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Sousse is an Authentic Holiday Destination

Sousse is a beautiful city on the eastern coast of Tunisia, surrounded by gorgeous, sandy beaches and beautiful blue waves. With a history reaching far back into the ancient past, the city’s many historic sites and fabulous weather attract tourists year-round. Many all-inclusive hotels in Sousse, Tunisia are found right alongside the beach. Whether you’re looking for beachfront Sousse hotel resorts or accommodations closer to historic sites, Sousse holidays make for a beautiful place to relax throughout the year.

One of the most spectacular historic sites in the city is the Medina of Sousse, an old, enclosed square and UNESCO World Heritage site. Hardly just a thing of the past, the Sousse Medina serves as a gathering place for open and covered bazaars. The Medina of Sousse is also home to other major historic sites such as the ribat castle (the oldest monument in the Sousse Medina), the Grande Mosque and the Kasbah of Sousa. Other top attractions include the Souk District and Sousse Archaeological Museum.

One of the most fun things to do in Sousse, Tunisia is hang out by the beach. As far as Sousse beaches go, the city’s most notable is Boujafar Beach. Boujafar Beach stretches kilometers in length, and is lined by Tunisia Sousse hotels and restaurants. Most people here will sunbathe or picnic with family, but equipment for watersports are available as well. The Promenade is another prominent beach known for locals selling their wares and an active nightlife—perfect for partygoers who want to revel late into the night against a gorgeous backdrop. Popular private Sousse beaches include the Coralia Club Palm Beach and Occidental Allegro Abou Sofiane. Hammam Sousse is a popular section of the city for enjoying time by the water.

Where to Stay in Sousse

From all-inclusive hotels in Sousse to accommodations for cheap holidays to Sousse, Tunisia, there are a variety of hotel types. Hotels in Sousse are generally cheap, especially for a resort city. It’s not uncommon to find budget and midrange Tunisia Sousse hotels for little more than €30. Even luxury hotels in Tunisia are available starting at under €100 a night. All-inclusive Sousse hotels are costlier, but provide all the amenities and details you’ll need.

One strong budget to midrange option is Scheherazade Hotel Sousse. The adults-only resort is perfect for couples on holiday and located right beside the beach. Amenities include balconies or terraces at any room, two pools and a private beach. Scheherazade Hotel Sousse also offers regular live entertainment.

When it comes to all-inclusive Sousse hotels and luxury hotels, consider Hotel Marhaba Sousse. Close to Port El Kantaoui and the Sousse Archeological Museum, this beachfront luxury hotel is perfect for Sousse holidays with beautiful rooms, a refreshing garden and wonderful sea views. The Orient Palace Sousse is another example of luxury hotels in Sousse, Tunisia at an affordable rate, with a stately look befitting its palatial name. Close to the Acqua Palace water park and beach, it’s a great resort for families. Finally, Thalassa Sousse Hotel and Movenpick Sousse are two highly rated Tunisia Sousse hotels. Movenpick Sousse is notable for being a 5 star all-inclusive Sousse hotel, while Thalassa Sousse Hotel is an excellently affordable example of luxury hotels in Sousse.

When spending cheap holidays to Sousse, Tunisia, consider staying in a hostel. Given the affordable cost of Sousse hotels, hostels in Sousse are extremely cheap. They’re also a great opportunity to meet other travelers! Marina Port El Kantaoui is a stylish and comfy hostel offering private rooms for just about €10 a night. Bed and breakfasts in Sousse are another great way to experience life with the locals on a more affordable budget. Dar Antonia is a popular bed and breakfast in the city just steps away from the beach.

Things to Do in Sousse

There are so many things to do in Sousse, Tunisia, whether you’re interested in exploring historic sites, shopping or lazing around on the beach. The most notable historic site in the city is the Medina of Sousse. This ancient, walled square is home to bazaars, public gatherings and some of the city’s other historic spots, such as the ribat castle. The Sousse catacombs is a place for the brave, entombing over 15,000 graves.

The Sousse Archaeological Museum, or simply Sousse Museum, is among the fun things to do in Sousse, Tunisia for history buffs and art lovers. The Sousse Archaeological Museum houses the second-largest collection of mosaics after the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. If you want to literally walk through history, visit the Dar Essid Museum to explore city life of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Most tourists choose Sousse holidays to enjoy the spectacular Sousse beach and pristine water. Boujafar Beach is the most popular Sousse beach and is mostly open to the public, with only a few stretches closed to private resort use. It’s the best beach for an unfussy day with the family or enjoying water sports. If you fancy shopping, dining and a more rambunctious environment, check out the party-happy Promenade Sousse beach. Hammam Sousse also has great beaches like Hammam Sousse Beach or the private Occidental Allegro Abou Sofiane. They’re both close to dining spots and serve as excellent environments for picnicking on a hot, sunny day.

Dining in Sousse

Dining on Sousse holidays is a treat for the palette. The city is well-known for its couscous, and you’ll often find it (paired with potato, carrot or meat) on menus throughout the city. Among the most famous restaurants in the city is Queen’s Café & Resto. Here you will find an interesting fusion of Arabic and French cuisine, a delectable reflection on the city’s culture and history with ingredients imported from France. For a taste of home, get a table at Caracas for favorite European dishes mixed with Arabic delicacies. If you’re very hungry but short on cash, you can get a whole three-course meal for cheap at Tip-Top—perfect for cheap holidays to Sousse, Tunisia with the family.

Shopping in Sousse

Shopping remains one of the greatest things to do in Sousse, Tunisia. Stop by the Sousse Medina and explore its labyrinthine streets to discover wares for sale that you won’t see anything else. This is a place where you’ll want to barter and haggle, and it’s a great way to get in touch with the local culture. While some merchants won’t give up items for a good price so easily, treat haggling like a fun game. For a more commercial experience, stop by Soula Center for fixed price shopping. It’s generally a good idea to get a sense of items’ value at fixed price shops before haggling with bazaar merchants, though you’ll typically find most items in Sousse are quite cheap.

Sousse Nightlife

As far as nightlife is concerned, many Sousse hotels feature thriving nightclubs and bars where tourists can party late into the night. Resorts offering notable nightclubs include Tej Merhaba Hotel and Hotel El Hana Beach. If you’d rather party at an independent nightclub, check out Bora Bora. This outdoor club is the city’s most popular one, but its clientele is mostly tourists as opposed to locals. Platinum Metallica is one of the venue to visit if you want to party like the locals do, offering a casual atmosphere for letting loose. As you can expect from a resort town, experiencing the city’s nightlife is among the most fun things to do in Sousse, Tunisia.