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The Charm of Monastir

Monastir is a beautifully ancient city that dates to Phoenician times. With its many historic attractions, stunning beaches and lovely, well-manicured orchards, Monastir remains a favorite Tunisian destination for tourists year-round. Visitors will be taken aback by the city’s many well-preserved landmarks and sites, the most prominent being the Ribat of Monastir. This impressive fortress includes many ruins one can explore. Adjacent to the Ribat is the Mausleum of Bourguiba, a massive and stately monument honoring the memory of Habib Bourguiba, the Tunisian leader who fought for the country’s independence. Also beside the Ribat is the Great Mosque, arguably one of Monastir’s top attractions. Dating back to the 11th century, the Great Mosque has undergone numerous additions over the ages, and is well-known for its impressive façade. Like most Tunisian cities, Monastir hotels are quite cheap compared to those of other resort towns. One can find hotels in Monastir across a wide range of quality—from midrange to luxury to all-inclusive hotels in Monastir—at a fraction of the cost typical in other cities.

Other Monastir attractions include the Medina, or Old Town. Restored throughout the ages, this medina is less authentic than those you’d find in many other Tunisian destinations, functioning more as a tourist shopping center. The Port de Plaisance harbour is a popular place to stroll or watch boats go by, and those who want to take a dip or sunbathe should stop by Monastir’s stunning white beaches, which are known for their cleanliness, outstanding facilities and proximity to restaurants and cafes. 

Where to Stay in Monastir

Don’t expect to pay too much for hotels in Monastir, even if looking for luxury, 5 star Monastir hotels. You’ll find plenty of hotels in Monastir ranging from just €17-43 per night at their lowest offering. Hotel Royal Thalassa Monastir, the city’s premier 5 star hotel starts at €42 per night. No matter your budget, you should be able to find hotels in Monastir at a steal.

The great thing about Monastir hotels is that you can expect great quality and value no matter what you pay. El Mouradi Skanes Beach Hotel Monastir, located close to the sea, is an excellent choice for budget 4 star hotels in Monastir. This all-inclusive Monastir hotel features stunning seaside views and is just 4 km from the Sousse Zone Industrielle train station. Amir Palace Hotel Monastir is another great example of low-rate all-inclusive Monastir hotels, just 12 km from the Sousse Archaeological Museum. It offers an array of amenities like a gym, spa, tennis courts, pools and more. For another great budget hotel in Monastir, consider Zodiac Hotel Hammamet Monastir Tunisia, close to the beach and Port Yasmine Hammamet. Hotel Monastir Center is another great choice of Monastir hotels just steps away from things to do in Monastir, Tunisia, including the beautiful ribat. Iberostar Saharah Beach Monastir is right by the water for easy access to the beach. 

Pricier luxury Monastir hotels include Hotel Rosa Beach Monastir Tunisia, providing a laid-back atmosphere right on the beach and located a convenient 2 km away from Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport. Regency Monastir Hotel and Spa offers a great location compared to other hotels in Monastir, just a short walk from the Monastir Marina and Medina of Monastir. For other great hotels in Monastir, try Sahara Beach Hotel Monastir or Hotel Club Tropicana Monastir. 

You won’t find hostels or bed and breakfasts in the city, but they’re not necessary; low-rate hotels in Monastir almost rival hostel rates you’d find in other cities.

Things to Do in Monastir

There are a great many things to do in Monastir, Tunisia, from stepping through the city’s historical spaces to swimming or sunbathing at its many pristine beaches. The city’s historic epicenter is the Ribat of Monastir, which is adjacent to its other historic sites. It is the city’s most prominent landmark and among the oldest fortresses in North Africa. Climb its three-storey Nador Tower for wonderful views of surrounding sights like the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba, the cemetery and Great Mosque. Inside the Ribat you’ll find the Islamic Museum dedicated to the culture’s arts and texts. Adjacent to the Ribat are the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba and Great Mosque, both important to the city’s identity: the former is the resting place for Tunisia’s leader who fought for its independence, and the latter demonstrates the city’s architectural heritage through the ages.

Those who want to laze about in the sun will have no trouble finding what to do in Monastir, Tunisia. The city is famous for the Monastir beach, and you’ll find plenty private and public beaches to enjoy a sunny afternoon. The Monastir Marina is a great place to take a relaxing stroll and hop from café to café.  Some resorts offering the best private beaches include Sahara Beach Monastir Tunisia, Yashime Beach Hammamet Monastir Tunisia, Rosa Beach Hotel Monastir and Golden Beach Monastir Tunisia. Even if you aren’t staying at one of these resorts, you can sometimes pay for access to the private beaches. It’s typical for a private Monastir beach to offer equipment for watersports, lounging and even diving.

Dining in Monastir

Dining in Monastir is a treat for the taste buds! If you want to dine like the locals do, stop by local favorite Marina the Captain. This restaurant offers international cuisine and a raucous atmosphere, perfect for a fun dinner out—and its seafood is to die for. Restaurant Le Pirate Monastir offers a quieter atmosphere and is a little more upscale; expect live shows as you dine, but be sure to make reservations days in advance. For fresh seafood and Tunisian cuisine, stop by Restaurant Le Plage. In addition to amazing food, Restaurant Le Plage treats patrons to a panoramic view of the surrounding beaches.

Shopping in Monastir

What to do in Monastir, Tunisia with money to burn? Go shopping! For shopping in Monastir, stop by the Medina bazaars for an authentic local experience. Here you’ll find souvenirs and artisanal goods. Prices here are generally lower than you’d find in Medinas of surrounding cities (like Sousse), so be on the lookout for good bargains. Haggling is among the most fun things to do in Monastir when interacting with locals, so don’t be afraid to talk merchants down on a good price. The city has no major commercial shopping district, but visitors can enjoy department store-style shopping at a good Monastir shopping centres. The two best Monastir shopping centres are Yasmina Shopping Center and Folla Shopping Center. In addition to souvenirs, you can find fashion, knickknacks, accessories and more—no haggling required.

Monastir Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife in Monastir, you’ll find that most clubs and bars are in the big tourist hotels. If you want to explore away from the resort, 7Sky Nightclub is the place to be. This club frequently hosts the hottest DJ’s and parties deep into the night. Its clientele skews young. Bar 51 found at the pirate ship on Sahara Beach Monastir, Tunisia has a cool atmosphere for late-night revelry, and Safari Centre provides great parties on top of dining and shopping—perfect for an exciting day and night out on the town. Finally, catch a drink in a laid-back environment at Ali Bar, one of the most popular bars in the city.