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About Ankara

Ankara, the capital of Turkey since 1920, is also known as the second most populous city in the country at the same time. The city, which has witnessed a long past due to its location in the center of Anatolia, has a history of almost 5,000 years. Many civilizations hosted Ankara like Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Galatians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottoman Empires and finally the Republic of Turkey. After the Ottomans, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk determined Ankara as the place where the administration should be made and established an assembly there. After 1950s, Ankara moved to the metropolitan city in 1984 because it received a lot of immigration from Anatolia.

The Turkish capital Ankara hosts 127 embassies, and in addition there are 339 consulates and 1 other representations in Turkey. The city has developed itself in every sense, is also in a good position in terms of education at the same time. The level of education in Ankara, which holds the best universities in the world, is also really high. 

The museums, historical sites, cultural and artistic activities in the city, as well as the green areas, make it a place to visit by everyone.

The Best Ankara Hotels

In Ankara, everyone can find a unique hotel to stay. Starting from 25 Euros, hotel prices go up to 950 Euros with different preferences.

All-inclusive and 4 or 5 star, Ankara hotels offer a luxurious service and comfortable accommodation in the carefully designed guest rooms. Because of the wide variety of alternatives, it is important to determine your budget range between what you need to do before your accommodation and how you want to stay. If you want to stay in a 5 star hotel and also spend less money, you can find a room in a budget friendly 5 star hotel. If you are not looking for a lot of comfort at the hotel, hostels are also a good choice which offering the best price for you.

In Ankara you can choose your hotel near the airport or in the city center. You need to know that the hotel prices on the crowded street in the city center are higher than the others. You can enjoy Ankara by choosing hotels with city views. The most preferred city hotels in Ankara are Radisson Blu Hotel Ankara, Swissotel Ankara, Holiday Inn Ankara and Ramada Ankara.

If you want to relax as soon as you arrive the city, you can choose a hotel near the Ankara Esenboğa Airport. İbis Ankara Airport Hotel and Büyük Anadolu Thermal Hotel are the most preferred hotels located near airport.

There are many hotel options available for business meetings and conferences, as well as accommodation in Ankara. Hotels which located near the famous streets of Ankara let you discover the city easily. Also, you can reach the airport or the bus terminal from the city by using city lines from any hotel.

What to See in Ankara

Ankara, which has a cultural and historical richness, has many places to visit in this regard. We especially strongly recommend visiting the museums to get to know the city’s history closely.

Anıtkabir is the first place you need to visit when you start to discover the city. This is a place where the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lies. You can also visit Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Historical Ankara Houses, Ethnography Museum and Old and New National Assemblies, Ankara Toy Museum, Independence War Museum, Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum. The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which located in Altındağ district of Ankara, exhibits the archaeological works of Anatolia and is known as one of the world's unique museums. After a thorough restoration process, you should definitely visit the museum again, which opens its doors to travelers. 

Tunalı Hilmi Street and Kızılay Square are the most famous areas in Ankara. Tunalı Hilmi, located in Çankaya district, is considered one of the places that holds the city’s pulse by hosting many shops, restaurants and cafes. Also, Kızılay Square is a place that you should definitely see in the city. Government offices and foreign embassies are also located in this area. From Kızılay, you can start exploring city easily. When it comes to lakes and parks in Ankara; Eymir Lake, Göksu Park, Ulus Youth Park, Cold Water National Park, Mogan Lake, Seğmenler Park and Kuğulu Park are quite famous places in the city.

Ankara Dining

When you go to Ankara, it is possible to taste traditional Turkish food. You will be amazed at what to eat especially among delicious Anatolian dishes. You must definitely taste miyane, dutmaç, keşkek and toyya soups, which are unique to Ankara. After you start with the soup, you can eat dishes like Ankara tavası, kapama, orman kebab, meat with eggplant, sızdır and siyel. Besides these, you can eat meatballs with rice dipped in egg batter and fried, mücirim meatballs, meatballs with eggs, and you can also taste Ankara's efelek and şirden stuffing. If you prefer to eat bread with your meal, you can choose flavors such as balacın, bezdirme, ebem bread, kömbe or kete in the city. If the snack will be enough for you, not the food, you should certainly try foods such as moon pie and entekke pie. When it comes to dessert; quince borana, fıslak, höşmerim, snow halvah, kaygana, tiltil halvah or dried fruit compote will be waiting for you.

Shopping in Ankara

Ankara has been transformed into a shopping city especially in terms of malls along with recent developments. These shopping centers have everything in every category that will appeal to everyone's budget. The names of some shopping malls in Ankara are as follows; CEPA Shopping Center, Ankuva Shopping Center, Anka Mall, 365 AVM, Bilkent Shopping Center, Dolphin AVM, Ankara Forum Outlet. Also Armaad, Anatolium, Atlantis, Kızılay Shopping Center, Park Vera Shopping Center, Karum, Kentpark, A City Shopping Mall, Arena Shopping Center, Ak Center and Optimum Outlet are among the places that offer more choice for shoppers. 

Tunalı Passage, Gümüşsoy Passage and Aynalı Bazaar, which are frequently visited by tourists as well as the shopping malls, are still among the most visited places in Ankara. If you want to shop something unique from Ankara and give it to your loved ones or to keep it as a souvenir; hand crafts, copper decor products and ornaments are good choices to buy. It is possible to find such gift items on the side of Samanpazarı and Çırıkçılar Yokuşu where shopping centers are much smaller than the shopping malls. 

Beypazarı is definitely another place you need to stop by. You can find great handmade artifacts and foods in Beypazarı.

Ankara Nightlife

When compared to Istanbul, which is Turkey's most colorful city, we can say that night life in Ankara is a little dead. A large part of the nightlife here is lively in the city center. Especially you can choose café, bar style places on Kızılay Square, Sakarya Street, Tunalı Hilmi Street, Argentina Street, Tunus Street, Azerbaijan Street and 7th Street. In these places you can enjoy both entertaining activities and eating and drinking. Another known truth about Ankara's nightlife is its pavilions. Especially the pavilions preferred by local people can be recommended for those who are looking for a different entertainment. Do not forget to have plenty of cash with you when you go there. Weekend is the best time to have fun in Ankara, we must say that there is no colorful night life on weekdays.

Music and Arts Festivals in Ankara

Ankara gets better at culture and art activities each and every year. Due to being the capital city of Turkey, national day celebrations like 30 August and 29 October are held in Ankara.

Some of the festivals in Ankara are as follows;

Ankara International Film Festival: The annual Ankara International Film Festival, which has been held every year since 1988, stands out as an event in which short and long films compete. At the end of this festival the winners receive a cash prize.

The Great Ankara Festival: The Great Ankara Festival gives music festivities to the people of Ankara in the dates determined in July and August. Famous Turkish singers are performing at this festival.

Beypazarı Festival: The Beypazarı Festival is an event held in Beypazarı, Ankara, in the first week of June every year. The full name of the festival is International Beypazarı ve Yöresi Festival. Throughout the festival, local and foreign groups are shown arrangements, concerts are given, local dishes and sweets are introduced.

International Ankara Theater Festival: The International Ankara Theater Festival is an event held every November in Ankara by the Society for Cultural and Art Foundation (TAKSAV). 251,734 people have attended the festival since 1996, 257 different groups have participated, 493 games have been exhibited, 43 workshops, 34 panels and 57 interviews have been held. The festival, which includes documentary film shows, concerts, etc., attracts great interest by the art circles.