, the Sinbad is among the most luxurious of Hammamet Tunisia hotels with first-rate staff, gorgeous views and close proximity to some of the best things to do in Yasmine Hammamet.
Some of the best hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia at extremely low cost. Dar Hayet Hotel is close to Carthageland and the Kasbah. It includes many of the amenities you’d expect from a resort hotel (close to the beach, swimming pool, great views, etc.) but is among the cheap hotels in Hammamet. Mediterranée Thalasso Golf is another cheap option for Tunisia Hammamet hotels; though it’s a bit further from the beach than other resorts, you can’t beat the price for this beautiful and clean hotel boasting a spectacular garden. Because the city is so beautiful, even cheap hotels in Hammamet are of high quality, so there’s no sacrificing comfort for budget.

Things to Do in Hammamet

There are many things to do in Hammamet, whether you prefer to explore historic sites, explore the city’s lush gardens or kick back and relax on the beach. The top things to do in Yasmine Hammamet include visiting its historic sites. The most famous ones include the Yasmine Hammamet Medina (or Old Town), which features labyrinthine streets and well-preserved buildings. The Great Mosque is a must-see for further appreciating the culture’s traditional atmosphere. Another one of the great things to do in Hammamet is to pay a visit to the museum in the Kasbah, which details the city’s past in the age of pirates and its Spanish occupation.

What to do in Tunisia Hammamet if you just want to relax? Stop by one of the city’s gorgeous beaches! Most of the Hammamet beaches are privatized by beach resorts, including Les Orangers Beach Resort & Bungalows, Palm Beach Club Hammamet, Sentido Aziza Beach Golf & Spa and more. Public beaches can be found on the north and south sides of town for public use, and you’ll often find watersports equipment to rent or diving courses, like at the Scuba Diving Center Yasmine Hammamet. There is plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun whether you visit a private or public beach in Hammamet. If you have a car or are renting one, you may even take a day trip to other beaches beyond Yasmine Hammamet.

Dining in Hammamet

When it comes to dining in Hammamet, you’ll find that all styles of cuisine are well represented in the city, especially when it comes to seafood. For a great mix of Mediterranean and French dishes, book a table at Le Barberrouse, a well-known restaurant with a reputation that extends beyond the city. If you want to experience traditional Tunisian fare, stop by La Bella Marina. Here you can enjoy stunning views from the restaurant terrace as well. If you want to experience more quick and casual dining, simply stroll along the city beaches for numerous cafes and coffee shops. You’ll find plenty along your wanderings, many of whom provide outdoor and terraced seating. 

Shopping in Hammamet

Shopping in Hammamet is much like in other Tunisian cities, and is an attraction in itself. If you’re ready to haggle and discover unique crafts, simply wander the Yasmine Hammamet Medina for local goods. You’ll find many items for a bargain at the shops and markets you’ll find here, but be ready to haggle to get a good deal on overpriced goods! Those unsure of what to do in Tunisia Hammamet should have fun navigating the city’s markets and merchants on the hunt for the perfect souvenir. For modern goods and fixed price shopping, stop at one of the city’s malls and Hammamet shopping centers. Costa Mall and Center Commercial are two of the most prominent Hammamet shopping centers for finding anything you’ll need.

Hammamet Nightlife

After a day of relaxing on the beach, it’s time to hit the town! Hammamet nightlife is quite active and thriving, with many bars, clubs and venues to enjoy a night on the town. One of the best places to grab a drink and start the night is at Brau Haus, a brewpub located right in the middle of the city. If you fancy a dance in Hammamet nightlife, check out Cocoloco, Tunisia’s premier disco in Yasmine Hammamet. In addition to great music spread throughout two floors, you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes as well. Latino Club is another favorite Hammamet nightlife spot to party deep into the night and is one of the city’s most popular clubs. It specializes in, you guessed it, Latin music. What to do in Tunisia Hammamet for gamblers? Stop by Cleopatra, one of the city’s best casinos.