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About Marmaris

Marmaris, the pearl of the Aegean, has all the facilities you need for a perfect holiday. Datça Peninsula is located in the west; Ula is located in the north; Balan Mountain, Montenegro, Günlük Hills are located in the south; the Mediterranean is located in the south of Marmaris, where the Aegean Sea ends and the Mediterranean Sea begins. Marmaris has a Mediterranean climate, while summers are very hot and winters are mild and occasionally rainy.

With its lush nature, historical beauties and fresh air, Marmaris offers all kinds of activities to local and foreign tourists who visit it every year.

The History of Marmaris

The history of Marmaris dates back to around 1200 BC. Located at the junction of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Marmaris is an important link between Asia, Europe and Africa.

The region was first called Karisa; because of the name of Karisa Avr, who dominated the region extending from Marmaris to Ephesus. Later, with the settlement of the grandson of Inakhos, who dominated Argos, Kar and his community who settled in Argos, the region is now known as Karya.

After Karya; The Egyptians, the Islites, the Eoyans, the Ionians, the Dorians, the Persians, the Mekedons, the Syrians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuks and finally the Ottomans dominated the region.

Although Marmaris is known by many names until today, it took its current name during the Seljuk period. The Seljuks conquered and settled in Marmaris in 1010 and named it “Mermeris”. This name was translated into Latin in the First World War as Mermeris / Marmaris and with the Republican period, the name of Marmaris became official.

Marmaris, where is one of Turkey's most developed tourist areas, bears many traces from past to present.

Where to Stay in Marmaris?

With its favorable climate, Marmaris offers opportunity to swim in nearly 7 months of the year; thus Marmaris is one of the most preferred places by local and foreign tourists. Marmaris has many hotels which cater for all budgets.

It is possible to accommodate in different types of hotels in Marmaris, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to summer tourism in Muğla. From all-inclusive 5-star hotels, to comfortable and friendly boutique hotels to make you feel at home; from affordable and quality apart hotels to low-priced pensions, in short, you can find all kinds of accommodation you are looking for in Marmaris.

Although the majority of the hotels are located in the center of Marmaris, you can come across many hotels in places far from the center. If you prefer your hotel close to the city center, historical places like Marmaris Castle are within walking distance, so you can reach these places more easily. If you are looking for a peaceful, calm and nature-friendly holiday, you can accommodate in Siteler, Selimiye, Turunç and İçmeler where a little bit far from city center. If you choose to accommodate there, you will not have any problems in terms of transportation to the center with many options.  

You can have your dream holiday in Marmaris, with hotels which have comfortable and high quality service; child friendly hotel concepts; and rooms with nature views.

Places to Visit in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday destinations, with its natural beauties, fresh air, as well as different activities.

Since Marmaris and its environs had been home to many different civilizations from past to present, there are many historical sites to see in the region. The most important of these are Marmaris Castle and Marmaris Museum. Marmaris Castle ,which was built in 1044 BC during the Ionian period,  has 18 rooms, a fountain and an arc. The castle has been restored and turned into a museum. There are also indoor areas such as Archeology Hall and Ethnography Hall. When you visit the archeology section of the museum, you can see the pottery which was found in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine excavations.

Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai is another historical building you should definitely see when visiting Marmaris. We know that this building, which was built by Süleyman the Magnificent for his mother Valide Hafsa Sultan in 1545, was also used as accommodation and trade point for the Rhodes campaign. Caravanserai, which has survived until today without any restoration, consists of 8 rooms. The caravanserai, which has been converted into a touristic place with cafes and souvenir shops, may be converted into a museum these days.

If we leave the history of Marmaris aside and talk about its natural beauties, we can start from Marmaris Marina first. Marmaris Marina is one of the most well-known marinas in the Eastern Mediterranean and is surrounded by pine forests. Life in Marmaris Marina is very active especially at night. The marina is home to a variety of entertainment venues, so you can have fun and enjoy the spectacular view.

If you have a special interest in yachts and you love the calm, you can visit Bozburun, which continues the culture of boat building from past to present. There is not much touristic facilities in the region, so you can stay in nature and spend a peaceful day.

Baca Cave is one of the best places for diving and underwater photography in Marmaris. Known as one of the most important diving spots in the world, Baca Cave is also known as the indispensable course for professional and amateur divers. So why is the cave called Chimney Cave? The reason for this is to enter the water at a depth of 14 meters from the nose and exit from a depth of 4 meters and its structure is likened to a large fireplace. A colorful world awaits divers underwater in the Baca Cave, which provides diving opportunities from 5 meters to 50 meters.

Icmeler, which is almost intertwined with the center of Marmaris, is one of the places that tourists prefer with its water sports and lively nightlife. You can participate activities such as windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing in Icmeler, which has a 6 km long beach with blue flag.            

If you want to see Iztuzu Beach, where caretta carettas are preserved, king cemeteries from the Roman Period, Sultaniye Hot Springs, which take visitors from every region and more, you can visit Dalyan. It is known that the 39 degree sulfur water in the thermal springs here is good for metabolism, rheumatism, sciatica and skin diseases.

What to Eat in Marmaris?

Marmaris cuisine, which is located at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean, is very rich because it is influenced by both regions. The region, which welcomes tourists from different parts of the world, has developed a great deal of international cuisine due to this situation and there are many restaurants that successfully represent seafood and Turkish cuisine.

As you know, olive cultivation is very famous in Aegean Region. We can say that Marmaris cuisine is also famous with its olive cultivation. Almost every meal is made with olive oil in Marmaris cuisine, which is dominated by seafood and olive oil. If you want to eat fresh fish and seafood, you can prefer the restaurants and cafes around the pier and yacht. If you want to taste the local flavors accompanied by a beautiful landscape, you can reward yourself with the most special tastes of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine in regions such as İçmeler, Akyaka and Selimiye. If your accommodation is close to the center and you do not want to get away from your hotel, you can choose snacks such as pancake and Turkish ravioli in Armutalan.  

On your way home, don't forget to buy the world famous pine honey produced in Marmaris.

Nightlife in Marmaris

Marmaris is famous for its natural beauties and historical texture as well as its nightlife. The fact that the Aegean region is one of the most tourist-friendly regions ensures that Marmaris is active day and night, especially in summer. The fact that the Aegean region is one of the most tourist-friendly regions ensures that Marmaris is lively during day and night, especially in summer.

In Marmaris, which is frequented by especially yachts and boats that go on a blue cruise, we see that the number of modern businesses increases day by day and the night life becomes more colorful.

There are places and activities that can appeal to everyone's understanding of entertainment in Marmaris night life, where entertainment continues until the first light of the morning. If you ask where the most popular nightlife is in Marmaris, our answer is probably Marmaris Bar Street. You can come across different entertainment venues as you walk along the long street of bars.

Another address of entertainment in Marmaris is undoubtedly the Uzunyalı Region. The consept in the area is like Bar Street. You can choose the most appropriate place for yourself from a variety of entertainment venues lined up side by side. It is also possible to find food during the night in the region where doner and kumpir is frequently preferred.

If you prefer tranquility, you can enjoy the view and take your holiday in peaceful and non-crowded marinas.