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London Calling

London’s history spreads back to ancient times, marked by several historic sites and landmarks that punctuate its illustrious history. Originally a collection of small rural settlements, today London is a major global city that leads in the arts and commerce. While greater metropolitan London spreads into the neighboring communities of Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and more, the formal City of London still retains its medieval boundaries. As such a large and historic city, London has a variety of types of hotels and accommodations for your stay. From luxurious 5 star hotels in the most beautiful neighborhoods to the humble London hostel, you can find options across the city at varying budgets and price points. The diversity of London hotels makes it a versatile city that accommodates any kind of traveler.

Thanks to its long history and status as the national capital, tourists enjoy visiting London to explore its historical sights and beautiful palatial architecture. One such iconic landmark is the Tower Bridge—commonly mistaken for London Bridge—which makes a striking skyline across the famous River Thames. Westminster Abbey, another notable historical site, is the resting spot for some of England’s most famous authors and thinkers—a must-visit attraction for those who want to get to know the very people who shaped London’s culture. Royal residences such as Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle always make great destinations, allowing visitors and locals alike to see how ancient and modern royalty lived.

London’s historic area is a great place to stay for exploring the city’s history and culture. Not only are London hotels in these neighborhoods beautiful, but they put you just steps away from major attractions like Westminster Abbey or Whitechapel. While London hotels in the city’s historic areas are convenient, they might be too expensive for some; but thanks to amazing transport options like the London Underground, it’s worth looking for deals in other neighborhoods, too. 

Where to Stay in London

No matter your budget, there are plenty of comfortable London hotels for you to comfortably make your stay. Whether you would rather stay at a luxury lodge or a quaint London bed and breakfast, the city provides a multitude of accommodations and London apartments. Cheap hotels in London, as well as London apartments, are often found in more residential areas, though you can find the best hotels in London centre as well. You may find cheap London hotels charging as low as about £40 per night, with luxury rates running over £200.

There are many London hotels that are close to the city’s airports. You may be able to catch a deal at these hotels and London apartments when flying in; Stansted offers 40% off its hotels, totaling less than £20 per person—making these options both convenient and supremely affordable London hotels.

London’s West End is among the most active and attractive locations to stay and is home to some of the best hotels in London. Consistently rated at 4 to 5 stars, these hotels and London apartments are going to cost you. That said, you may find some unexpected cheap hotels in London West End, such as the Best Western Chiswick Palace & Suites. This area is perfect for younger travelers thanks to its active nightlife, including the theatre district.

Bloomsbury is a central neighborhood offering London hotels with a wide range of affordability. Jesmond Hotel is a cute London bed and breakfast in the area, complete with elegant lounge and patio. The neighborhood offers cheap hotels in London without giving up proximity to the sites you want to visit. Enjoy quaint shopping in this active yet still relaxed area.

London apartments and hotels might not be in everyone’s reach; you may decide that London hostels are more your style. London hostels provide the cheapest choice for your stay, and are perfect for younger visitors on a shoestring budget or those travelling alone. While you may have to sacrifice some privacy when choosing a dorm-style room, you can’t beat the prime real estate without going over budget. Astor Victoria and Clink78 are two examples of highly rated London hostels located right in city centre.

Famous London Attractions

London is home to many cultural attractions, perfect for those who love the arts or just want to experience the city’s history. Big Ben and the London Eye are among the city’s most famous attractions, dominating the city skyline with their iconic shapes. Note that many of London’s museums offer free admission (typically with the exception of special exhibits); the Tate Modern, for example, presents a stunning look at international contemporary art and welcomes visitors for free. The British Museum in Bloomsbury has one of the most extensive collections in the world without specialization, documenting the history of human culture across the world.  The Natural History Museum in London houses specimens related to botany, zoology, entomology, minerology and paleontology. Among its artifacts are specimens collected by Charles Darwin.

One can’t visit London without stopping at a few historical sites such as Banqueting House, Royal Albert Hall or Hampton Court Palace. Finally, one must not forget Buckingham Palace, home to the royal family. Built in 1703, the baroque residence is a major tourist attraction, offering an art gallery and the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony. Visitors may also visit its state rooms in late summer.

While these sites may run a bit expensive, a London Pass offers free admission to most of the city’s most famous and iconic attractions.

London Dining

While Britain itself may not be widely known for its cuisine, London continues to push the culinary envelope and is a world leader in innovative gastronomy. Nothing beats curry in posh and fancy Mayfair, home to gorgeous restaurants and a sophisticated atmosphere for the seasoned diner. Whether you want traditional British fare, exotic curry or even sushi, there’s no denying that this cultural hotspot represents some of the best dining in the city. Covent Garden is similarly known for decadent dining options; foodies will be in heaven exploring this well-trafficked neighborhood close to the city hustle and bustle. Known as the center of London nightlife, Soho is a must-visit for late-night dining or enjoying a drink with loved ones. Explore Asian cuisine in the neighborhood’s China town, or revel in a traditional British pub.

When it comes to classic British meat pies and poultry, no place beats St. John in east London. The restaurant has run for two decades and makes creative use of under-utilized cuts. For the best Sunday roast you’ll have in your life, visit Hixter (where the famous Mark Hix takes the helm) for British-reared game and a delicious full-course Sunday roast. One cannot forget fish and chips; The Golden Hind is among the most famous fish and chips spots, first opening its doors over a hundred years ago! 

London Shopping

If you’re looking to shop in the city, your first stop for London shopping needs to be Oxford Street. This street alone, known as the primary shopping destination in the city, boasts a whopping 300 stores—including both national and international retailers. Stop by on a weekday morning to avoid the rush. Stop by Knightsbridge on Sloan Street to get your fix on the best designer-label products, including Gucci and Armani. Knighstbridge is also where you’ll find Harrods, an iconic British department store housing both common and luxury products. Westfield London presents a good location for indoor shopping, perfect for a rainy day. If you’re staying at a hotel or London apartments on the east side, check out Westfield Stratford City.

London Nightlife

Because pubs are inseparable from British culture and identity, you can bet that Londoners are no strangers to an active nightlife. Two areas of the city known for nightlife are Soho and Camden. The former is characterized as a sophisticated, posh spot and the latter is a bit more rough-and-tumble. Stop by Bar Rumba in Soho to catch a live music show, or enjoy karaoke with friends at Lucky Voice. The neighborhood’s St. Mortitz Club is a 60s time capsule, unchanged since its early days. In Camden, begin with a pub crawl and end with some crooning music at the Jazz Café.

Arts and Music Festivals in London

There are plenty of arts and music festivals to enjoy in London throughout the year. Those interested in contemporary art must come during the Frieze festival in autumn. This festival displays work from over a thousand artists represented by more than 160 galleries around the world. Winter’s London Art Fair similarly puts national and world-renown artists on display, with talks and performances to enjoy in between gawking at exhibitions. As far as music fests go, the Wireless Festival is the event of the summer, featuring big-name musical acts across genres like the White Stripes and Lil Yachty. Another popular summer music festival is British Summer Time at Hyde Park, where Arcade Fire’s 2014 performance was hailed as “the concert of the summer.”

It shouldn’t be surprising that the home of Shakespeare would have a vibrant London theater culture. There are dozens of London theater locations in the city, but you’ll find most in the West End, including the famous Globe Theatre. In addition to large commercial London theaters (often featuring big-name musical performances) like the National Theatre and Royal Court Theatre, the city boasts an active fringe scene with smaller London theaters such as Tricycle Theatre and Bloomsbury Theatre.