Bath Hotels

With a rich history in medicinal baths and spa, Bath makes for the ultimate relaxing destination with cheap Bath hotels.

About Bath

Bath is a stunning city in Somerset, United Kingdom, featuring well-preserved Roman and Georgian architecture that makes visiting the city feel as if you’ve stepped back into ancient times. The city is best known for its hot springs and Roman built baths (appropriate to the city’s name). With a beautiful atmosphere of ancient architecture and soothing baths, there’s no place quite like Bath, which is located 25km southeast of Bristol. In addition to the baths, the city also offers great dining, shops, nightlife and other attractions which bring in visitors throughout the year. Cheap Bath hotels sweeten the deal, providing an affordable and rejuvenating destination to travelers from all over Somerset and beyond.

There is no main Bath airport, but a few smaller airports aren’t very far. These smaller airports provide amore relaxed means of travel, with short queues and less crowds overall. It serves flights to and from most major European cities, and some transportation options to get you to Bath (which is about 32km away). Take a taxi, or consider the Air Decker bus which takes passengers directly to the Bath train station. If you don’t mind traveling quite a bit by car, other great regional airports include Bournemouth Airport, Cardiff Airport and Exeter Airport. All should be just a couple hours from Somerset, United Kingdom via car.

Bath is a city with amazing, beautiful history that you can stroll through. The most notable historic attraction, obviously, are the Roman built baths in the city. These old baths from antiquity are available for visitors to explore like a museum. Bath Abbey is another of the beautiful places to visit in Bath with a stunning Gothic interior and exterior. It’s one of the most visited historic sites in the region. Pulteney Bridge is a favorite of the Bath attractions; the beautiful and picturesque bridge is home to many nearby shops, making it a great place to take in the sights or discover unique souvenirs.

Other Bath attractions and things to do in Bath, UK include the Royal Crescent, a breathtaking half-moon of old, terraced houses. An architectural delight, these homes were built in the 18th century and attract architecture appreciators from all over. The Assembly Rooms are another favorite of the Bath attractions, once home to many balls and events that brought the community together in the height of its heyday. Alexandra Park is the place to be if you want to enjoy the local nature and Somerset, United Kingdom countryside. Finally, among the most popular places to eat in Bath, UK is the Fudge Kitchen. This delightful shop offers delicious fudge in lots of flavors, which makes for a good souvenir.

Where to Stay in Bath

Bath Accommodation varies greatly, which bodes well for budgets of all types. Aside from hotels in Bath across all ranges (cheap Bath hotels, midrange Bath accommodation or luxury hotels in Bath), one can also stop at cute bed and breakfasts or extremely cheap hostels. That said, most of the hotels in Bath aren’t cheap; typically, many begin at €100 or more. You’ll find that 5 star Bath hotels can be quite cheap compared to other cities, though; they won’t cost much more than 3 or 4 star hotels, surprisingly enough—though some might cost more than €168 per night.

Hilton Bath City is a great midrange Bath accommodation in centre city. Perched on the River Avon, it’s just a few minutes’ walk away from the Roman Baths museum and Bath Abbey. Speaking of the abbey, Abbey Hotel is another great and affordable places to stay in Bath with stylish rooms in a handsome Georgian townhouse. Another of the favorite cheap Bath hotels downtown is he Premier Inn, which is situated close to the railway station.

For cheaper hotels near Bath but not inside city centre, consider Milton House. This place is a steal with an affordably low rate, this cozy bed and breakfast is located in a quiet and residential area that isn’t so far from the city action. Grosvenor Apartments is another off-the-beaten-path option; you’ll be amazed at the amount of space this Bath accommodation can get you without having to spend too much.

When it comes to luxury Bath hotels, expect stunning rooms and, of course, rejuvenating spas! The Gainsborough Bath Spa is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Bath, England. The 5 star Bath hotel was built in the 18th century and is close to the major options for what to do in Bath. It’s stylish and posh, and you won’t want to leave the spa after spending a morning or afternoon there. The Queensberry Hotel is another favorite in the city; this one has a style that’s contemporary and unfussy. The place exhibits a clean and airy atmosphere that compliments the city well. Families might consider the Halcyon Apartments, a spacious and apartment-style Bath accommodation that provides plenty of room for living during your Bath holiday.

If hotels in Bath are too much for your budget, consider staying at a hostel instead. Bath hostels are astoundingly cheap, and often provide varying degrees of privacy. Even if you sacrifice privacy for price, you have the chance of meeting fellow travelers. The Bath YMCA is a highly regarded of the Bath hostels.

Things to Do in Bath

There are many places to visit in Bath worth visiting for their historic character and significance. Consider some of the major museums in the city. The Victoria Art Gallery, opened in 1990 for the Diamond Jubilee. The collection holds an astounding 1,500 works of art across different media—most notably, a collection of oil paintings by British artists. The Fashion Museum Bath is another great museum, this one being in the Assembly Rooms. It catalogs fashion from the 16th century to today. Finally, the Jane Austen Centre is a museum dedicated to the life of the author who made such an indelible touch on British culture. In addition to learning about her life, visitors can enjoy a cup of high tea from the museum’s regency tea room.

The Roman built baths are undoubtedly the city’s biggest attraction, and no list of what to do in Bath is complete without mentioning them. The baths have been transformed into a museum where visitors can view the baths and go on a guided tour—and even try the spa water for themselves before leaving. Costumed Roman characters wander the museum as well, telling travelers their stories and showing visitors what times were like back when the baths were in public use. Projections in the baths demonstrate how they were used by bathers from ancient Roman times. Overall, the experience is a wonderfully interactive and engaging experience for tourists of all ages, and is a wonderful example of Bath attractions for families.

Bath Dining

Bath is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. You’ll find cuisine accommodating any taste here. Are you a fan of Jamie Oliver? Stop over at his restaurant Jamie’s Italian, offering authentic Italian cuisine prepared in collaboration with chef Gennaro Contaldo. For a tried and true local favorite, book a table at Green Park Brasserie and enjoy a live jazz show as you dine. This restaurant is located in an old, renovated railway station with an old-world charm and handsome patio dining space. Yak Yeti Yak is another local favorite that offers Nepalese food. The twist? You’ll be dining on floor cushions, giving the place an overall casual vibe.

Bath Shopping

Bath offers a variety of fine places for shopping. If you’re looking to spend big on accessories and art, pay a tribute to Margaret’s Buildings, a pedestrian shopping avenue close to the Royal Crescent. Walcot Street similarly offers unique goods—this time furniture and knickknacks—and is perhaps the best place to score unique souvenirs and items that you won’t see anywhere else. The Bath Guildhall Market is a wonderful place for indoor shopping—perfect for a rainy day!—in a beautiful Victorian building. Not only are there goods to buy, but snacks and tea, too. One can spend an afternoon browsing the wares and relaxing with a sip of tea.

Nightlife in Bath

Don’t let Bath’s reputation as a relaxing, spa-soaked city fool you: there’s plenty of activity and partying after hours, and the city boasts a great nightlife for those who want to let loose, dance and enjoy a good drink. Stop by the Theatre Royal Bath for an excellent show, whether it be comedy, live music, dance or some other fun event. There are plenty of pubs around Bath for sharing drinks with friends. Hall & Woodhouse is one that offers a terraced roof, providing a romantic backdrop for an evening or nighttime date. The Hop Pole is where you can try some of the city’s very own brews, including Bath Brews and Abbey Ales.